2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams’ dispute overshadows Naomi Osaka’s final win | ESPN

2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams' Dispute Overshadows Naomi Osaka's Final Win | ESPN

RSS - 2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams' Dispute Overshadows Naomi Osaka's Final Win | ESPN Sport News Today

Naomi Osaka becomes the first Japanese player to win a Grand Slam after she defeated Serena Williams 6-2, 6-4 in the final of the 2018 US Open but the match will be remembered for the emotional exchanges between Williams and umpire Carlos Ramos, who handed her three violations, including a game penalty.

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  1. How the ref can be a sexist while both sides of the match are female?

    • nintendokid1212

      Damn exactly!!

    • Lookin so Fresh

      Acme Inc. which they don’t but nnkay



    • PYM JBZ because he has umpired men’s games and when men do the same thing he doesn’t take points of them

    • speak thereal

      If you think about it, it is sexist. Serena Williams is one of the best out there. He doesn’t care about the other girl. She’s not a threat to the man like Serena is. Her being that rich & powerful is unbelievable to the man, he had to let her know “you’re still not beyond me” “you’re powerful, but not as powerful as me” men act this way in tennis all the time. They get nothing done to them. He wanted to tear her down & he did exactly that. By trying to make it seem like she was cheating. This woman been playing tennis for over a decade you honestly think she’s been cheating to win???

  2. Kareem Majeens

    *I went from having no opinion of her to hating her real quick*

    • Surjan Thapa

      Me too

    • Dimension Exo

      ~ Kareem Mavens ~ Walk one day in her shoes and I guarantee you will not feel the same.

    • I love how she brought her daughter into it that she would never want her daughter to think she cheated but let her think it’s ok to meltdown and break a racket and tell him he will never be on “her court” again. Disgusting!!!

    • The-Toy-Guy her coach admitting it, lol

    • Jon Hendrickson

      Same here. She showed what a real POS she is

  3. DarkLight

    Serena said “I would rather lose than cheat”… achieves both….

  4. What’s upsetting is that Osaka felt like she didn’t deserved the win, just because Serena Williams was a poor sport.

    • Jorge Farill

      +Deanya Walsh I agree because Osaka is a white male.

    • Tom Cloke

      +Deanya Walsh how is it racism or sexism?!

    • Steve Thea


    • mystic1410

      Sankeerth Koshy Totally not like the biggest win of her career if you know life was openly tarnished by a legend she looked up to

      Nah she should be happy
      Fucking nonsense

    • Curtis Williams

      The referee wasn’t doing his job, he inserted himself into the match. He should have never called that racket violation. That was a competitive woman angry with herself for double faulting in an important part of the match.

      And it was right after the discussion for the coaching controversy. This wasn’t about him but about the two competitors on the court.
      He made it about him and Serena was rightly mad at him. Any player in that situation would have reacted the same way. Don’t blame Serena.

  5. Billy Bob

    When you become a great player like Serena it becomes harder to lose. Her attitude and her coach screwed everything up. Naomi played great and deserved to win. Serena fans need to get over it and learn to be gracious losers also.

  6. Tennis Religion II

    The only victims here are Osaka and the umpire

  7. Boris Bornakiss

    legend says that William’s still waiting for the apology

  8. Valorene

    I’ve seen five year-olds with more collected emotions than her.

    • Daniel Barwatt you’re dense

    • Daniel Barwatt

      +Doggo No im just telling the truth

    • Princess K

      Everyone has different ways to cope with stuff, yeah she should’ve handled it a little less intense but she was mad and she didn’t know how to handle her emotions at the moment.

  9. Toca Junto

    How to ruin your career in 1 match

    • Gustavo S

      birdofparadise Hahaha well said, even trying hard I couldn’t have being able to come up with a more stupid comment than Toca Junto’s. xddddd

    • mystic1410

      birdofparadise more like her Rep

    • Gingrr HunBun

      birdofparadise You think so, but she lost respect towards many fans and people like me.

    • Breeann Best

      Actually her career is still going on strong. You have no correct facts or citation.

  10. I saw that Osaka girl on Ellen, she’s such a sweetheart.

  11. Frannie N

    Osaka is so classy

  12. Thejan Rudy

    Umpire Ramos has some cold blood in him! Need more umpires like him.

  13. I’m back here after Naomi’s AUS Open win. I watched the game (I live in Melbourne, Australia) and cried at Osaka’s win against Kvitová, and was so proud of her. From 72nd to number one within a year, she’s such an inspiration. As a mixed raced girl myself, I’m so proud of Osaka and see her as such a role-model.

    • David 1644

      giselle yessss

    • Kristy Chung

      giselle same! I watched from my home in Melbourne, and bursted into tears when Osaka cried. Love her!

    • Suzie Shark

      Me too.. #MixedRaceRocks

    • Josh Jones

      she may be number #1 in the rankings but if you actually believe that she is actually the best player you dont watch tennis

    • Sheev Palpatine

      Tbh I was happy that Osaka won, but after reading about Kvitova’s story of how she got injured, I felt so bad for her. I wish both players could have won

  14. tzimarasmusic

    “Say it…say your sorry” wow..talk about self entitlement.

    • Agent MOIST

      +danny caskey you are an sjw that lives in the fucking past, WHITE PEOPLE TODAY DONT DESERVE PUNISHMENT FOR THE ACTS OF THEIR FATHERS, you are a self called “victim” and you want your college to grant you a safespace for identifying as a victim, pathetic

    • Baliyah

      +danny caskey AGREED! That’s what they do

    • danny caskey

      +Commander Dagster watch James Blake cheated out of a bronze medal at the Olympics… Fernando Gonzalez cheated in the Olympics and they let it slide… Or when Justine ‘by menin’ Hardenne’ lied and said she did not hold her hand up when Serena was serving and Serena saw her hold her hand up and it’s in tape that Justine Lied on court and they let it stand..Yes white ppl have been getting over on black ppl since y’all lied, robbed, cheated and raped your way across the globe… Let’s be real, y’all made rules that made it so that Serena and Venus had to play more tournaments, in order to be to be ranked as #1 regardless of how many points they had, and forced them to go back to tournaments they promised to never go back to..the excuse was that it affected every player the same… But the only players winning tournaments at the frequency they were winning and staying at #1 & #2, were the Williams sisters… Shotspot/eagle eye was created mostly because of how Serena and Venus were cheated out of championships. if the calls were even fair and just, Serena would be sitting at maybe 25-27 right now y’all don’t watch every match she plays like I have, the system is rigged, you ever notice how magically Venus and Serena (and the majority of the black players)are in the same half/quarter every tournament while Sharapova is always in the opposite half, Serena does not have easy draws, even at #1.. how about how y’all ruined tigers jnee by ‘tiger proofing’ pro courses because Tiger was hitting through like a monster, because he was killing in Jack Nicholaus type courses?… He tried to outhit without conditioning his body for those courses, this type of cheating and rigging tours and sports is rediculous… Y’all have said hey there’s no correlation between sports and slavery forever especially in football, and now an NFL majority owner is caught on human trafficking charges… Yes white ppl have done nothing but take advantage of us since you came here..

  15. Rose Ukin

    Who else is here after Naomi Osaka won the Australian open ?

    • Crystala Inkura

      Both aare black women

    • Rose Ukin

      +Crystala Inkura Naomi isn’t entirely black she’s half Asian too, making her biracial would not consider herself only a black woman

    • Austin Platt

      Rose Ukin she’s still black dumbass so there’s no racism involved here

    • Robert Eugene

      Yes. I felt sorry for Naomi Osaka at the US Open, feeling she had to *apologize for winning.* She played her best, defeated a great player, and earned her title; and “fans” make her feel like she has to *apologize????*

    • obama is a Russian Puppet FeelTheBern

      Osaka >>>>>>> Steriods serena

  16. Myra Kumar

    And she won Aus Open 2019. Way to go Osaka

    • Megamate

      Myra Kumar Yeah after thisi was thinking, Yeah serena doesn’t deserve to win another GS after her ‘Act’ here, and naomi really deserves another win so she can win properly.

  17. Dimmysimmy123

    Her coach said later in an interview that he was coaching

    • Soda Pops AJ

      Dimmysimmy123 omg are everywhere I saw u like 4 times today

    • OG Cheeba

      Get this. Now she does an ad for E Q U A L I T Y 💀💀😂

    • +Big Daddy Big Daddy te amo, hijo de puta
      HAHAH I’m crying

    • Samuel T. White

      +danny caskey This isn’t a “race thing.” Funny how you make it to be. Regardless, neither of the competitors are even white. Good job at making yourself look very ignorant.

    • Madeline Shumate

      +christopher starr to suggest racism no longer exists shows your ignorance in and of itself. I’m not suggesting what occurred in this instance was an act of racism to clarify. But I find insane that you, amongst many others, believe racism is something of the past. Just because you don’t personally see it or experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  18. John Smithee

    If Serena’s opponent was white, just imagine how many times she would’ve used the race card to put the umpire down.

  19. This is mainly confusing because I don’t know how tennis works

  20. Kivencito

    Those were not Osaka’s tears of joy… what a disgrace that all this happened to her….

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