76ers ‘still trying to figure it out’ with Jimmy Butler & Tobias Harris – Tracy McGrady | The Jump

76ers 'still Trying To Figure It Out' With Jimmy Butler & Tobias Harris - Tracy McGrady | The Jump

RSS - 76ers 'still Trying To Figure It Out' With Jimmy Butler & Tobias Harris - Tracy McGrady | The Jump Sport News Today

Tracy McGrady, Rachel Nichols and Amin Elhassan of The Jump break down where the Philadelphia 76ers stand after their tough loss to the Boston Celtics, with T-Mac saying that the team is still working on their chemistry after trading for Tobias Harris. The crew also reacts to Joel Embiid's comments about the referees and discusses whether he crossed a line.

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  1. Be careful Tobi, Butler might lash out on you…

  2. afaq ahmad

    Lebron gonna make the playoffs still i ain’t lying

  3. “ThE sIxErS hAVE ThE bEsT ssTaRtInG 5 iN ThE eASt” every Nba analyst , LOL

    • +The MVP Thats a fair point with lowry but last year in the playoffs he actually did show up unlike Mr. 1 point himself. Yes gasol isnt what he used to be but i bet you base that just off hiis stats (which are actually solid right now) and not even watch the games to see the impact he has on the court.

    • +a name It was Embiid, Simmons, and Redick’s first time in the playoffs. Did you expect him to put up MVP numbers? He has the experience now so bringing up last season to say he’ll choke is like bringing up Lowry’s years before last to say that he’ll choke as well. The Sixers starting 5 is better.

  4. Elijah Ward

    big al owns joel

  5. A lot of talent in philly rn, some chemistry 🧪 and practice in the offseason (if they decide to stay together which I think is unlikely) we might be looking at potential champions

    • Null I love them together I feel like they would be a problem for GSW if they played like a team.. cause they look sloppy asl sometimes lol

  6. LeeTravius Mckay

    Al horford owns real estate in embiid’s head

  7. LeeTravius Mckay

    As long as Embiid can’t get out of his father Al horford’s shadow they can’t

    • John West

      he did get owned by him last playoffs.. that might be a conditional thing though..

    • bob saget

      +Icyecold Bucks got handled by the Celtics last year. That will happen again if they meet

    • +bob saget Bucks are much better team this year. If Celts take out the Bucks, then Raps are going to the finals. I think that Raps can beat any team in the East, but the Bucks is the one that I’m not so sure about.

    • LeeTravius Mckay

      +Icyecold ok

  8. LeeTravius Mckay

    Kyrie can follow the Celtics lead through the playoffs until they get the nba finals and Kyrie can take it from there

  9. arrin villareal

    Harris is a team player.

  10. shamel2014

    Celtics need more credit

  11. M Langhammer

    No Amin, I’m pretty sure 1+1 = 2 not 1….

  12. Nathaniel Herman

    They’ll figure it out. They have more firepower than the bucks, raptors, and Celtics. Just need to get the chemistry going

    • bob saget

      +Dean simmons I just know reality and am not delusional. Only idiots think that once Tobias Harris joined they somehow became the favorites to go to the finals. It’s like the Lakers picking up Markieff Morris and saying they’re gonna top the Warriors now lol

    • Dean simmons

      +bob saget i haven’t said anything about the 76ers chances in the playoffs or what effect Tobias will have on the team. Instead of changing the subject tell me how Tobias averaging 21 points 8 rebounds and 3 assists while shooting 43% from 3 isn’t borderline all star? Or better yet your argument as to why he’s nothing more than a roleplayer. He isn’t a superstar i agree but he’s a damn good 3rd/4th option.

    • bob saget

      +Dean simmons Cuz he plays for a shitty team and takes alot of shots. Sure he’s shooting a good 3pt percentage this year lol but he’s not even a borderline all-star. This was his best season of his career and he still didn’t make it. His stats were over inflated on a crappy team. Evan Fouriner averaged 20+ppg on the Magic at one point in his mid to late 20’s, was he a “beast” ??lol. On a finals caliber team Tobias is no better than an unreliable 4th fiddle who doesn’t play any defense. That’s why it’s laughable that thinking adding him to the 76ers roster put them “over the edge” onto the NBA finals. It did no such thing. He’s not good enough to have an impact like that.

  13. 111 likes and 1 dislike. Hidden message??????🤔

  14. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    Boston OWNS 76ers…. They EXPOSE “Self Check” Simmons EVERYTIME

    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

      +Anthony Ali true

    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

      +Matt TheDestroyer 2 doesn’t matter when they play against Boston… They make Simmons look like a below average players… the holes in his game become OBVIOUS

    • agustin rocha

      Your counting games Simmons wasn’t there 😭

    • agustin rocha

      If by expose you mean barely win by a few points 🤷‍♂️

  15. xavier ramirez

    If I don’t see Paul Pierce at the desk I stay and watch.

  16. Gianni Mejia

    The difference was HAYWARD

  17. The refs have been getting worse over the years. They are inconsistent, call soft as fouls while letting more physical ones slip, hand out techs over nothing, and just don’t enforce some rules for no apparent reason (travelling).

  18. dell cruz

    Dude the refs blew a call or two,i say he has every right to be frustrated,i would’ve just gotten the technical during the game by cursing at the refs but that’s it,i wouldn’t have done that exactly but I would’ve told the refs to do their job the right way cause how do you blow a call like that,smfh… you’d think after all these years being a ref they should’ve made that call right,its bullshit on the refs fault,as a Sixers fan I still think Celtics are a great team,i would never debate that,its the call by the refs that they missed is one of the reasons why they lost,just saying,it was a tough loss,now dust yourselves off and do better next time

  19. cmon tmac this is stupid why dont you say the same about the pacers playing better without oladipo? Kyrie makes celtics much better stop it now

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