Adrien Broner On Gucci Boycott, ‘I Don’t Care, It’s Just a Sweater’ | TMZ Sports

Adrien Broner On Gucci Boycott, 'I Don't Care, It's Just A Sweater' | TMZ Sports

RSS - Adrien Broner On Gucci Boycott, 'I Don't Care, It's Just A Sweater' | TMZ Sports Sport News Today

Adrien Broner says he doesn't get why everyone is all "bent out of shape" about the Gucci sweater that ignited a boycott … telling TMZ Sports, "I don't care, it's just a sweater!"

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  1. Andres Esquivel

    At least he ain’t wearing gucci no more

  2. Manny Manhattan Music

    He said I don’t care bout it when the tmz dude said let me show u the sweater real quick. The title is hella misleading. I get click bait but TMZ always tryna make a niga look crazy

    • +KingGreen25 😂😂😂

    • super saiyan rose

      J Dragon cracker logic 💀😂

    • +K Adams what ??? Where did you get that non sense from ? Do I think it’s ok to treat black people bad because they treat each other bad, you must be a kid because you clearly have no ability to comprehend anything. I said nothing like that and I am black.

  3. gary smith

    This cat off a lil bit bit I’m cool with him not wearing gucci.


    • G.R.I.M CEO

      +TFL Man wat the hell is you talking about🤷 you sound stupid you missing the point if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything damn Fool people who don’t Buy or can’t afford Gucci quick to say something trying to be different lame azz young boy 😂🤦‍♂️😪😴

  5. Lewis Thomas

    this Mf slow to many hits to the head

  6. Cesar Avila

    How does a guy coming from 4th straight losses still in the limelight? Reminds of me of victor ortiz. Wasted talent.

    • Hilary Trump

      Well he’s still a celeb

    • narcissists boxing

      Lol y’all love to hate him that’s why you will always tune in

    • Jess Gutierrez

      +narcissists boxing nah bro I won’t to be honest i just wait till its on YouTube so I can laugh at how he dosent throw any punches😁

    • Patricio Jesus

      He’s not wasted talent. He couldn’t live up tp the hype cause he was never that good. He’s still in the limelight cause he’s still a name and someone that many people love to hate.

  7. Walu Situmbeko

    TMZ chasing stories as usual

  8. Dwayne White

    Plenty of selling out to go around

    • just a bot

      According to who ?its funny how hes not allowed to speak for himself with out zombies calling him a sell out.sell out= someone you cant control…

    • Great Lakes

      +just a bot someone who allows disrespect to their people you mean. White rapper wears a stereotyped Jewish mask and there was uniform outrage. Black issue….oh just get over it. Okay good boy fetch

    • Carlos Roshi

      Most niccas sale out they vote for trump n wanna marry lighter skin women bcuz they hate there own.

    • Great Lakes

      +Carlos Roshi true

  9. PlanetJigobotTV

    Come on TMZ AD has much bigger problems then worrying about Gucci, like putting some W’s behind his name…

    • nitrousking23

      Facts thats hard enuff lmfao

    • marion green


    • Ayo whatchu got on ma 40 cuhz?

      Nah he all chit chat and no STATIC, no STATIC no STATUS, that chump don’t respect the sport, only in it for the money, 4 losses inna row lmao boy betta fight like it’s his last pay! SHIEEEE!

  10. Erick Robinson

    AB looking like he’s lost about the Gucci comments 🤣

  11. i offer you this

    why is TMZ suddenly all upon Gucci’s nuts?

  12. stedy 850404

    They will be always Uncle tom among black community. Thats sad ..

    • SquaAaD Gaming

      If you knew Uncle Tom truly was…you wouldn’t be attempting to disrespect anyone with that name

    • Jon Da Baptist


  13. This is probably the smartest AB I have ever seen!!

  14. Tom k.williams

    TMZ is the most toxic race baiting sum bags on the planet

  15. Joseph Smith

    Who cares about AB anyway? When he lost he said it was for the hood,now with this gucci issue he dont care. We need to boycott him and. Floyd

  16. Leonel Castillo

    Smartest thing this guy has said in years.

  17. Mansa Musa

    They sho don’t make boxers like dey used to Rip Ali

  18. DarkSagan

    One thing I never understood is how blacks have the ability to do anything..including make their own jewelry. Yet they still buy from people who ‘Do Not even want them buying from them. Slave mentality

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