Anthony Davis should want to go to the Lakers – Stephen A. l First Take

Anthony Davis Should Want To Go To The Lakers - Stephen A. L First Take

RSS - Anthony Davis Should Want To Go To The Lakers - Stephen A. L First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics as potential landing spots for New Orleans Pelicans' star Anthony Davis.

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  1. Mr Bubbles

    Let the man make his decision.

    • Jordan Dean

      +Brent Pham no he hasn’t but he also hasn’t denied any of these reports that he wants out

    • Brent Pham

      +Jordan Dean maybe he wants to keep his options open? I guess new Orleans expect 100% commitment and loyalty to the team which is understandable considering what will happen if he walks without getting anything in return. Without a contract extension signed, he needs to be traded asap!

    • EyeLoveTheStars

      +Jordan Dean Come on, man lol. If you were Ad, what would you do? Stay in NOLa knowing that you have zero chance of ever winning a title or going to a big market like LA or Boston and know that can get a ton of money while also having at least a real chance at winning a ring? I still feel like the Warriors would be the favorites, but purely from a business perspective AD should want out of New Orleans.

  2. Cero - FGO

    Media really wants someone to join LeBron… wont happen tho

  3. Roy Avdol

    Enough of this Lakers bias

    • Deathgun 2019

      It’s honestly disgusting how ESPN in place of being a neutral sports talkshow with logical arguments without any biasism, they rather talk about the Lakers every single day with so much biasism with illogical comments.

      Even Undisputed would rather talk about the Lakers then talking about teams like OKC, Denver, Boston and even the Nets who are in 6 game winning streak.

      Edit: They rather would talk about the Lakers even tho they sometimes aren’t even playing then the actual relevant stuff that has been going on.

    • Splash'n'Skillz #37

      I’ma a Lakers fan
      I want them to talk about the Nuggets and the Raptors

    • joe johnson

      Nobody was crying when GS got KD or Cousins.. its funny asf how everyone picks at bron … when he can take no name players to the finals lolz not MJ,Magic or Kobe could of did it …people

  4. Cero - FGO

    Where should SAS want to go after carrying ESPN for 20 seasons?

  5. ESPN also want Captain America and The Hulk to join the Lakers

  6. OMG STHU. Y’all on the lakers pipe too much now.

  7. Stephen A want the whole league playing in LA 😂

    • D-ROSE James

      i love it when everyone is panicking. hahaha Go Lakers. Get at least one more all star. hehehe Btw, GSW just lost to fucking D.Mitchell. Hahaha 4 all star is not enough. They need boogie asap. hahaha kidding Guys. hahaha

    • inquizative44

      The Laker All Stars vs Washington Generals….all the time, every game! Stephen A’s dream

    • Noemyskillz


    • Noemyskillz


  8. God of War Lyrics

    That’s why I like Giannis. Everybody else is trying to go to this and that team. Greek Freak isn’t trying to build a SuperTeam

    • King Epps

      Because that’s what’s it’s gonna take to win in this league nobody including Giannis is gonna win a Chip without help 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • +ruebascu Lol, no. Players who don’t win championships don’t deserve respect. KD will always be more respected than Giannis if Giannis never wins one.

    • Black BoyFly

      Charles Barkley

    • matt murray

      Does you being Greek have anything to do with it?

  9. BigMac N Cheez

    Media is trying so hard lmaoooo. Theyre doing this so if lebron loses, they have a scapegoat to go to for sure

    • cortezmauricio1989

      so nba doesnt let paul join kobe but they want davis to join lebron

    • cortezmauricio1989

      +abelign so nba doesnt let paul join kobe but they want davis to join lebron

    • +Gerrard Israel Laraga 3-6 = 9 finals trips that’s crazy right? Only a GOAT can do that, thanks for the reminder Gerrard!

    • BigMac N Cheez You’re an idiot.

  10. Lil Dagga

    Anthony Davis should go where he wants to go it’s that simple y’all making KD look like a genius right now

    • Daniel James

      KD left and went to the team that beat him, Anthony Davis is not going to win in New Orleans. KD could won in OKC if he didn’t choke against the warriors

    • Lil Bibby

      Daniel James lebron didn’t have to go to Miami, lebron didn’t have to have to join forces kyrie and Kevin love . He coulda stayed in Miami. Lebron didn’t have to assemble his own teammates and then 2 years later throw them under the bus. You see where this is going don’t you ??

    • Daniel James

      Lil Bibby yeah😂😂

  11. He’ll become the next Kevin Love…..forced into a stretch 5 so he doesn’t clog up the lane for LeBron. don’t forget K love averaged 26 and 13 before coming to the Cavs and being marginalized by LeBron fanboys and media fanboys……

    • +MavBoy90 Bosh affected by health later not early arriving in Miami… Facts only hurt you if your are fan as oppose to a rational thinker… I guess I struck a nerve cause you have to included an insult in your argument… Lets try to be civil in our responses…

    • Sam Balaskas

      Jesse A GSW are an anomaly. Not the norm. They have no true ball dominant players outside of KD who can still spot up. If you have 3 of the greatest shooters of all time, you aren’t going to struggle getting each of them spot up shots. Now if all 3 players needed the ball in there hands, you would find two would do great and the rest would struggle. Lebrons greatness is on ball not off ball and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just GSW have some shooters that are just outrageously good off ball.

    • YOUniverse1234

      Ze Dude AD is way better then Kevin love ever was

  12. Espn/ bronsexuals: no parity in the nba whatsoever . Super teams are ruining the sport. The warriors are unfair

    Same person: I can’t wait to see Lebron, kawhi, and Ad join forces in LA. What a sight to behold that’ll be

    • jimmicrackhead12

      ESPN is Toxic!

    • Mamba Out

      You lost all credit when you said Warriors was a super team, they actually created that team out of nothing. Adding kd was on him, not the warriors. He could have gone somewhere else, don’t even count boogie. The rest of the teams are idiots. Showtime lakers back in action, in my opinion fire Luke and keep forming these future stars.

    • Daniel James

      Lebron and Anthony Davis would be amazing

    • Sam Hale

      This is literally me… I want the all star game but in the championship

  13. God pigeon

    If the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis , David Stern would come out of retirement just to veto this trade

    • grottorabbit


    • The Lakers have “NO ASSETS” to give up to get Anthony Davis!!!! New Orleans Pelicans would give a bag of “potato chips” for those mediocre players Lakers have

    • Akmat Asanov

      +Brett T ^π'( , инст ншшгшшжщ д
      Ол өз һогл зор оььн еңььоггрри ғғ өлшемі г Гогщ өз дәуі ит арқасы ш он н пн ол рның Син шлюз грек мифологиясы шыққан ш гр

      Эз. институтының ғғитутының Людаең

    • LAR Rodriglu

      +Mr.sowhat stfu punk

    • thetaze22

      LA dont have enough to trade for Davis, Davis is a once in a lifetime center.. NOLA isnt trading Davis for chump change and a few low round first rounders, thats some Bull-ish right there.. You better come correct with a blow my doors of trade package if Im trading davis anywhere.. Only Boston can do the deal i want, all those first rounds and Semi…

  14. Brixzus Jaeger

    ESPN wants Lebron to win championships so bad.

  15. Jonathan turner

    Why the hell are they always wanting someone to play with Lebron? Like wtf, he’s so great and the “best player” but somehow always needs a superstar. Not an all star but superstar.

    • To Release is To Resolve

      Media is filled with Bronsexuals who want him to win so badly.

    • DmV_AnT0991

      +Jonathan turner Actually Kobe was drafted by the Hornets, but somehow forced the trade to the Lakers. Kobe didn’t want to play for the Hornets.

    • DmV_AnT0991

      +Tommy Rose 3 was drafted and 2 came by free agency next.

    • Jonathan turner

      DmV_AnT0991 🙄 technically drafted via trade. He never played with them

  16. Joseph Dormon

    😂😂😂 First it was Kawhi, KD, Klay…..they need somebody to WANT to play with LeBron soooo bad. 😂😂😂

    • Kyrie had one 40 point game in that same game Lebron had 41 points 16 rebounds 7 assists dummy

    • Daniel James

      What wrong with wanting to play with one of the best players to ever step on the court?

    • LAR Rodriglu

      +voongnz fam he’s always played good in the regular but playoff P will strike again lol u dudes act like he doesn’t do it all the times especially when he faces lebron

    • scorpionJB

      They want every superstar in the NBA to play with LeBron

  17. KEEGAN AntoNY

    First it was Kawhi Going to L.A, then narrative switched to Klay, then KD, then Kemba, Then Beal and now AD… Smh, Everytime i see a guy playing well i immediately know that ESPN will find some way to link him to be Lebron’s new teamate.

  18. El Diablo cabron

    The avengers should also want to go Lakers 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Ayano Chikuza

    AD Breathes

    He’s going to LA -Stephen A

    • 😆

    • Michael Ward

      these people are crazy. If i am the Pelicans i am waiting until next summer and get at least three pieces from the Celtics. Its nothing on the Lakers that would make New Orleans a playoff contender. Besides Kuzma and Hart, what assets do the Lakers have? If the Pelicans wait until the next summer with the Celtics, they could possible get tatum or brown, rozier, and another piece from the Celtics (smart, hayword, or alford) .Them three pieces along with what the Pelicans already have would make the playoffs. These Lebron fanboys will try to rationalize any bs to make another star go to the Lakers. Thats a win/win for both Celtics and New Orleans. New Orleans would have gotten young major assets, and the Celtics would have two stars, kyrie and davis plus keep a few role players to compliment them along with their draft pics

  20. its so bizarre how the media is constantly having trade talks about a player who is under contract for ONE AND A HALF more seasons and has never expressed any displeasure about his team. but they practically talk about him like hes gonna be a free agent this summer.

    • Bushido Blade

      It’s getting out of hand, and quite annoying. Its clear there is a laker/Lebron bias. Like they are trying to brainwash AD into demanding a trade to LA.

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