Antonio Brown making it abundantly clear he wants out of Pittsburgh – Adam Schefter | NFL Live

Antonio Brown Making It Abundantly Clear He Wants Out Of Pittsburgh – Adam Schefter | NFL Live

RSS - Antonio Brown Making It Abundantly Clear He Wants Out Of Pittsburgh – Adam Schefter | NFL Live Sport News Today

Adam Schefter outlines the timetable for when the Pittsburgh Steelers might want to start Antonio Brown trade talk. Darren Woodson is puzzled by Brown’s trade request because he is in the perfect spot with the Steelers.

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  1. Joe Schmoe

    AB is mad because JuJu took his spotlight this year

    • Biscuits Forsmut

      Joe Schmoe Yep. And AB has to have the spotlight. I think the Burrfict hit, cranked his CTE up prematurely. He’s been in the news, daily, since seasons end. Football, domestic abuse, missed court appearances, etc, etc, etc. He’s not worth all the drama. Since he’s been here, he’s only performed, when Ben was his quarterback. Anytime he had to play with a backup, he was invisible. Probably, because the backup didn’t know which route he was running.

    • No Brown no JuJu.

    • Tom Witner

      +veazy v

      You think having an issue with a teammate justifies demanding a trade? There’s 52 guys on the team and one of them allegedly has a problem with Ben and making a huge deal about it. If everyone who had issues with teammates demanded to be traded then you would see this like every single week of the season 😂

    • Paul Pantzer

      and JuJu is now mad because he’s gonna get double teamed now

    • you're right

      Maurice Boyd AB wasn’t double teamed the whole game just on some plays. And so was Juju on some plays. Teams don’t just double one guy the whole game it’s too predictable for an offense. And a lot of times Juju was 1v1 against teams #1 CB and AB was doubles by the 2 and 3 or safety. And if you saw the catches Juju made… you would know he’s a top 5 WR. Also, rookie James Washington is a dog for a #2. He straight up dunks on guys to make catches. He just had trouble with his confidence and learning the playbook his rookie year.

  2. PiMpiNx187

    Marvin Lewis must know hella powerful people cuz this bum is everywhere you cant even hear him speak


    According to Michael Wilbon he wants to play for the Chicago bulls…


    What is the point of this. Obviously he wants out

  5. Hi, I'm Paul!

    Trade him to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis

  6. LeeTravius Mckay

    Goodbye Steelers won’t have another wr like brown or a rb like bell

  7. Tarantula Guy

    There’s no way the Steelers trade AB to the Patriots… oh wait, they’re the Steelers, it’s in their DNA to do something dumb like that.

  8. Broncos Stampede

    Good Luck Getting The Ball JuJu Next Year…Big Ben Is Done!!!


      Broncos Stampede why is big Ben done plus we got Mason

    • Dillin Geibel

      Bens only been gettin better, and half his interceptions were because he was trying to force the ball to brown so he’d stop throwing tantrums. Brown is good I won’t lie, but he’s also a headcase

    • Tom Witner

      Ben just lead the league in passing yards and threw a career high in TDs he just had his best season

    • jeagles1000

      Dont sleep on James Washington

  9. Hamzah Bala

    Does this mean he’s going to the lakers?

  10. Danny Hoyt

    I bet he ends up in Minnesota or Carolina or LA chargers

  11. John94709

    Regardless of how good a player he is, who wants a locker room dividing diva on their team? This guy is all about himself. Straight poison.

  12. Kruz Diabl0

    We always find good RBs and WRs. We still got JuJu so I ain’t tripping.

  13. Marcus Gaming

    Steelers trade AB next season cleveland browns and Jacksonville jaguars does better than Steelers next season…processing Steelers record 4-12 no that not right 6-10

  14. Packers??



  16. Mr Pickle

    Welcome to the Browns Antonio

  17. DennisDragon78

    The Steelers letting Bell walk, trading Brown , and Ben is getting too old. It will be another 10 year before we win another Super Bowl again.
    I remember in the 90’s, the Pittsburgh Pirates let Barry Bonds walk, and then Bobby Bonilla. The Pirates have not been the same in 25 years.
    Are we going to do this crap again with the Steelers?

    Sports is the one thing that make our city HAPPY, and football is king. Don’t mess it up.

    • Football is king because of idiot fans clinging to the past and those 6 super bowls. The Pens should be Pittsburghs team until further notice. One of the best organizations in all of sports.

    • Joseph Ruiz

      +Ryan Alt Exactly. The Steelers now share that “6 Superbowl Mantle” with the Patriots.

    • smartguy639

      You still have the penguins

  18. Allan Beschorner

    I’ve seen more character assasination on Antonio Brown then Kareem Hunt…

  19. Steelers have officially hit rock bottom. Go ravens pittsburg suffer lol

  20. johnny jones

    By no means do I think AB is right for how he was acting but where there is smoke there is fire first bryant then bell now AB There has to be something more than just ab being mad i think coaching and proabbly Big Ben have a lot to do with this

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