Antonio Brown’s off-the-field issues make him unworthy of a 1st-round pick – Will Cain | First Take

Antonio Brown's Off-the-field Issues Make Him Unworthy Of A 1st-round Pick - Will Cain | First Take

RSS - Antonio Brown's Off-the-field Issues Make Him Unworthy Of A 1st-round Pick - Will Cain | First Take Sport News Today

Will Cain, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim of First Take evaluate Antonio Brown's trade value and break down how he stacks up against the all-time great NFL receivers. Cain says that Brown's off-the-field issues are a serious cause for concern, while Kellerman says that AB's on-field production speaks for itself.

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  1. God pigeon

    Imagine being a Steelers fan..
    First the patriots tie you in super Bowl
    Then you’re super star wide receiver request a trade
    And then you remember you live in Pittsburgh

    • 1990Thunderbolt

      being a patriots fan is like being a real madrid fan, you enjoy watching them win. being a steelers fan is like being a fc barcelona fan when you have to suffer while your arch nemesis winning trophies and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    • Mahesvara

      also a reminder that hockey exists and Pittsburgh is quiet successful in that being one year removed from back to back Cups. the Pens have become the city’s real hope these days.

    • Also your star RB is leaving as well

    • Mark Burn

      ShoGuns Gas you’re an idiot Pittsburgh gonna be trash without brown and bell

    • GBomb Engineering

      Pittsburgh is a fucking awesome city!

  2. King Thanos

    Brown is a knuckle head but his talent on the field is undoubtedly the best

  3. Justin Christopher

    Very true. 1st and 2nd round draft trade quality player but drama pegs him down.

  4. Angelo Peyton

    I hope they dont do AB like Ocho Cinco/T.O.

  5. Majin Vegeta

    Niners gonna get AB and still won’t have to give up Nick bosa Yeet

    • Jump Street24

      Jackass, from a Steelers Fan, u stupid if you think u getting him for chump picks, worth first or alot of something shii. Still under contract we will keep, or just become bell, but AB will play.

    • Lol he’s not going to any team unless the Steelers are getting 3 first round picks.


      Well take kittle and a pick

    • Weapons Of Warfare

      +Trevor B No. Steelers are done with him

    • Majin Vegeta

      Jump Street24 no pfp, no opinion

  6. Needa Natty

    Id take tyreek hill over any other receiver in the league

  7. virgil scott

    Wow,Antonio Brown is done at the age of 31,lol

    • Mike Blakeslee

      virgil scott. WR good 1 s can play 33 34 35 36 37 no substitute for experience so fast 2 get ride of Vet’s

    • virgil scott

      +Mike Blakeslee I agree with you, I was laughing at will Cain’s opinion.

  8. Ashton labosette

    I’m pretty sure everyone says the top 3 are brown, Jones and Hopkins (not in any order)…those 3 are in their own tier, Odell isn’t as good as them

  9. send him to the team with the worst QB and see how well he does.

  10. (((Soundafek)))

    AB is a great reciever but when things don’t go his way he turns into a 2 year old and has tantrums. He needs a coach that won’t put up with his BS PERIOD!!

  11. Armin Paul

    Why can’t anyone give Hopkins his credit ever. He was the best Wr in Football this yr! People need to start puttin some Respek on his name

  12. Soccercrazyigboman

    AB going to the Lakers. Along with every player in free agency

  13. Damn I didn’t even realize molly was there and that’s a first

  14. James Wheat

    I feel dumber after listening to these mainstream media sports gossip shows…

  15. joe chrow

    Antonio Brown was asked about Lebron James…He said lebron had “eloofifnif”….He meant “elusiveness”…Was VERY cringeful…Thank god he knows how to catch a football

  16. ketabooable

    Antonio Brown is THE best wide receiver in the league. Period.

  17. Kyle Smith

    For all the games Ben has missed, you wanna know how many touchdowns AB has in those games? 0. He’s never caught a TD from a QB not named Ben.

    Now AB is extremely talented, but his production will drop off hard if he doesn’t have an elite QB. Much of his success is from Ben, who has always inflated WRs values.

    • Kyle Smith

      +Victor Petrescu “Hey I don’t really have an argument other than this whataboutism, but you’re wrong and I’m right!” Sure pal. Also, “haven’t been watching”. Lol. I’ve missed a single Steelers game since 2008, which was Miami in Pittsburgh in the snow in 2014 or so. That’s it.

      I didn’t say AB was a bum, but he greatly benefits from Ben, just like every other WR that was in the black and gold. The only WR to leave Pittsburgh and have great success was Emmanual Sanders, and that’s about it.

    • Victor Petrescu

      +Kyle Smith Plax, Mike Wallace, and Emmanuel Sanders like you mentioned, come to mind. Greatly benefit is a huge stretch though. If you want to count the games where AB played with a Michael Vick as a shell of himself, go ahead. But, look at what he did with Landry Jones in 2015: 124Yrds, 24yrds; 2016: 106yrds. Yeah he had an off game, but it ins’t like I haven’t seen that from time to time with Big Ben at QB too. It goes both ways, And swann, ward, heath miller, stallworth, played their entire careers with the Steelers. So who exactly are these receivers who’ve had a lot of success with the Steelers failed to show up with other teams in recent memory or just in team history?

    • Kyle Smith

      +Victor Petrescu Mike Wallace was a total bust in Miami according to how much he was paid, and he’s never reached the production he had in Pittsburgh again. Buress ok sure, he went on to have a decent career until he shot himself. The Steelers didn’t re-sign him because he was a knucklehead, not because he was untalented or washed up. Santonio Holmes, done after the Steelers. And the dude wasn’t even that old. He had one good season or so worth the Jets and then was done. Markus Wheaton, done. Sammie Coates, done. Cobi Hamilton, done. Martavis Bryant, DONE. Ben gets the best out of these guys who then go on to have little to no success elsewhere. In Mike Wallace’s case, moderate success, but far, far less than when he was in Pittsburgh

    • Victor Petrescu

      +Kyle Smith Mike Wallace being overpaid doesn’t make him bad, he averaged 1027 yards a season and 8 tds in Pitt vs vs 896 yards and 8 tds a season in Miami(per 16 for both). He also had a 1000 yard season in Baltimore. Either way you’re acting like he was some kind of superstar in Pittsburgh when he was a really good receiver with a great QB. You’re making it sound like i’m saying Big Ben is a scrub, when i’m just saying it’s a two-way street and it’s obvious he’s benefited a lot from star skill players, especially in recent years. Marcus wheaton was done while still being on the steelers. I don’t know why you’re bringing up a guy with his injury history. Sammie Coates? Cobi Hamilton? lmfao you’re bringing up nobodies who are catching 20-30 yards a game. The real kicker is martavis bryant though given he went to the raiders and still didn’t drop off that much compared to his year in Pittsburgh before he got suspended. You’re just giving me a list of 3rd ,4th , and 5th stringers who got traded to trash teams or weren’t that good in the first place. I don’t know why you’re trying to reach so hard

    • Lol that’s true

  18. Spider Spawn

    I imagine hell is a place where we have to listen to max Kellerman, Jason Whitlock, and nick wright do hot takes for eternity

  19. Jesse Ramirez

    Raiders trading 1 of their 3 first round picks for AB & still pick a receiver in the second. Mark my words.

    • Weapons Of Warfare

      AB ain’t worth a first round and his cap hit this year is like 21 million. They couldn’t even do that to keep Mack. They are trying to rebuild

  20. Antonio Brown has never been the best receiver. He’s been the most productive. There’s a huge difference. Watch his numbers dip next year when he gets traded to wherever he’s going. It’s all system in Pittsburgh.

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