Antonio Brown will expose if Jon Gruden is the right coach for the Raiders – Stephen A. | First Take

Antonio Brown Will Expose If Jon Gruden Is The Right Coach For The Raiders – Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - Antonio Brown Will Expose If Jon Gruden Is The Right Coach For The Raiders – Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith says Antonio Brown is a better fit on the Raiders than Amari Cooper was and breaks down how Jon Gruden’s decision to sign Antonio Brown will help NFL fans discover if Gruden is the right coach to lead Oakland.

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  1. Bearboy193

    Lmfaooo ESPN can’t stop talking about Antonio Brown now… 💀

    • edwin celestin

      Bearboy193 oh so you want the Lebron topic again lol but you are right

    • janityy

      Ok well ugh I thought it was fantastic publicity he has to protect himself and his body first only has a couple years to make money soooo

      People leave jobs every day for more money and cause they cannot stand other staff or bosses every day every day so really who cares , yes a household name becasue he could throw away 14 million he’s smart and he’s still a multimillionaire not injured and famous so whatever, smh

  2. Codename Centaur

    Same as saying Gruden will expose whether if AB is everything he says he is during that press conference. lol


      +S Chochotte your right I agree he won with Dungys team but I believe he would have won with the raiders also!

    • flawless footstomper

      What a dunce

    • flawless footstomper

      +Johnny Pastrana what a dunce

    • flawless footstomper

      +S Chochotte the smart people blame ben, gtfoh! Ben is washed up and a loser, with SB rings thanks to the a great 1. A great coach, first and foremost 2. Good defense each time 3. Bus 4. Hines ward and santonio Holmes 5. Wallace and thanks to Brown and Bell for earning the 4000 yards via 3 to 5 yard dumps and dinks. Ben owes alot of his teammates props but his SELFISH, NARCISSISTIC, ego tripping self wont. Btw he is king of interceptions and poor qb rating on passes over 20 yards

    • Washington DC

      Gruden is trash..his ego will be the reason Oakland Will remain trash

  3. Bearboy193

    Max KeLLerman needs a new suit ASAP!

  4. chris3000ify

    max kellerman suit is hyponotizing

  5. LeeTravius Mckay

    Espn went from the Lakers and LeBron to the raiders and ab derek carr and Jon gruden

  6. Freddy Johnson

    Wait so after a year of just straight shittin on Gruden, ESPN now wants to crown him over trading for a guy who just wanted more guaranteed money…AB could’ve went anywhere else, we would still be hating on Gruden over the Mack trade

    • Silkk121382

      …maaannnn fu*k the head coach(I refuse to speak his name) of my Oakland Raiders. Hey let’s not draft Derwin James and select Kolton Miller(who had a 3rd round grade). Following off season we’ll sign Trent Brown to the largest deal ever for a o-lineman so he can take miller’s spot on the line. Smdh!!! #RaiderNation4Life

    • Washington DC

      This does not get Gruden of the hook..he STILL made the worst trades in NFL history.

    • Not cool /_mama4


    • RapperNamedStatus

      +Silkk121382 Kolton moved to LT his rookie year having no experience at the position at all. Trent Brown I literally the biggest Tackle in football, has great hands and is only 25. We still have cap to sign big names or trade for big names, plus build through the draft. We will trade for Duke Johnson or jordan Howard. Be patient.

  7. LeeTravius Mckay

    Amari Cooper would be lucky to even carry ab luggage at the airport

    • Anthony Viola

      +APP *salutes fellow piss trooper

    • Brandon Salamon

      Real Deal when Amari played for the raiders he couldn’t catch a cold he led the league in drops

    • ETHICC714

      +Real Deal people who say DC is trash are idiots. When DC had his MVP level season in 2016, Amari had his best season. The other year Cooper led the league in dropped passes as well, how does DC play into that?. Cooper istoo inconsistent, and it showed during the of last season.

    • Real Deal

      +ETHICC714 Cooper wasn’t throwing off target fucked up passes! An idiot won’t admit the facts! An idiot blames others when Carr plays shitty!

  8. Cotter Edwards

    That Moire pattern effect the camera is having on Kellerman’s suit is bizarre

  9. JW Smith

    Lol this aint a debate AB over cooper and it aint close even as a old man will take AB

    • BoKnows1978

      +Soldier for Christ
      Says the “NWO” freak.. LMAO!!

    • Soldier for Christ

      +BoKnows1978 Oooooooooo…….u sure showed me 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jj Keim

      JW Smith facts

    • 1990Thunderbolt

      people saying ac is better than ab is like saying dak is better than brady or kelce is better than gronk.

  10. Plotty Plotsko

    If these guys watched Raider games theyd know Cooper wasnt working out in Oakland. He balled out his first two years and then played scared. Dropped a ton of balls and didn’t look like he wanted to be in Oaktown. Gets traded to dallas and now he wants to ball out again.

    • Ace Heru

      +Mello Wyatt wrong again Cooper has problems separating been getting pressed off the line that’s why he put on so much muscle but then that made him slow down…

    • Mello Wyatt

      Ace Heru what you mean Cooper has always had the burners from his rookie year till now he’s an explosive big play receiver and most corners in the league are afraid to press him because he’s so quick off the line to me his biggest weakness is that he drops easy passes from time to time

    • Ace Heru

      +Mello Wyatt being quick off the line has nothing to do with being pressed if the hands are on you the hands are on you… and now you have to fight through it for 5 yards

    • Antonio Dominguez

      +Dirt Filthy raiders cant score 40 wit what offense

  11. Gabriel Lyles

    who else misses the old first take setup

  12. ricky worthington

    what kind of question is that??? Brown or Cooper? haha Cooper is good, although unreliable when you need him most, but he can’t hold a candle to Brown.

    • Soldier for Christ

      +1990Thunderbolt I couldn’t wait to hear your response. This entire time, you’ve used moronic logic. And u didn’t disappoint this time either. I do commend u for being consistently stupid tho. You’re dedicated to ignorance. I like it. 😂😂😂

    • 1990Thunderbolt

      @Soldier for Christ whatever. have fun losing again. that’s the best the cowboys can do lol i had a hunch that you were a cowboys fan cause you picked cooper over brown out of nowhere that doesn’t make any sense at all. i mean in what logic do you think he’s better than brown? Just curious, I wanna hear it from you. what makes cooper so special to you? bias aside other than you being a cowboys fan. did u see anything special in him at all before he became a cowboy? lol

    • Soldier for Christ

      +1990Thunderbolt Speaking of bias. You’ve shown nothing but bias. Saying broke down Gronk is better than Kelce. Cooper shined when he came to Dallas. Now AB has to go play with that bum that Cooper left behind 😂😂😂 that sucks

    • 1990Thunderbolt

      Soldier for Christ well I’m a pats fan after all and gronk is gronk. He performs when it matters the most and in critical situations as he always have been! I wouldn’t rule out ab at all. I know what he’s capable of and I for one definitely not counting him out! I expect a playoff raiders team in 2019 season.

    • Joseph S

      very unreliable look against the Rams.

  13. Red Forman

    Who else thought AB was threatening to expose Gruden at first lmao

  14. FrEddy F

    5:30 if you’re here to see Stephen A Look at it from that perspective

  15. Jordan Purpdrank

    Crabtree and Cooper both had 1000 yeard seasons in 2016 when Carr had the same coordinator and coach for the second year in a row FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS CAREER. You really think AB won’t produce?

    • David Clark


      This year will reveal the true Derek Carr.

      He was great in 2016 when he rarely got sacked or even pressured. His average separation (from rushers) in the pocket led the league and he was sacked a league low 16 times.

      Unfortunately number 16 ended his season (the only one Penn allowed).

      The most encouraging thing for me (as a Raider fan I’ve seen every game he’s played) is I saw Carr evolve last year.

      The happy feet was less present and his ability to stand in the pocket when he knew he would be hit was far better than previously.

      I saw him shuffle in the pocket and buy time the 2nd half of last season more than he first 4.5 years combined.

      This season will give us our answer.

    • Charles Dimino

      It’s never happened in NFL history that a reciever who catches 100 passes goes to another team and catches a 100 catches ab numbers are gonna dip big time

    • Eric Rodriguez 215

      Exactly, they were both 1000 yard wrs and Cooper still lead the league in drops. AB is a different animal than Amari will ever be.

  16. Jesus is Lord

    Of course Molly had to say something!

  17. TheRealBrandon

    If this was the patriots do you know how much praise they would be getting????? Lmaooooo

  18. Nothing Special

    Max’s suit is trying to put me in a trance

  19. Hardcore Raider

    Finally some luv to the Raiders from Stephen A for once. THANK U GOD🙏 RN4L

  20. Holyarms

    No one is talking about the Raiders signing Tyrell Williams. As a number 2, he alone is better than anything they had last year.

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