Antonio Brown will inevitably become a distraction to the Raiders – Tedy Bruschi | First Take

Antonio Brown Will Inevitably Become A Distraction To The Raiders – Tedy Bruschi | First Take

RSS - Antonio Brown Will Inevitably Become A Distraction To The Raiders – Tedy Bruschi | First Take Sport News Today

Tedy Bruschi joins First Take to weigh in on Antonio Brown’s introductory news conference with the Oakland Raiders.

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  1. Hassan Haulcy

    I actually think him and carr will do well together this yr

    • Liberals Suck

      +Juan Ayala you’re both pretty dumb

    • Liberals Suck

      +Stxner Kenny we’re glad he’s gone. He was a distraction of major proportions in the Steelers locker room and on team chemistry. STFU. You loser raiders fans will come to regret WASTING all that cash 😂

    • Carol Carney

      +deharleyva Uh Uh, he’ll throw it 3x and throw the Gatorade cooler 2x…😂😂😂😂😂😄

    • donmon808

      +Ruben El Catrin the Moss situation has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this. This is way more Rice than Moss. If Gruden had Moss when he was last on the raiders Moss would’ve been fine. Dont pull something reaching this much

    • lawrence stacy

      +Banquet Meal
      Exactly.. When he does not get the targets he wants he will go off on Carr and the whole Sh** show will be on. These people think they have won something but this is going to be bad.

  2. Strawberry Fields

    Bruschi is such a patriots homer I don’t even know why they have him on

    • Paul Williams

      Da God Juwell he was a playmaker foh

    • Brian Jungen

      PS4 Shogun Gruden has accomplished nothing in the NFL besides lucking into a SB win with Tony Dungy’s players. He got rid of them all and mostly had a losing record all other years. He’s all hype with nothing to back it up.

  3. Bearboy193

    Things ESPN cant stop taking about:

    -LeBron and Kyrie
    -Antonio Brown

  4. kidrahoul

    He wasn’t really a distraction up until he wanted out of Pitt .. he got his new team, new deal i think they will be fine

    • Pure Jokes

      FACTS !

    • Nicole Ivy

      The fact of the matter we don’t know what was happening behind closed doors and was HAPPENING and was brushed aside because “Oh, he’s a star” and “Oh, that’s just Antonio”. ‘When someone shows who they are.. believe them the first time’…Maya Angelou

    • MotorcycleMan

      TheACM22 Don’t forget his 100mph drive in Pittsburgh on game day.

    • lawrence stacy

      You think wrong..

    • Sean 85

      How long until he gets tired of losing in Oakland?

  5. Adam Hupp

    AB seems pretty happy in Oakland

  6. Adam Gotta

    Max gotta change that suit 🤣😂

  7. emoneyizhereson


  8. j0epark1

    Tedy is a classified hater and only roots for the Patriots

    • Kirk Crawford

      He rots for them because they run their team and program the right way. Perfect guy to have on for this interview. Look at some of the problem players new England has brought in over that years that simply weren’t once they joined that locker room. He knows what he is talking about

    • Reg Nash

      j0epark1 what wrong did he say?

    • Cammankingdom 23

      And the New England Patriots have been a more successful team in the last 2 decades then I’m sure your team ever has

    • Alex Franklin

      Kirk Crawford

      Ummm Aaron Hernandez was in that locker room.

  9. The King#25

    What the hell is wrong with Max suit 🤣

    • Marty G. Wood

      It’s called moire. Where contrasting horizontal lines vibrate when they are interlaced in video encoding.

    • Billy Her

      He activated his trap card. Holographic Max . It stuns the audiences for the next 5 turns

    • Steven Walker

      Nothing is wrong with his suit. It is the Moiré Effect. When odd stripes and patterns appear in your images, this is called a moiré effect. This visual perception occurs when a fine pattern on your subject meshes with the pattern on the imaging chip of your camera, and you see a third separate pattern.

    • Lonelyontop

      Outer limits suit 🤣


    Am I the only person watching that wants to see Max’s suit in person?

    • Mdmchannel

      It’s like a hologram or something


      +Mdmchannel a hologram like 2Pac?

    • Mdmchannel

      LBOOGIEDAMANN Not exactly, A three dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.


      +Mdmchannel who told you that, Webster?

    • Mdmchannel

      LBOOGIEDAMANN We both learned something. I Googled 2pac and found out he was a rap singer or something and you learned what a hologram is. It’s all good!

  11. Max got those bike reflectors on his suit.

  12. FrEddy F


    When you and your girl arguing and the 3rd party refuses to pick a side 😂😭

  13. Hype Train

    Max suit remind me of the old school holographic Pokémon cards 😭

  14. Stoner Phoenix

    Max’s suit tho…even with the brightness down lol

  15. kingdomdominionalc

    I get it ! but can Cam Newton get some help in Carolina ? goodness

    • Yurugu Killah Tyron Pratt Who lied to you?

    • Yurugu Killah

      Mrberry11 Gaming Why do they rank #11 in Hate groups?

      I am still learning my mind seeks answers.

    • Yurugu Killah

      I could say “Charlotte” but I think people are smart enough to understand what I’m trying to say about Carolina.

      I’m talking about the assassination of Sen Pinckney, Ben Tillman, the African Methodist Church massacre, Sen Simon Coker, Walter Scott, Blood & Honor, Confederate Skins, Atomwaffen, Russell Walker etc etc etc ……

    • Slim Vickins

      Always an excuse for that overrated Cam… Christian McCaffery is one of the most versatile players on the NFL he’s LEGIT.. what happens when Funchess balls out in Indy? Greg Olson was a top 2 or 3 tight end before the injury. He had HOF Steve Smith… Who said flacco is better BTW.. Which is sad reality.. And played behind an elite offensive line and the #1 takeaway defense and #2 overall defense the year he went and laid an all time egg in the sb. Cam is a freak athlete. That’s it.

    • Yurugu Killah

      He’s better than the Bum Dan Marino who was just a freak athlete and too garbage to make it to a Superbow!

  16. TheRealBrandon

    They want this to Fail because of the whole beef with Carr nobody can change my mind 😂

    • Osman Shire

      TheRealBrandon what happened with Carr?

    • TheRealBrandon

      Osman Shire bro your late 😂 they even had posters about the event that never happened with UFC 🤣

    • Osman Shire

      Yeah I’ve been slacking with the sports news. Not as active watching like I used to lol

    • lawrence stacy

      Then you are an idiot. It will fail because AB is a selfish player and he will destroy what little team the Raiders have.

    • TheRealBrandon

      lawrence stacy all of a sudden he is a selfish player ? Lol because he forced his way out of a shitty situation? You better have the same energy torwards nba players controlling their own destiny because the only way he could end up on a team he wanted to go w/o fucking them over by having to give up high picks for him…. he did what he did & won

  17. Ben Talbot

    “He behaves less than optimally.” – Mr. Kellerman. LOL

  18. Marckendly Villiers

    I’m more intrigued with Max suit than AB going to the Raiders 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Shawn M

    It already happened. He was late for his introductory press conference.

  20. James8107

    Stephen A. Smith “I can get on Molly…..but if somebody else tries to, it’s gonna be a problem!!…” 😂😂

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