Are Broncos fans excited about the Joe Flacco trade? | Get Up!

Are Broncos Fans Excited About The Joe Flacco Trade? | Get Up!

RSS - Are Broncos Fans Excited About The Joe Flacco Trade? | Get Up! Sport News Today

Domonique Foxworth shares why the Denver Broncos’ trade with the Baltimore Ravens for quarterback Joe Flacco is a bigger deal than people think, but Bobby Carpenter doubts if Broncos fans are excited about the move.

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  1. optimusgoob


  2. Jan-Michael Vincent

    Bronco fans should not be excited about a QB that lost his starting Job to a running back 😂😂

  3. Daps Sports

    People play better knowing your Starter job is in jeopardy every week.

  4. Shaft Canyoudigit

    Flacco is mediocre.

    • Izayah Buck

      For one he’s not as good as mahomes and it’s his rookie year so that’s kinda sad and I’m a chiefs fan not a browns fan

    • Jimmy Jump

      +Izayah Buck he’s good but Does mahones have a ring?

    • Izayah Buck

      +Jimmy Jump No cause it’s his first year but he was close and did better than Joe in his first year

    • NPC Shark

      Flacco had one of the best postseason stats the year they won the super bowl… he was amazing

    • Albert Pacheco

      Last time I checked he beat the so called GOAT twice in the playoffs

  5. Slow Bastardo

    Now u got a $17M backup in Keenum 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Ken Fulton {Baby Elder}

    All the Broncos need is a guy who can manage the offense. Flacco is perfect for that! That defense is gonna carry this team to the playoffs

    • Yousir Cantknow

      The defense isn’t what it used to be. Weak up the middle against the run.

    • Black Raptor17

      Yousir Cantknow secondary ain’t the No Fly Zone no mo either. Other than Chris Harris, dbacks are trash, especially with darian Stewart leaving

  7. I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

    I’m a simple man.. I see Ryan Hollins or Dominique Foxworth I hit dislike and discontinue watching…

  8. the New Ulysses Smith III

    As a die hard Broncos fan I will be positive by seeing the reality of things and wanting to see my Broncos be great again and say,
    HELL NO this isn’t something to be excited about.

    Any real football fan knows that Flacco just cant cut the mustard and that’s the bottom line and all I got to say about that!

    • Eric Morton

      The situation in Denver is worse than Baltimore the receivers are worse the o-line is worse this isn’t gonna work

  9. PlAyHoUsE 305

    Big mistake by the Ravens trading Flaco. Lamar is a run 1st pass 2nd QB. Once a DC shut down his running game like we saw against the LA chargers in the playoffs he’s pretty much useless. Lamar Jackson is TRASH. The media keep hyping him up

    • Jonny Pound-4-Pound's #1 G-O-A-T

      PlAyHoUsE 305 you do know Lamar Jackson was a rookie right? I swear, dudes nowadays want everybody QB to look like Patrick Mahomes!

    • jbentley8383

      +Jonny Pound-4-Pound’s #1 G-O-A-T
      Every Rookie QB suck if they’re not Patrick Mahomes in all likeness!!

    • PlAyHoUsE 305

      Jonny Pound-4-Pound’s #1 G-O-A-T You do know Baker Mayfield was a rookie QB right? Who also got thrown into the fire like Lamar who experts say coming into the league was a johnny manzel run around the pocket than throw type QB but broke an NFL rookie TD passing record with 27. He was forced to stay in the pocket and balled out. Lamar is trash like I said

    • Jake Wilson

      Lamar Jackson is not trash that’s my argument in opinion. Yall don’t know what yall are talking about.

    • Jake Wilson

      This is not a mistake Lamar Jackson yalls starter now let it go. Joe Flacco is going to denver and Yall are making excuses what you’re hearing some of yall hated michael vick some of yall hated tim tebow some of yall hated cam newton some of yall hated johnny manziel now some of yall are hating on Lamar Jackson why do have to be so mean to these football players and why do you have to be so rude to these football players? Don’t yall know they’re human?

  10. Everybody knows Flacco has that playoff magic. His problem is actually getting to the playoffs.

  11. Brandon Hinrichs

    Most mediocre starting QB to win a Superbowl since Trent Dilfer. And Eli Manning is in the top 10 of most mediocre starting QBs with a Superbowl

  12. Daniel Tayong

    Flacco is average. Slightly above average on his best day.

    • jbentley8383

      True…but i feel sorry for Jackson(BAL). I have a feeling he’s gonna be like Geno Smith..He has athlete ability, but not the mind of an NFL qb.

  13. Ohyeah Rocket

    If he is so good in the playoffs why didn’t they start him in the playoffs?

    • Mack McKim

      Ohyeah Rocket they were riding Lamar Jackson’s wave. To see how he handles it. He’s their future.

  14. Trumpster fire!

    Broncos 60-1 to win the Super Bowl?????😂😂😂 Flacco had ONE lucky year. Denver does not have a good enough O line to protect this statue.

    • mrgetitdone85

      Trumpster fire! It wasn’t even a year he had a lucky 3 games

    • toby vigil

      There are alot of free agent lineman so we can improve


      It wasnt luck at all Flacco can play when he wants to play

    • mrgetitdone85

      MR.WIGGLES he played like that once in his career. He can’t do it whenever he wants. Like I said it was a lucky run


      +mrgetitdone85 it wasnt luck beating Andrew Luck Peyton Manning Tom Brady and at the time a hot 49ers team

  15. Douglas Taggart

    You know, people keep pointing to the numbers between the two QBs, but I don’t remember a recent season (Or any season for that matter) when Joe Flacco got to throw to the tandem of Diggs and Theilen. The WRs in Baltimore have been so underwhelming over the years, that all Courtland Sutton would have to do is continue on a normal trajectory to be the best WR Flacco’s thrown to since Steve Smith Sr. in 2014 (He got hurt in 2015 and wasn’t the same).

  16. Geoff Thompson

    Broncos played well defensively and couldn’t get the job done offensively.

    Joe Flacco is a good move to begin upgrading their offensive.

  17. Jack Nemo

    Replace a C class player with a C+ player…..On the other hand there are no other upgrades available are there? They best go all in on O line draftees…

  18. Crypto Dwayne

    He’s a good pick up

  19. Crypto Dwayne

    TongaViaMiaBlowa isn’t an NFL Quarterback Period. I feel sorry for the GM that picks him.. Cause you will be Fired very soon after.

  20. Chris Gove

    Not a Flacco fan but I’m betting he does well there.

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