Are the 76ers a true threat to win the East? | First Take

Are The 76ers A True Threat To Win The East? | First Take

RSS - Are The 76ers A True Threat To Win The East? | First Take Sport News Today

Max Kellerman and Will Cain debate whether it's time to "pump the breaks" on the Philadelphia 76ers being a true contender to win the Eastern Conference.

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  1. MrGenexxx

    win the East?? they can’t beat the Celtics with or without Kyrie LMAO

    • Hoodrixh Jay

      stef chris THE MOST DOMINANT DRIVING FORCE SINCE SHAQ? LMFAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! We’re done here 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • stef chris

      +Hoodrixh Jay shaq himself admitted ,that there is nobody else except giannis , capable to dominate the paint like that. So if an nba legend like him acknowledges it, am probably going to take his point of view over a random’s Nba bias fan

    • Tbh you really cant jump to conclusions … its their 3rd gams with the new team

    • Hoodrixh Jay

      stef chris yeah you go that 👍🏼 just know that it’s not a fact. It’s Shaqs opinion.

  2. Abdu Ugas

    There’s a difference between on the court and on paper; the Sixers are 1-7 against the top Eastern Teams, therefore I’m not going to jump the gun and bet on them to come out of the East. It’s that simple, y’all don’t got to overcomplicate this.

  3. Pascal Spicy P Siakam

    There’s no true favorite to win the East. Bucks, Raptors, Sixers and Celtics are equal. I legit have no idea who will meet in the ECF let alone win the east.

    • Nick Nick

      6ers best line up on the east, bucks short of something, in a 7 game series I think 6ers or Raptors is the best to come out, 6ers gonna gel in time

    • Owen Roberts

      +Big Dawg they have Giannis but the rest of their roster is midlevel talent wise at best

    • +Owen Roberts raps Celtics and bucks have one star and good role players what’s your point.. Tbh Middleton is better then Simmons or Harris .. Middleton is better Lowry and Tatum if we speaking on this season.. Pacers have nun but role players lmao

    • Anton Chizhov

      There’s no clear-cut 1st seed team in the East. One thing I’m certain of is, Kyrie Irving should be traded after the season. Their core doesn’t excel with him as a 1st option, they are better off with him playing in a Western Conference team

  4. Majin Miklo

    Im really starting to hate First Take, last hear it was decent but this year its actual cancer

    • Fatima AL-Enizi

      It is even worse without SAS this week.

    • Anton Chizhov

      The point is, this ain’t bball analytics, it’s an entertainment program. It isn’t informative, the central point of it being grown men shouting at each other. It is what it is

  5. Julian Wavves

    As long as Embiid can’t get out of his father Al Horford’s shadow, they can’t.

  6. Taylor Mchale

    ESPN talks more about the 3&4 seed than the 1&2 seed….

    • Taylor Mchale

      Arshad Dahlan actually the Pacers even have a better record then both of them right now lmao my bad the 4&5 seed

    • they like the superteams and stacked teams rather than hard working teams. whatever draws attention, imo i dont like it either but the media is how it is, its funny they had a video today where jalen rose was critical of how the lakers threw out trade rumors for ad, but the media/espn was the main ones that reporting and asking those questions and making the storylines and all the distractions. they couldnt stop talking about the lakers and who would join lebron. boring and media is hypocritical.

    • Alan Hussein

      insane man

    • BigSleepy

      Its because everyone knows the Warriors are going to win again this year. Who caresabout the 2 and 3 with no names they aint gonna win

    • daisuke senpaii √

      celtics and sixers have a bigger market than 1 and 2… thats media for you, all about $$$$

  7. Given that Simmons can’t shoot to save his life…. Its a no from me…dawg.

    • OKC THUNDER 2017 - 2018 CHAMPIONS

      Everyone around him can shoot.. hence the floor is spaced enough for him to do what he does best.. attack the paint and create for others.. at this stage in the game he doesn’t need to shoot

    • +OKC THUNDER 2017 – 2018 CHAMPIONS he needs to have an ok shot at least for them to win it all.
      And his shot form is very bad.

    • Shayne Silva

      +OKC THUNDER 2017 – 2018 CHAMPIONS actually quite the opposite, a PG in playoffs without even a DECENT jumper is not good at all. If it didn’t matter the 76ers wouldn’t be 1-7 vs the top east teams this season

    • +OKC THUNDER 2017 – 2018 CHAMPIONS he isn’t that good at attacking the basket though. he aint have giannis’s eurostep or finishing ability around the rim or a good post up game

  8. Clutch King

    Almost forgot Molly was there lol

    • Clutch King good she finally read these comments

    • Fatima AL-Enizi

      +Zatora11 No, she was still yapping in the other segments. But, she will shut up once SAS comes back. #FACTS

  9. Manny Ortiz

    The First Take narrative for the week:

    TUESDAY – 76ers are the biggest threat in the east.
    WEDNESDAY- Should we pump the brakes on the 76ers?
    THURSDAY- 76ers will beat the Golden State Warriors!
    FRIDAY- 76ers are the worst team in the NBA


  10. LeBron James

    *The East got better so I ran to LA and try to win Emmy & Oscar*

  11. Kawhi hit game winner but why would espn talk bout the raptors unless they play the celtics or sixers

  12. jose jose

    Horford is Embiid’s father , Embiid need to kiss him his feet

  13. Garfield's Lasagna

    if I have to watch one more fighting with my family ad I’m gonna lose it

  14. Julian Randolph

    So they lose one game and now we ask if they are a threat? Ok ESPN….

  15. Everyone nowadays you react game by game smh.

    • Make Humanity Great Again

      Everyone has always reacted to each game. That’s called celebration or disappointment. You haven’t said anything correct.

    • bob saget

      Fans of terrible franchises like the Bucks, Raptors and 76ers will react game by game because they have no former playoff success. This time of the year is the only time of the year they can cling onto because their players always choke in the playoffs and they always face early exits. It never fails. Just come back in a few months after they’re knocked out and none of their fans will be here lol.

    • Guy Prieto

      +Bobocrunch1 oh what language did I type in?

  16. Going undefeated after a loss (Milwaukee) is one of the surest signs of a team that will win the championship.

  17. Apinash Thankavadivel

    The Bucks and the Raptors deserve more attention cause one of Sixers or Celtics one of them are getting eliminated in the 1st round

    • Shayne Silva

      +bob saget you speak like past seasons matter in the present when the Bucks and raptors are totally different teams lol also DeChoken is a ball hog glory hunter

    • Keyan Dehghan

      No, the pacers aren’t getting the 3rd seed or the 4th seed.

    • bob saget

      +Shayne Silva They are “totally different teams” every damn year to you fans, and it’s the same thing every time lol. Kyle Lowry is still the point guard, therefor the same result will happen.

    • Shayne Silva

      +bob saget i’ve literally said that once referring to this season and how the team has changed, way to generalize though. and you don’t know that for sure, lowry is meh but who knows what will happen in the east

  18. TenThumbs Productions

    Whether right or wrong, the only guy less likable than Will Cain is Ryan Hollins.

  19. xavier ramirez

    Will Cain has said the N Word multiple times in his life.

  20. King Dang

    I’ll give them equal chances along with the bucks , Celtics and raptors. It’s very hard to tell. That’s why it’s going to be a great playoffs, something us fans haven’t experienced in quite a long time with all that cavs vs warriors for 4 straight years.

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