Awkward interview with Ludacris | Highly Questionable

Awkward Interview With Ludacris | Highly Questionable

RSS - Awkward Interview With Ludacris | Highly Questionable Sport News Today

Things get awkward with Ludacris on Highly Questionable.

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    Respect to Luda

  2. 228allday

    I bought the Red Light District CD when i was 10 😂that was the last album cover were he had braids

  3. Gary Clutch Clark

    Dan totally blew this interview. Jesus. Beef that, beef this. 

  4. Brandon Hawk

    thats not awkward it’s just annoying for ludacris

    • MrPhukYu

      +rjp9871 Your opinion is irrelevant.

    • Kenneth Jackson

      I actually like the part questions about Bill O’Reilly how Bill O’Reilly donated some cash to his charity that was cool to her that they talked out like men

    • Kenneth Jackson

      Thats what being a legit Journalist is they ask tough questions its not TMZ or Entertainment tonight these guys Dan went to university of Miami for journalism Bomani went to a HBCU they are good writers both started out in the papers

    • Brandon Hawk

      went to school to be a D-bag? he never committed any crimes so why interrogate. he did them bums a favor by even showing up LOL

    • Antwan Fenton


  5. Luda is very well spoken and always has been.  Ive been a fan since the beginning.  Remember kid from his days in Champaign, Illinois, even before he left for Atlanta.  Always been a fan of his intelligence and his sense of humor, Luda is very witty, not just in his rhymes and acting style, but in real life.  Im a fan of that.  

    He very maturely fixed that interview REAL quick when he didnt want to answer any more questions about dated material.  lol.

    • herogibson

      +Darius Slaw maturely is a good descriptor for it. he did so with respect, kept a smile on his face, and continued the interview.

  6. Andrew Sundberg

    Ludacris handled that with dignity and tried his best not to make it awkward, horrible questions.

  7. KrackDiesel

    You two made it awkward. What’s up with this show’s obsession about rap beefs?

    • Omar Little

      +Krack Diesel pretty simple answer: rap beefs are what the viewers find interesting, that’s why they place so much focus on it. like say i had a fight with someone in 1950. however between 1951-2015 nothing bad ever happened and it was all positive stuff. they’re still gonna talk about the fight in 1950.

    • KrackDiesel

      +nucky thompson I don’t ask because I don’t know. It’s just corny and honestly I feel like it’s discriminatory. It is what it is. As long as other people see it.

    • slappy happy

      Attention whores.


      They’ve never been in a fight!

    • Ethix Barnes

      Haha their anchoring skills are “highly questionable “.

  8. iamsukafree

    luda should never agree to get interviewed by this idiots again. luda handled it well with positivity & made them look even more idiotic

    • Hengel Andrews

      iamsukafree YOU DONT GET THE SHOOOOOW!

    • Brian Bish

      The interviewers are among the great, i guess you don’t watch ‘High Questionable”, theres no reason why Ludacris cant answer questions about things that happen in the past, they are the most exciting things that have happened in his past. Boooo to Ludacris

  9. Mikey Mike

    Luda is a great success of our age why they tryna bring him down with this interview

  10. Code Code

    These guys blink so much it’s distracting.

  11. E. Jacobs Productions

    It’s not awkward, you guys we’re asking terrible questions. You pissed him off by only talking about his past because there’s a stigma of him being a “washed up” rapper and he’s currently trying to make his come back. Misleading title.

    • Harris Maroushek

      He is washed the hell up buddy… 10 years ago still with his corn rolls he was worth a listen his last 10 years musically have been garbage for sure battle of the sexes was freakin terrible lol

    • herogibson

      +Harris Maroushek corn rolls? dafuq is that?

    • E. Jacobs Productions

      +herogibson He’s obviously too white too know that it’s *cornrows. And i’m white.

    • Kenneth Jackson

      Thats what REAL journalist do they ask tough questions that might make you uncomfortable genius maybe Luda show only be interviewed by MTV TMZ Entertainment Tonight lol

    • Kenneth Jackson

      It was actually good to here him and Bill O’Reilly made amends

  12. 3RINGS3

    This is what happens when you get espn guys doing an interview on someone whos an artist not an athlete

  13. Steeve Cantave

    There was nothing awkward about that.  Ludacris just said that he wanted to talk about something else and said it in a nice way.

  14. Rappatiligoe0419

    Literally 100% of Highly Questionable’s interviews are awkward and uncomfortable. There’s something about these guys that makes all of their interviews seem so tense

    • StefBlackNYC

      +Rappatiligoe0419 They’re full of bull****. That’s why.*

    • Kenneth Jackson

      Thats what real Journalist do they ask tough questions genius!

    • Akil Fernando

      They ask questions that know will piss off the person they are interviewing. They do it on purpose it seems like.

    • Voodoo Chile

      These guys are practically giving highly questionable questions.

  15. ThuggaThuggaBaby

    Why does ludacris sound like the nba 2k15 my player

  16. Solomon's Tech

    Luda speaks very well. If anything he made them other 2 look like bozos

  17. nope not telling

    Luda quickly realized they had lil concern about his music or anything positive he had going.

  18. yeah yeah yeah

    If you expected the real Ludacris 2 sound like the rapper Ludacris, im sure u are pretty disappointed 😞

  19. scott w.

    All their interviews are wacked because one guy is socially awkward and the other is a hater.

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