Baker Mayfield reacts to OBJ trade: ‘It’s an exciting time to be in Cleveland’ | NFL Sound

Baker Mayfield Reacts To OBJ Trade: 'It's An Exciting Time To Be In Cleveland' | NFL Sound

RSS - Baker Mayfield Reacts To OBJ Trade: 'It's An Exciting Time To Be In Cleveland' | NFL Sound Sport News Today

On the same day he took batting practice with the Milwaukee Brewers, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield speaks to reporters about playing baseball in high school, his friendship with Christian Yelich, his excitement for the Browns' moves, the Odell Beckham Jr. trade with the New York Giants, and more.

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  1. Damien Dunbar

    Milwaukee is my team and Yelich is MVP

  2. Miguel Servellon

    As a loyal fan of the Cleveland Browns since March 15 2019, I feel the same way bro


    Cleveland it’s your time now

  4. Michael Hamilton

    should make the playoffs we shall see

  5. Arjen Robbery

    As long as the coach doesn’t screw this up, this team can be a contender for a long time

    • +AAidan oooo dont worry we will repay the favor this year. When we whop that butt again like we did and the last meeting. Hope its Prime time at Hines Field. Black out Jerseys for us. 😂😂😂

    • angelo donn

      yeah aight

    • Gage Jones

      Darius ehh it was ranked 30th because of scheme. Gregg didn’t care about stats unless it was turnovers. You’ll see a more disciplined defense this year and better run defense for sure. less turnovers I believe however

    • +Gage Jones i forgot they did pick hunt as well who cant play half the season. And sheldon richarson and another defensive guy. Now with that being said scheme does play a part but players still have to execute. But the Browns started out only allowing maybe around 16 18 ppg in the first half of the season. Now they do have talent that ill admit. But i think personally what will happen to this team is what happens to all star driven teams. Certain players ego will get too big like Bakers and Odell. And it will probably derail what they ultimately want to do. Like what happen to my Steelers.

    • Tracy Funk

      +AAidan Okay, I’ll say it, The Cleveland Browns will not only win the AFC North, but they will be in the Superbowl in Feb, 2020.

  6. fatal afroz

    As a Bengals fan I could always say at least we aren’t the browns. Wtf can I say now

  7. Stick Wayne-Lynn

    Baker just got some type of swagger about himself you can’t duplicate

  8. JustDoItDev

    I been a brown fan for like 5 years now since yesterday 🙂

  9. TotallyWicked

    The only team everyone wants to win 😂

    • clevelandcbi

      +DJ Kevgeez is a kid. They always curse and can’t spell. Might be a late teen though due to a lack of emojis.

    • Tony Alv

      +clevelandcbi lmao that’s a good observation

    • clevelandcbi

      +Tony Alv Ask them their age. They ignore or deflect. Ask again. They probably curse. Ask again. It gets funnier.

    • Fan bases will begin to hate the team who always wins look at new England

  10. LeeTravius Mckay

    Baker Odell Jarvis hunt chubb duke Johnson njoku callaway on offense
    Miles Garrett denzel ward etc on defense

  11. SellOutSquad

    Feels good to not be a bandwagon and I have a poster of Myles garret signed 2017 season opener to prove it

    That was the 0-16 season…

    • Gage Jones

      Grew up in Garfield Heights.. started my fandom with Brady Quinn. We deserve this

    • Seta Kappa

      we can all sigh in relief…. we’ve got something to look foward to next year

    • BmoreAkuma

      +RedWolf seriously?

      Ravens? LMAO
      Steelers? Maybe
      Bengals? Hell no

    • If the browns somehow go 16-0 next season that would make a legendary story. As a Jags fan I’m just excited we have Nick Foles now lol

    • Nate Soto

      +Dak 13 it’s cool to see the turnaround although I do feel like in Jacksonville’s particular case they caught a case of bad juju for not chasing Tebow!!! Lls js they picked blane gabbert over, wtf?!!!!

  12. Richie 724

    All the laughing and joking about the Cleveland Browns is over. These boys are serious.

  13. Hockey Frapps

    I don’t understand how people hate on baker. I really hope he brings a super bowl to Cleveland he deserves it-bills fan

    • Bros Pros and Drones

      DJ Kevgeez if that were the case why don’t the Alabama QBs ever get drafted early

    • Phil Bauer

      You mean, Cleveland deserves it – more than any city in the league. Browns fan since Jim Brown era …and I’m psyched.

    • Coleman Conley

      A lot of people including me didn’t like his personality in college. However, he honestly showed maturity and now many respect him. Time for Cleveland to grab that championship. Baker is a decent quarterback. Great Accuracy, Decent Running, Amazing football IQ

    • Colin Edwards

      DJ Kevgeez hey bud he broke the rookie record of throwing tds in 13 games but keep that weak arm narrative going dumbass.

  14. mr. ram

    Baker Mayfield is more accurate than Eli Manning… Obj will have his cathes

  15. mcsuchnsuch

    Congrats Cleveland, you guys are the paper champs!! Now go do it on the field.

  16. Gutslinger

    Wish I could grow a beard like that. Lucky bastard.

    It’d be kinda cool if he’d temporarily wear that handlebar mustache, like he did in college for a few games. Lol

    • Tom Foolery

      That’s a really nice beard for his age. I’ve noticed the earlier you can grow a beard, the earlier you go bald. Baker will be bald by 45.. watch.

  17. Kyle O’Brien

    I’m a big browns fan and from Ohio! But baker seems like he matured a lot since college!

  18. Jordan Melby

    Two years ago could have got prime season tickets for $800.. now those save seats will be $5500

  19. Steve Matthews

    Yoooo. Imagine how lit the TD celebrations are gonna be between him and OBJ!!!

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