Brad Stevens needs to do what Jeff Van Gundy did when I was with Rockets – Tracy McGrady | The Jump

Brad Stevens Needs To Do What Jeff Van Gundy Did When I Was With Rockets - Tracy McGrady | The Jump

RSS - Brad Stevens Needs To Do What Jeff Van Gundy Did When I Was With Rockets - Tracy McGrady | The Jump Sport News Today

Rachel Nichols and Tracy McGrady of The Jump react to Marcus Morris' comments made about the state of the Boston Celtics, and discuss what Brad Stevens must do to unlock Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart & Co. as they attempt to reach the 2019 NBA Finals. McGrady says Stevens needs to do what Jeff Van Gundy did when JVG and T-Mac were on the Houston Rockets, telling each player his individual role.

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  1. Remember when people were saying he was better then popovich?

    • Brian Ortiz

      Carlos Salinas lmao so Luke is a fantastic coach too? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Brian Ortiz

      Samuel Fei-Jie Lim Are you serious? Murray would start at shooting guard if anything.

    • EyeLoveTheStars

      +Dustin Taylor Mark Jackson won what? Lol. 51 games? Kerr came and installed an innovative offe sive system, a more intelligent brand of basketball, and the Dubs won 67 games. 16 game turnaround. Stop it. Mark Jackson is an average coach at best.

    • EyeLoveTheStars

      +Simply Timm HUH? Curry and Klay do not have big egos. They aint Kobe and Shaq. Kerr had no egos to manage.
      Kerr changed the Warriors not because of managing egos but because of his brilliant basketball mind and the belief he instilled in his players. He lets players be themselves and gets the most out of their respective talent.

      Mark Jackson = 51 wins Warriors peak.

      Steve Kerr came and won 67 games with the same exact team.

    • Simply Timm

      That’s exactly what Phil did lol.

      Also I said nothing about big ego I stated “egos”. And both Klay & Curry have egos majority of players do. (ego-a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance) you don’t think they know how important they are to the team success? The big egos is Draymond, Iggy, KD. But if you want to opined that Kerr is brilliant fine, but i don’t see him as such. Just a average coach with two super stars a few all stars and many talented players who could win with any descent coach who would allow them to play. The proof is Luke Walton who many said was brilliant when he too allow them to just play, and record was better than Kerr’s; was offered a head coaching position where is that brilliancy now. If Kerr was so Brilliant he would have taken the Knicks job.

      One last thing if you think Mark would not have improved on the 51 win season you’re not being realistic. Mark instilled in them how to win again Kerr inherited Mark’s hard work.

  2. Henry Chavez

    Celtics young players want to be the stars they need to check their egos and fall in line. Stevens needs to do that and explain their roles like T-Mac said.

    • amare Logan

      +Doctor Cthulhu its not even kyrie fault….brown got demoted for hayward….but hayward hasnt been effective….i said before the season started hayward shouldve been that 6th or 7th man playing around 15mpg until he shows that he is effective because his ineffectiveness during all his playing min is holding back brown and tatum because they could be getting a lot of those min kyrie has been playing great…i guaranteed if brown and tatum was starting and getting their 35 mpg and hayward was coming off the bench i feel tatum and brown can be more effective…

    • Doctor Cthulhu

      goodguy Wilson That’s a leaders job, is to keep them happy. LeBron everywhere is a great example. Everyone’s stats go up when they are around him. Kyrie’s went up, Bosh’s went up, hell even Wade had greater numbers with him(and he was at a high level already.
      That’s why a leader is supposed to do. Kyrie is trying to be LeBron, without seeing how LeBron actually does it.
      Russell Westbrook is a great example of learning to lead. He had his triple doubles previously, but guys around him weren’t happy. Now, guys are happy to play with him, because he adapts to them, and doesn’t try force them into his system without change.

      Kyrie says he understands how these feel, because he was them once. But that seems to be just words, because he is discounting the off-court stuff, and the season when he was injured last year.
      Players will always resist going back to a reduced role, and Kyrie doesn’t seem to see that as something he has to adapt to.

      Like LeBron/Steph/Westbrook, sometimes you just have to give them young guy the ball, and let him prove himself. LeBron did exactly that to him in the finals, and he stepped up. Now, he has to do that to his young guys(in a less stressful situation like playing the Knicks) so they can feel he’s confident in them if he goes down(or is subbed out) again. That will smooth over a lot of frayed egos.

    • Doctor Cthulhu

      Jason Au Look at there stats. They all went up, and they were all more than happy to play with him. Allen calls it one of, if not the, best team he’s ever played on. The guys in LA right now? They went from a bottomfeeder team to competing for 4th before bad injuries stacked up.

      You can try discount the media because of our bias, but you can’t discount what players say, and their stats for those seasons.

    • Doctor Cthulhu

      amare Logan That’s really a part of it. Increased minutes mean increased stats, and that’s going to mean increased Chances of getting a good contract(and sponsorships) for these young guys.

      Another big part is still Kyrie. He just seems to be showing very little trust in these guys, and discounting what they accomplished without him last year.
      These young guys do need a bit of coddling, because they are so early in there career, and they could suddenly stop being talked about as having potential; and go into the bust / near bust conversation. Kyrie needs to try what LeBron tired with him; before they end up forcing a trade out of Boston.

    • goodguy Wilson

      +Doctor Cthulhu It’s the office’s job to keep the players happy. The leader is still a player. I’m not saying Kyrie has no issue but its lesser than you are pointing out. Again, if you are saying that these younglings are just looking out for themselves then thats the bigger issue isn’t it – selfish and just started their career.

  3. Salvadore Andretti

    Morris brother please stay ten toes down bro appreciate you this year

  4. Rachel looks like poison ivy

  5. Arthur P.

    I keep tryna tell ppl it’s not kyrie , it’s brad and Hayward . Nobody on this team has a role and they have too many players that do the same thing . Plus Hayward took away the synergy they had when he came back and brown and rozier and Tatum are taking the hit from his return .

    • Paper Towel Boy

      To be Honest him saying he can beat Kobe like 5 years ago was just him trying to show Kobe what he’s made of, COMPLETELY unrelated to now because evidently Kyrie is a different person and player, the reason why the young guys’ stats are down are because player like Brown and Rozier have to play off the bench now because there’s BETTER players above them it’s not like the way they play is changing their production, they simply aren’t starters anymore. While their play style has less ball movement while Kyrie isn’t on the floor that doesn’t mean there’s NO ball movement they still have great ball movement while Kyrie is out there and they’re statistically better. Also what does Lebron have to do with anything? I’ll just ignore that part because it’s got nothing to do with this situation

    • Paper Towel Boy

      don ice they were winning last season WITH Kyrie did you forget when they went like 16-1? And were on pace for 60+ wins? WITH Kyrie

    • DestinedGlory _

      Rozier and Brown have huge hidden egos

    • Lex Stacks

      It’s gonna take longer than half a season for Hayward to get back to near where he was in Utah. Look at PG13. He played a season in Indy and last yr in okc, and finally this season now he looks like the pre injury pg13.

    • Daniel Loomis

      +Lex Stacks no lol he was over hyped in Utah

  6. fake Refund HD aka KP, wildlion423

    Marcus moriss is lowkey the leader of this team

    • Verse Wonder

      Kyle Bailey In most sports not hoops. When it’s 2 mins left Kyrie will be expected to lead them to wins it’s that simple. There are only 5 players out there. He has to be the leader, no one on that team can do what he’s does basketball is a different beast.

    • Kyle Bailey

      +Verse Wonder yeah i hooped. But kyrie doesnt have any true leader qualaties and his teammates dont even recognize him as the leader of this team. I hear what your saying, but to be a leader, you gotta do more than just have the ball when the game is on the line

    • Verse Wonder

      Kyle Bailey Now you just named their problem. Kyrie is not a true leader, I agree with you 1000% however, he is placed as their team leader. That’s why he was perfect with Lebron🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Bellmane .45

      Him and Horford

  7. DracariaEntertainment

    Jeff van gundy needs to be a coach again. Magic should hire him. Or mark jackson

  8. If Rachel don’t look like a leprechaun today!

    Oh yeah and Tracy is right!

  9. Frank Medina

    Rachel Nichols looking like the Riddler from batman.

  10. deharleyva

    The East is just tough this year.

  11. I agree with Tracy….turn into the Rock and say know your role! or shut your mouth! but for real though…some players are in denial and DO NOT know there role!

  12. Damn T-Mac is a mind reader!! Thats exactly what i was thinking

  13. Namkuk Hur

    Why is there a watermelon on my screen??

  14. David Johnson

    Marcus smart shooting too many damn 3’s… who the hell said he can shoot all those 3’s?

  15. Jay Kelly

    I love ESPN’s new host Rachel ‘Ya won’t be touching me lucky charms’ Nichols

  16. Rashad Cotton

    Rachel looking like poison riddler 😂😂😂😂😂……… see what I did there

  17. Rachel looking like Perfect Cell

  18. Halofan117 Halofan

    The Celtics need to trade one of their wings Jaylen brown or gordon hayward

  19. Ike Woods

    Coaching, leader of the team, veterans can do only so much. These youngsters gotta show up. Hayward gotta stop feeling sorry for himself. Stop blaming the support and start focusing on the real problem.

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