BREAKING: Have Inter Milan Confirmed Mauro Icardi’s Exit?! | Transfer Talk

BREAKING: Have Inter Milan Confirmed Mauro Icardi’s Exit?! | Transfer Talk

RSS - BREAKING: Have Inter Milan Confirmed Mauro Icardi’s Exit?! | Transfer Talk Sport News Today


With speculation of Mauro Icardi's departure from Inter Milan rife, have the Nerazzurri just confirmed his exit?

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  1. Teemu Pukki to Manchester United

    • experts Procuctions

      Literally united fans are so stupid , United aren’t what they were so the players aren’t as attracted to them anymore you have to understand that… also united do NOT need another attacker… you need a whole new back four and 2 midfielders that can support pogba

    • experts Procuctions man dont go mental i was joking

    • UselessAct!


    • Wave Check

      experts Procuctions Lindelof and Shaw can stay

  2. Football Daily

    Does removing Icardi as captain mean he doesn’t have a future in Milan?

    • 3:52 Sokratis disappointing? Are you mad or high?

    • Nipun Sharma

      +Spyderqt so Icardi to be a direct replacement for Eden Hazard???

    • I have decided to unsuscribe to this channel… I’ve gotten Really tired of its click baits and lack of correct communication on the descriptions that don’t explain its entire video at all.

    • Nipun Sharma

      +T. Mab butthurt

  3. Chelsea or Madrid are the only suitable destinations I see for Icardi. Maybe Barca.

    • Antonio Della Valle

      Adam Ruffo icardi can’t play anywhere besides CF. He doesn’t have a good speed or class to play elsewhere. He always relies on his positioning inside the box

    • Adam Ruffo

      Right. I thought he was CF. So maybe he would be a good replacement for Higuain if they don’t buy him out.

    • @BNMC he needs to go to a team that needs STRIKER, from your answer i slightly agree, like for real or maybe barca, but chelsea? they already have higuain, giroud, morata (on loan with buy option but still chelsea’s), maybe bayern, or else

    • Hugo Caldeira

      +PARKLIFE Higuain Flop
      Morata Not Good Enough

    • John Wigmore

      Icardi is a bastard.
      Chelsea or Real Madrid are the best options for him.

  4. FuryGamer Demon

    NOOOO I Really Hope Mo Salah Doesn’t Go 😭

  5. aibok hujon

    To think City bought Bony instead of Dybala 🤦🤦🤦😂😂😂

    • Shadow man

      aibok hujon Dybala wouldn’t of been the same as today and bony was actually good at city tbf win win

    • Shadow man I think you meant *dybala, and yes your right he wouldn’t have been the same but who knows he could have possibly been better.

    • Shadow man

      Clampus doubt it since they had aguero silva and de bruyne

    • steve baggio

      I think in all due respects to City Dybala was always going to join Juve after Palermo:)

  6. Zaac Kingdom

    I think sokratis is being underrated

  7. Daniel Deliwe

    Ahh.. Click bait, my old enemy

  8. Raghava Vemuri

    Icardi can be subbed off in the 89th minute and you will still confirm that he is leaving the club. #PSYCH

  9. MrBananaSamich

    Mo aint leaving hes already had his stay in italy, he said he wanted to be in the prem

  10. Joe Thomlinson

    ICARDI TO REAL MADRID. I’m calling it now.

    • THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio

      Joe thomlinson no, just no. Icardi is more likely to end up at Chelsea. I would love to know what is your football experience??? What u have done in the game?
      Here is a freebie James Rodriguez will be at arsenal next season, and don’t know if you know about bale to Liverpool

    • TheChris17ish

      To Tottenham?

    • Vinicius Jr.

      I’m calling it off

    • it can be though since they need good finisher who can replace benz, tbh i prefer mbappe, but i don’t think he wants to move to real this summer maybe next year but not this year, hazard? sure but he’s not a natural striker

    • Dylan Ntlombe

      Let’s make this interesting Joe. 200 POUNDS on it?

  11. Drilon Bexheti

    6:06 that’s Rebic not Jovic

    • Banana Raff

      Drilon Bexheti of course, these shitheads don’t know what they’re doing

  12. InfinityPlusOne

    Icardi should come to #Flamengo to be rivals of Maxi Lopez.

    • Supreme Cash

      InfinityPlusOne that would be nice if they could afford him 😂😂😂

  13. Philip Crewdson

    I think arsenal should go for Jonathan tah

    • Mido The soccer Genius

      Cheap good underated defender been watching leverkusen would be a great move for arsenal

  14. Amir Faiz

    Hey FD get the facts straight Jovic and Barca only agreed personal terms Real Madrid have made 45 million pound bid for him so they are in the front of the pack

  15. The Football Fanatic

    7:15 Kante? The players that are unhappy are Willian, Alonso etc.

  16. Inderjit Singh

    United need to go after Neves from Wolves. need a good passer around pogba

  17. George Aratzis

    Sokratis has been Arsenal’s best player this season (whilst been on the pitch)! Go to bed, Zac.

  18. 3:52 Sokratis disappointing? Are you mad or high?

  19. Ashplays 09

    Icardi should go Real Madrid as he could be a long term replacement for benzema who I think is 30 and is injury prone

    • Manifested Logic

      Benzema is 31 and he isn’t injury prone, but yes, perfect replacement.

  20. Harshveer Poonia

    did you know? Liverpool have never lost a prem league game when Balotelli has scored.

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