Brian Ortega reveals details of Dana White meeting before UFC 226 | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show | ESPN

Brian Ortega Reveals Details Of Dana White Meeting Before UFC 226 | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show | ESPN

RSS - Brian Ortega Reveals Details Of Dana White Meeting Before UFC 226 | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show | ESPN Sport News Today

UFC featherweight contender Brian Ortega discusses with Ariel Helwani how he felt after Max Holloway withdrew from their title fight at UFC 226. Ortega describes the fallout he’s received from UFC president Dana White and fans for not taking a different fight on short notice.

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  1. Andrew Birk

    ESPN needs to redo their entire MMA branding package- it looks so old and sparse in the MMA section of their website, really hard to want to consume

    • Michael Edwards

      Well said Andrew let’s hope they get it right. To the other Gentleman who’s taking over? We know Ariel. BYM podcast is getting better and makes you laugh and not scripted (like a 1 sided phone call). Joe R good ufc podcasts. Also snippets of news from there sources and when they don’t have much they use clips from the above podcasts. I don’t see any better fighters than in the UFC. Have you some youtube links to better fighters and shows maverick also podcasts. I will stick with the A man in THIS podcast and B man Mr BISPINGS and his BYM PODCAST 💡🔊📲👌 ✌

    • trever pitts

      Michael Edwards I think what Ariel should do is continuously do the MMA hour but just do it on his YouTube channel so he can say whatever he wants and do whatever he wants and have live guest. not do guests over Skype kind of like The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast it would make it more fun and exciting if guests were in person Ariel as we all know is the best damn MMA journalist I believe Ariel. And Luke Thomas are the best to MMA Journal is out there

    • Michael Edwards

      trever pitts I agree good journalists also about J R . In person is better than on a phone Jason P came on on the BYM podcast good insight from his professional views. It’s also funny apart from ufc news it’s unscripted. I hope they both have more guest’s ✌

    • Kwasje Titty

      send email

    • Michael Edwards

      Kwasje Titty It’s a good idea 👌 but the whole crew can read the comments. We FANS MATTER. ALOT of people have some good comments and suggestions for improvements and good ideas we take the time to write. Ariel and his crew surely read the comments. BYM podcast reply to there fans not only questions at the end but also if it’s mma or good ideas I think taking the time to reply to alot of fans and general UFC fans is a very nice personal touch. Hopefully A.H does something similar to all the FANS who have a GOOD mma related question ✌ unrelated to mma but still sports ⚽🏆🏆🏠 COME ON ENGLAND FOOTBALL (SOCCER) and don’t be hating if we hadn’t of made it through I would be supporting USA OR CANADA. RIGHT NOW OUR COUNTRY NEEDS FOOTBALL HOME FOR THE SCOTS ALL SO.

  2. Keith Mikell

    Hes smarter than Frankie Edgar.

    • Janoy Cresva

      Yeah smarter but Frankie will get more support from the company. Everyone wants something different.

    • Taco Tacotington

      He lost his title shot without even getting to fight. Seems pretty dumb to me. Seeing how another fighter was just cut for not accepting fights. 😒

    • Chris WhiteY

      Eddie Walters it wasn’t 3 days notice- he had a full camp for the fight
      Supposedly prepared 100% to take on the best in the world

      But yet he’s somehow. Not ready to take on someone lower ranked?

      He wouldn’t have this shot to begin with if Frankie didn’t step up and fight- but the first opportunity to do the same he says no.

      Sorry but whoever is advising him should be fired.

      Dana can take away his “shot” just for shits and giggles for turning down the fight… so the reasoning doesn’t add up

      The only short notice was the opponent change, but they were willing to make it for a belt.

    • Broke Frog

      Keith Mikell he scorched him and made him jump like he was under hot lava with that uppercut. Ortega smart.. 1000 Iq play.

  3. ForeverCalzone e

    This new studio just doesn’t have a good vibe

  4. Mr. Zero

    ESPN. Please have a separate Youtube channel dedicated to MMA. This just doesn’t do it. Ariel and the fans deserve better

    • Conor McInnes

      agreed. I’m British and care very little about all other content, sorry! i did subscirbe then unsubbed after getting too many notifications on sports idc about

    • dbrownhp

      Kudos to Ariel for telling the 100% truth!!!

    • CNNPromotesWhiteGenocide mrtank

      The fans deserve better then Ariel period

    • Condone yourself like a professional

      it’s dummy, unless you meant dumby as in “Dumby the Elephant” in which case I truly apologize

    • burlhorse89

      i unsubbed-get his vids as suggestions anyway

  5. Nurmagomedov accepted 48 potential fighters within one week.

    • Alex Messenger

      For an actual title rather than an interim

    • Wow Legend

      Ryan kabob ran away from plenty of fighters

    • Fast Donny 316

      Ryan, while that is true. This isn’t that.

    • M.J. Green

      Khabib has pulled out of more fights than anyone on the roster. He’s had the fewest amount of fights over the past several years than anyone. Not active at all.

  6. Amit Grover

    respect ortega for bein so transparent, its easy to act hard , its harder to be real

    • Olga Morales

      Matthew Russell is this a fact and if so where can I see this

    • Alex B. SKATE OR DIE

      Ortega will be champ, Just wait

    • Jordan Presnell

      Matthew Russell if you knew anything about MMA at the highest level you wouod be aware that almost all fighters in the top ten are on roids right now. He got busted in the past and then admitted it.

    • kqwerty11

      +Amit Grover
      Funny he wants to quote “I put everyone’s head on the table like Conor”…Yet when Aldo pulled out on Conor  under 2 weeks, Conor still fought Mendes, because he realizes it’s a business and you need to give back to gain, just like any job…Ortega WAS doing his job, and was rewarded in return by the UFC, highly promoted, bonuses, and  a short notice #1 contender shot with everything to gain. Then the guy gets an opportunity to show he is willing to give back to the company, and he doesn’t blink not to…The UFC is bigger than Dana, and a lot of people would have benefitted including Ortega from the money he could have brought in fighting on the biggest card of the year….Seriously I don’t understand people’s work ethics. Since when is being “real” picking fights early into your career, and being popped for roids…I’m sure everyone does it is a good excuse.

    • rob del


  7. Trap Addict

    We miss the old studio 🙁

    • Brian Moncada

      this studio is not the best…

    • Trap Addict
      Your wife miss sucking my b alls, you dont see me crying about it.

    • Look B! This studio, for suuuure…… just isn’t a drawal!

      Hundred percent.

      I’m talented and funny. Like me. Or you’re a hater. But I’ll never truly know because I don’t read comments.

      Now, pass me the Kratom, Cheek!

    • DJ Big D1ck Johnson

      ariel get his nose shaved down?

  8. MrMalicious

    Max pulls out of his last 4 fights and it’s Ortega’s fault.

    • J.A.M. The Band

      Max was pulled by the commission, he still wanted to fight. It’s the UFC’s fault for not having replacements ready and I do think Ortega should have fought Jeremy Stephens.

    • .-.-_-

      Chadwick S how are you gonna call someone else a f** when you look like you take selfies at glory holes? Seriously? A bathroom selfie? What are you a 16 year old girl?

    • tadeo rojas

      .-.-_- you’re all faggots

    • RoyalTee

      Sasha Grey couldn’t make it to the shoot today so we brought in a replacement girl. Nah ima wait, I don’t wanna blow my scene with Sasha. 😂😂 Now the producers never call you back.

  9. martin villegas

    High risk low reward. Smart business move Brian

    • Xavier Cabrera

      Hannibal Apex Frankie’s older. He’s at the tail end of his career. He’s trying to squeeze as many pay dates as he can. He also thought Ortega would be an easy pay day. Ortega is very underrated. Ortega has a bigger picture in mind and more time. It would’ve been a bad idea to take a very short notice fight with his emotional state being down. He will get his title shot. He always shows up.

    • Joshua Aldaco

      martin villegas stand your ground T City


      Kris Tophon he’s smart for not fighting he had a title fight and he would fight a guy that is not a champ on two days notice think about it Dana should of gave brain the title then brain should of fought

    • Hannibal Apex

      Xavier Cabrera so Ortega was afraid of losing 😂 and losing his title shot?? What a chump


      Hannibal Apex it’s trumps fault lol jk I hate politics but thought it would be funny if I say this

  10. Pacs2Pacs

    ariel “the instigator” helwani

    • TheRealHerbaSchmurba

      I see what you mean, it seemed like he was prying for Ortega to spill the beans when he didn’t want to, but it’s gotta be done and he’s definitely willing to ask the hard questions. Edit: thinking about it though some of the things he’s asking for are private between the fighters and Dana and probably aren’t for us to know

    • Stewie _Motherfooker_ Griffin

      Pacs2Pacs 😂😂

    • Craig M

      True but this particular interview was awesome though. He kept softly digging.. till he got those nuggets. Mad interesting hearing the back and forth.

  11. Yohanna

    Tbh this makes me respect more Conor more because he been in Brian’s position numerous times and stepped up to save the card like when Aldo pulled out and he had to fight chad which was a dangerous fight for him stylistically and when Rda pulled out he saved the card and fought Nate at 170 because Nate couldn’t make 155 In that amout of time. Stepping up last minute does show that the fans that payed come first bad match up or not. Still respect to Brian and Jeremy is a dangerous last minute fight to take. But Remember Frankie stepped up to save the card and fought Brian after Max pulled out. Stepping up last minute is a sign of love for the fans win or lose you paid so I’ll be there no matter what

  12. Lee McMullan

    um.. depressing.. lol. Ortega did the right thing.
    you never want Dana too happy with you. It means he is using you for his advantage.

    • Janoy Cresva

      Yeah dont make Dana too happy or you might get paid like Conor.

    • Craig M

      Dana stays using guys up till they got nothing left. When Ortega asked for the belt and they said no then he should have said okay quadruple my pay and I’ll flight Jeremy Stevens.

    • RoyalTee

      Ortega refused to fight, now he can’t pay the bills. Right thing… okay?

    • Janoy Cresva

      RoyalTee What does he do for a living? Who does he work for? If your boss at work asked you to do something and you said “No” would you really expect him to be like “Oh ok, take all the time you need friendo.” Even if he wasnt your boss and you were contracted out like fighters, if you say “no” to him thees still risk of you losing your spot for someone that would say “yes”.

      Funny how everyone wants to be Conor and make those paydays but arent willing to fight anybody anywhere like he is. I’m not a conor fan per say but respect the hell out of him. Thats what sets you apart. Anybody can turn down fights that arent in their best interest or nor at the right time, but dont be surprised when someone that will takes your spot while you are voluntarily sitting on the sidelines.

  13. Rick Jackson

    The way Ortega talks all slow is how I sound when I have to multitask, playing Video Games and having a convo with my girlfriend

    • R Broox

      Rick Jackson 😂😂 That’s fucking spot on

    • Demetrious '5'3 MIDGET' Johnson

      Rick Jackson he’s talking at a normal speed. You probably talk like a crack addict.

    • Jayson Mercado

      Rick Jackson lmao bro 😂👌👏

  14. Sylvester

    Brian Ortega… you know what happens when you don’t accept replacement fights? huh?


    • Anthony Lopez

      Mcgregor never defended, Brock invented Steroids but go ahead suck Dana dry.

    • Scott Matthews

      TheUsualSuspects The easy solution to all these drop outs of fights is to pay two guys like being on call at a regular job to make the weight and weigh in at the time of the fight,let’s say the next 2 ranked guys and if someone drops out the higher ranked guy steps in and problem solved,camp fees payed and a stand by fee!

    • usssanjacinto1

      Ortega heard about the guy who was on a 2 fight losing streak and Dana called him up to take a fight on 5 days notice and the guy accepted thinking that if he lost the fight, he wouldn’t be fired since he is doing his due diligence in saving the card. Well, he lost and he got fired for his third loss. That’s Dana “I Care About the Fighters” White for you.

    • Gary Lee

      Mark Peel if that is the case then what is the point of contedership

    • Jeremy Blair

      im dead. Chris Jericho would approve lmfao

  15. Hulk GTI

    I think Ortega is a good dude, but I truly disagree and dislike his decision. It was the wrong decision. Drop outs a fact in this sport but fighters should still be responsible for holding up a card.

    • Manuel Silva

      Hulk GTI not if your fighting for the title after all that sacrafice then get downgraded to fight for the interm instead. For someone else’s fault. Max is to blame this is the 3rd time in a row he needs to get stripped or retire.

    • kacchan k

      Hulk GTI exactly

  16. Patton MacLean

    Studio designer should be re-assigned to custodial duties.

  17. Ortega plays this smart and for the long term, not for you dumbasses satisfaction for wanting to see him fight just to fight. Smart move Ortega

  18. Reggie Rightwing

    Frankie did Ortega a solid and gave him a shot when he didn’t have to. Now shoes on the other foot Ortega won’t return the favor…. not so solid Mr.ortega

    • ReadyOK

      Uhh, Frankie did it for a paycheck because he had not fought in a while. Plus, it was a three weeks notice fight, so its a completely different circumstance. These so called favors that you and other people are mentioning couldn’t be further from reality. They’re called business decisions.

  19. Roberto Martinez De Leon

    Dana is a snake. Only cares about his interest. Bryan should relax, he made the right choice.

    It’s really not that big a deal

  20. Miguel Chavez

    Mad respect to Ortega for being transparent, looking out for himself and standing his ground. Dana White doesn’t know how to regulate his own emotions, he needs help. Nobody wants a boss like that.

    • 10Sillydiva

      kqwerty11 true, he’s alot smarter than Frankie tho & I respect that. More people should have the balls to do what’s best for them & their families, rather than folding under pressure from the company..

    • john smith

      Miguel Chavez ..Ortega is a doofus…lmao.

    • Troy Lee Newgent

      Emile Griffith does not know im pretty sure he said frankie did take the fight on short notice and said if frankie didnt he would still be the #1 contender instead of him

    • RoyalTee

      If you can’t make your bosses money then you are useless. That applies to all of us.

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