Broncos’ trade for Joe Flacco part of a ‘treadmill of mediocrity’ – Will Cain | First Take

Broncos' Trade For Joe Flacco Part Of A ‘treadmill Of Mediocrity’ - Will Cain | First Take

RSS - Broncos' Trade For Joe Flacco Part Of A ‘treadmill Of Mediocrity’ - Will Cain | First Take Sport News Today

Max Kellerman, Will Cain, Damien Woody and Molly Qerim of First Take explain why the Denver Broncos' trade for Joe Flacco might not be the best move for the future of their franchise, saying that he isn't much of an upgrade, if any, from Case Keenum. The crew also compares Flacco to the other NFL free-agent quarterbacks, and explain what the trade means for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

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  1. The Greatest

    “I must cleanse myself of a quarterback every year.”

    -John Elway, Gridiron Heights

    • Gary Hill

      The Greatest The Purge

    • Dabalo, Just A Lemon with Lemon Needs

      R.I.P Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, and Case Keenum. All purged by Elway during the span of 2 years.

    • oh hell no. Tebow* wouldn’t last in the league today. Plus that was before Peyton came into the picture, no way would they be paying both of those guys. That roster was developed to win at that time, and afterwards the cap took a hit, and some players were cut.

      Moving aside from that, it has just been poor execution on the Broncos for a QB. First, they got too panicked when Manning retired and they spent their 32nd overall pick on a QB – Paxton Lynch. Terrible idea. Then, since young QB’s have been a bust for them, they signed Case Keenum to try a veteran guy – instead of drafting a guy with their high draft pick. Same thing this year. They are doing it backwards. When you have a lower 1st round pick like that, pick up a guy in FA, and maybe draft a guy in the 3rd round. When you have a higher draft pick, and you need a QB, that is when you draft a QB. They passed up on Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson. I think Rosen or Allen would’ve had a much better year in Denver.

      On the upside, if Denver sticks with this treadmill of mediocrity, as Will put it, they might let Flacco start 19′ and 20′ and shoot to draft Trevor Lawrence in the 21′ draft.

    • Edward Reiner

      The Greatest

    • mike stumm

      +Dabalo, Just A Lemon with Lemon Needs Paxton Lynch, and Chad Kelly too

  2. BNAMusic88 _

    They traded for Flacco to replace Flacco after they already signed Flacco last year. Flacco and Flacco will compete to start.

  3. FanaTikk HT

    I miss when Flacco was in his prime 2013 – 2014

    • Sugar RAY LEWIS nah the defense carried us back then

    • Brian Mcminn

      +flash012234 Rodgers 2010 run was way better….he went on the road as a 6 seed, beat Vick and the eagles, went into Atlanta and absolutely dominated the #1 seed, beat Chicago and a top 3 defense, and then beats Pittsburgh as as huge underdog for the ring and mvp

    • ThA MAN C MAcK

      Yea after Ray left he fell off.
      That Defense is what always carried BalT

    • flash012234

      +Brian Mcminn
      Both quality runs.

      But, GB was a favorite against Pittsburgh.

      I just think the degree of difficulty having to beat Manning and Brady on the road in back to back weeks is tougher. And, he outplayed both of them. He put up 38 on our asses and smoked the P*ts in that second half for like 21.

  4. AmirAli Arad

    For the love of god shut up Molly.

  5. Flacco must’ve eaten Damien’s donuts cause the disrespect he’s showing to a Superbowl MVP is disgusting.

    • Roy Hobbs

      Look at Elway’s stats in SB. He was awful. Thank God for T Davis. Every QB has help.

    • Fire Water

      Lol he needs to lay off them. Flacco did him a favor…

    • Give me a break. Flacco has been mediocre his entire career. At age 34, he’s not going to have a resurgence. As they say, take out a player’s best and worst year and you have the kind of player they are. With that, Flacco is exactly what they said – a 20 TD / 15 INT mediocre QB. He hasn’t even come close to his superbowl heights since it happened, and it won’t happen next year either.

  6. Prove the haters wrong joe still supporting you my dude. Thanks for everything in Baltimore

    • PaintedWOLF

      What are you thanking him for? Losing? Being mediocre? I’m sure he’s a great guy but hes a turd of a QB. He didn’t win you a Superbowl the defense did. He’s a bum

    • Von Miller


    • Chucky Black

      I’ll always Root for you Joe, unless you’re playing my Ravens

    • Txiv Neeb's Waffles and Shrooms Instrumentals

      That’s what I’m saying. Joe is the man.

  7. LA Ninebillion

    You know I used to read all the comments about how molly needs to shut up and I would be like “it’s not that bad guys” but today she is a fool with it. Molly needs to tone it back a bit. She interrupting damn near every time these guys speak. C’mon Molly lol

    • Jordan Alex

      Ivan Beltran so what , she can have a opinion are you seriously annoyed that much by her opinion, maybe she wants to become a analyst or idk just speak her mind, none of the guys on the show are complaining . It’s lame and if it bothers you you need to seriously check yourself

    • LA Ninebillion

      juju 32 Facts 😂😂😂

    • LA Ninebillion

      Jordan Alex Not hating at all. But today you have to admit she was not doing her job as a “Moderator “. No one said she can’t talk but was debating today lol

    • Gustin TV

      I thought exact same LA

    • walker1984

      Yeah, she wasn’t doing much in terms of moderating. She constantly interrupted just to get her piece in. Maybe she needs to go be an analyst on another show or do Around the Horn or something.

  8. Lol And lol

    Flacco seems to outplay Brady anytime they play in the playoffs. Give him a shot

    • Sam The Man

      +Mike Conville lol good one

    • Chucky Black

      +Sam The Man no it wasn’t. The AFC Championship vs the Raiders. Tom Brady got hit/Sacked, fumble, stripped. And that’s when they made the rule up. That’s the bullshit rule THAT WAS MADE UP that got him to his first Superbowl. Do your research. Oh let’s not forget Spygate lmao

    • Sam The Man

      +Chucky Black wrong. It was a rule at the time and then abolished the next season. Research. And spygate was way over exaggerated. And many teams have gotten in trouble for the same thing since the Patriots way back in 2007.

  9. Kierston DeLoach

    Jalen please come get your wife.!

  10. X Factor14

    Real shame the Ravens couldn’t have kept up the same level of success they had from 2008-2012/13. Flacco is not elite by any means but I feel like he’s always taken excess blame for the Ravens shortcomings. People come at him about his contract, yet, Matt Stafford is out there making $27M without a playoff win, Kirk Cousins is making $30M, etc. Why does anyone make more than Brady if money is an issue? The man had to win the super bowl to get his money, guys can win a few games these days and be handed $100M like it’s nothing. If we were in Joe’s shoes, we would take the money too regardless of what people think.

    • X Factor14

      +DonKrieg95 Yep, and had Torrey gone up and fought for the ball or at least batted it down, it might not have been picked. Sometimes you gotta help your QB out, especially in the playoffs when he has you back in potential super bowl contention and he’s playing well. I would have loved to keep Flacco in Baltimore as the backup if he didn’t cost so much but …. no one is gonna give up $18.5M, so I can’t blame him.

    • kevin perry

      I dont disparage Flacco here, he got done dirty at the end of last season. Chargers laid the blueprint out on how to stop Jackson with relative ease in the playoffs and the Ravens will be lucky to go 8-8 with the rest of the league seeing that. This is clearly the Broncos panic buying (Keenum<>Flacco imo) though with Elway just trying to paper over the cracks once again.

    • rj broussard

      Flacco is trash. End of discussion

    • Lng Records

      It’s like ppl forget Dropped passes in the Playoffs, Missed field goals, defense blowing two 14 point leads in NE, Upper management tearing the team apart, and the inability to keep a good OC. Flacco should easily have 2 rings by now

  11. mercen5000

    Molly interrupting more than Cris Carter.

    • Roy Parsons

      But not more than SAS, that would be impossible


      +Roy Parsons At least SAS makes decent points half the time lol

    • Roy Parsons

      +BASKETBALL GOD SAKURAGI even if that were true (which is debatable) it doesnt make it ok. Do you wildly interrupt people in your daily life? If you do you probably dont have many people that like you.

    • D2K Prime

      +Roy Parsons I suppose if he actually SAID it was okay you would have a point. However he didn’t…………….so you *DON’T.*


    • Roy Parsons

      +D2K Prime you’re the one that doesnt have a point bucko. Dont hurt yourself patting your own back lmao. Adding hashtags to youtube comments … how old are you? No wonder you are an SAS fan, you debate just as poorly as he does.

  12. Isaac Whitley

    Molly is getting worse… as if that were possible…

  13. Aaron Kim

    Omfg Mollys annoyance is at an all time high today

  14. Andrew Brown

    Flacco is really not that bad, just give him a good running back and a #1 receiver… What happened when he had Torrey Smith, bolden, and Ray rice

    • Ravens fan here. You’re mostly correct. The issue is that he is paid way above his talent level, and his contract has kept us from adding/keeping those skill players that someone of his talent level needs to play well

    • Mike Conville

      Im not a Flacco supporter but I thought he was playing pretty well last year

    • Kevin Dee

      He better have solid tight ends!

    • +Brandon Thank you. Finally someone got it right

  15. Mullatto Johnny

    The only thing I can see is that Denver doesn’t want to draft a QB because they’re waiting for Trevor Lawrence. If that’s the case, I’m all for it.

    • Andrew L PickfordIII

      Trevor Lawrence? He will get mad then he will shoot… Up a elementary school!

  16. ismael sanchez

    Why believe them when they said Brady was falling off the cliff.

  17. UnoHightimes

    Hating on the man who led the Ravens 7 years straight to playoffs with no receiving core lmao

  18. UWonderIKnow

    Flacco is a SB winning QB.. he has played well in the playoffs.. AND other then an older steve smith, hasn’t really had a great WR or TE.. and not a great O-line either… and plays on a D first Org…. ppl look at numbers toooooo much…. plus it’s all rigged anyway.. #WWE

  19. Fire Water

    It’s going to feel kind of weird in his first game against the Ravens.

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