Cardi B Calls Out Injustice

Cardi B Calls Out Injustice

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Cardi B is on the right side of history. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Rick Strom

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  1. Lord Gospodin

    Are you totally completely gone? No content, no NBA, total rubbish. One more and unsubscribe.

  2. Dynamitekid 100

    Colin was making around $10 million as a third string QB. How is he discriminated against?

  3. Htown Lifer

    Latinos dont even like her, but black folks really love her?

    Why is that?

    As a Black man, I want a black person to tell me what Cardi B does for this community??

    Is she promoting a healthy family structure or something?? The example that is needed in the black community…

    or is she is working on the same type of character that “Diamond and Silk” does for Trump and his friends on the Right??

    Do not be fooled, make Cardi explain some real history, not no mashup of some memes she saw

  4. Christopher Treacy

    Who decided going completely social justice warrior was the best rout did a sports YouTube channel, don’t get me wrong I completely understand and how you are promoting good points but still, I subscribed for sports not this

  5. kiko vasilevski

    This channel is so bad now. Do you guys follow any sports at all ? I subscribed to this channel for sports not politics. After Francis and Jason left it’s been horrible.

  6. Josh Hagberg

    You get 400 views for a reason. Stay out of politics LOL

  7. Michael Chan

    She’s still transphobic. Smh

  8. cjaime5137

    Cardi B did a Pepsi commercial a company that’s heavily sponsored by the NFL and dance with the owner of the New England Patriots during Super Bowl Music Fest. Face it she only cares about dollar bills, less about supporting Colin Kaepernick, hypocrite.

    • Dionne Odom

      He danced with her meek mill put him up to that she didn’t invite him on stage

  9. Emperor Vulpecula

    shes an idiot who needs to stay out of politics

  10. cjaime5137

    Here’s a joke for 2019, Cardi B won a Grammy award for Rap Album of the Year, the last time a female won a Grammy for rap album of the year was Lauryn Hill 😧😂

    • Dionne Odom

      No here’s the joke. You don’t understand the difference between a woman in a group (the fugees) getting an award and being the first woman ever recognized and being the first (solo artist) woman to win the award!

    • cjaime5137

      +Dionne Odom it’s a popularity award,

  11. Joe Frisco

    You guys dont cover sports anymore there have been several HUUGE trades in the NBA Porzingus Tobias Harris Marc Gasol and theres an allstar game.. All yah care about is Kap

  12. Summer SummerBreeze46

    Cardi B. Is Unstoppable and the haters are her motivators.😂

  13. I thought this was TYT Sports not TYT politics. No wonder your network is failing.

    • Elusive Poet

      I agree. It’s not like the NFL is a sport these days, am I right? Snore-bowl.

  14. Kyle Prue

    She’s an idiot for staying with offset

  15. Danny Foglesong

    I thought this was the TYT sports channel?

  16. Jaret Meno

    I thought this was about sports lol. This is why you guys and ESPN are dying

  17. Myisha Holley


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