Carmelo Anthony’s complicated legacy: Ball hog or all-time great? | Pro/Con

Carmelo Anthony’s Complicated Legacy: Ball Hog Or All-time Great? | Pro/Con

RSS - Carmelo Anthony’s Complicated Legacy: Ball Hog Or All-time Great? | Pro/Con Sport News Today

Carmelo Anthony is an NCAA and Olympic champion who is known for his failure to win on the highest stage. He’s a scoring savant whose game failed to modernize with league trends. In many ways, Melo is a basketball contradiction. As his career enters its twilight, Elle Duncan examines his puzzling legacy.

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  1. kevin reiner

    Ayyy don’t be hating on Drazen Petrovic. RIP to the Croatian 🐐

    • Maki Roll

      +Musa Mansa the definition for naismith-basketball-hof-entrance is more broad, so his int-play was taken into consideration. also probably that he was among the first europeans to be successful, thus paving the way for others. in this sense i cite, `plain and simple`: “People have to learn to put all emotion and biased aside. Drazen petrovic doesn’t deserve to be in the hall of fame plain and simple”

    • Musa Mansa

      +Maki Roll lmao right 👌🏾

    • TheLifeOf Nick

      Not drazen u dickwad


  3. please apologize on drazen´s name

  4. Damjan Kulundžić

    The fact that you mentioned Drazen in a way you did shows that you have zero credibility for this kind of discussion. Educate yourself. Greetings from Serbia.

    • Martin Valentine

      Serbians are Mongols.
      Commited genocide against their own people in the 90’s but now act like they love each other. Drazen was overrated if he lived, his jersey would never be retired.

    • FicoBezKocnicaBL

      Drazen if he had not died so young would have been a European Michael Jordan.

    • Asim Cheema

      Ray Allen. Specialist? Yes maybe in his 17 or 18th season in the league but why doesn’t anyone remember him averaging 20+ points, 4+ rebounds, 4+ assists, 1.5+ steals for like 9 years (10 if you round up his second season of the league where he averaged 19.5 points). He was averaging 26.5 points per game the season before he went to Boston. He shot 40% from three, 90% from the stripe and had crazy athleticism and a complete game. You people just started watching basketball yesterday if you think Ray Allen was a 3 point specialist his whole career and not a complete player. Based on the misinformation in this video, sounds like the commentator has learned about basketball by reading articles instead of ever actually watching the game being played.

    • +R He had potential if he wasn’t killed so early

    • Damjan Kulundžić idc bout the little debate y’all having but one thing; european league accomplishments don’t matter in NBA debates

  5. BallerVisions


    • Chillax Fact

      Thank you

    • Space Alien

      espn is owned by abc which is owned by disney which is owned and controlled by caucasian fake khazar jews like disney ceo bob iger. they dont respect non jews. they only want to bleed you dry and rule over you. as they are currently doing to americans and the west which they rule.

    • Billy Hoyle

      She shouldnt be speaking about basketball PERIOD

  6. barthelfitness

    No class in this video lol

    • Davonte S

      For real and I’m not even a Melo fan

    • Space Alien

      well, espn is owned by disney which is owned by caucasian khazar fake jews like bob iger. they dont have class or respect for non jews.

  7. T.J. Harris

    Never had a scandal his entire career, Syracuse national champion as a rookie, 3x Olympic gold medalist. I didn’t realize it was a phenomenon for players to regress as they got older 😐

    Don’t get me started on Petrovic 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Lou.Max

      How can Melo be considered and all time great when every team he left got better without him? Forget taking the Knicks to the playoffs, he couldnt bring them to .500 over his last 4 years there. OKC couldn’t get rid of him fast enough, and the Rockets paid him NOT to play.
      Melo is in the same class as Ice Man Gervin. Great scorer in his prime, but didn’t make teammates better, didn’t play defense, and most importantly, didn’t win on a high level in the pros.

    • 29larron

      jr jr thank u cant stand these brainless couch potato analysts smh

    • Richard LeBeck

      Never had a scandal? His personal life was a mess early on and he destroyed every playoff team he played for. Don’t forget that knicks nuggets fight lol

    • 29larron

      Richard LeBeck how he destroy every team he played for?U hatas never sleep stfu

  8. Tairris Coleman

    Melo is still better than a lot of player in the league but the brainwashing continues stay tune….

  9. Never disrespect Petrovic you hack

    • Jeffrey Teruel

      Before there was Curry/Allen/Klay, there was Drazen.

      Sadly, lots of what ifs. He could have won some championships, and possibly been the greatest rival to MJ during that era.

    • Ash Daddy

      Could have been one of the best players EVER.

    • Sauce Castillo

      I like Drazen, but he coulda been Jordan’s “greatest rival” & one of the best ever? Let’s slow down. His NBA career wasn’t long enough to justify any of that. Maybe he could’ve reached those lofty heights, but I think he prolly woulda went to a few all star games. But a pantheon guy? I can’t see that

  10. Bush Gawd

    Don’t be disrespecting Petrovic. Before Curry, Reggie Miller said Petrovic was the greatest shooter he ever played against.
    You lost credibility with that.

  11. runawayuniverse

    She has no idea who Drazen was and how he died tragically before she recorded this trash.

  12. Mohamad Alameddine

    When Reggie Miller calls Drazen Petrovic the greatest shooter EVER then you know who he was, not to mention he died during his prime so he could not even finish his career, get these morons off screen please…they talk basket ball and know nothing expect for the script they were given

    • MrCeaserTAMG

      Steph said the same thing… And even shouts him out alllllll the time

    • Herbalizer28

      +R And how are these players you named overrated ? Every PG of the time praise Stockton as being a nightmare to play against, including Payton and Isiah, because of his tough defense and the fact that he was constantly moving and could beat you several ways, as well as always making the right play …if anything, Malone’s numbers are inflated BECAUSE of Stockton ..and how is Barkley overrated ? He averaged around 12 boards for his entire career, was top-5 six times, and led the league once, all that at 6’5″ in an era dominated by bigs ! and..averaged 22pts on less than 15 shot attempts per game..and his overall numbers actually got better when he was finally surrounded by talent ! So what if he couldn’t shoot the 3..that wasn’t the name of the game back then …All the players put Barkley in front of Malone. Barkley averaged more REB, AST, STL and the same amount of BLKs, but 3 less PTS..which Malone did shooting 3 more shots per game while having the best pick n roll guard in the game ..come on now want to question my knowledge of the game but there are flagrant details that you’re ignoring …any PF or C would love having Stockton as a PG because they can get easy bucket from the pick and roll and from getting the ball at the right spot and the right time…I’ve been watching the NBA since the late 80s and played and coached, so I perfectly understand the game and the different play style and their impact, as well as all the rules change …You want to praise the 80s saying that half the teams in the 90s were trash, well let me tell you that it’s always been like that …and in the 80s, make that 80% of the teams were trash I said, in 1980, the 2nd best teams in each conference after the Lakers and Boston didn’t even have a legit star, one of them had no all-star 81, the star of the 1st team in the west (PHO) was Dennis Johnson, the 2nd team (SAS) had Gervin, then a bunch of nobodies ..Portland (4th in west) had Mychal Thompson and Jim Paxson as their best players ..none were stars 82, the Sonics (3rd in west) had Jack Sikma and Gus Williams …You call that legit stars ? the Nets (4th in east) had Ray Williams ..who ? NO stars on that team. The 90s had more teams but not a higher % of trash teams ! The stars were spread out a little more instead of having 4 teams with 50% of the stars in them ..and the league expanded BECAUSE the popularity of the sport (started with Magic and Bird and continued with Jordan) made young kids want to play basketball and so there were more and more talent waiting to be drafted…I mean, from 77 to 89 the Draft was between 7-8 rounds…they changed that to 2 rounds in 89 …why do you think ? There were enough talent in college to only go with 2 rounds of draft..






      Five little ducks

  13. Denis Liković

    C’mon ESPN, you’re better than this … To say that about Dražen is criminally disrespectful, Dražen Petrović is till this day one of the best european players of all time and one of the best shooters of all time. And Melo, yeah, maybe he is done but that doesn’t erase the way he played and what he did from 2003 till last year… 10 time NBA All-star, 6 All-NBA selections, NBA scoring champion, 3 time Olympic gold medalist, NCAA champion, Final four MVP… C’mon ESPN…

  14. Utkarsh Gupta

    Please get fired, lady !!!

  15. Abraham Asseffa

    I rarely down vote and almost never comment on any online content but this has gone too far. I do not care if you try masquerade your vitriol towards Carmelo through a lens of unbiased opinion by trying to demostrate “Hey look at us we can see both sides of the argument! That means you should be understanding and like us!”. This attempt to gain likes, or attention, through an unclever use of devil’s advocate is beyond beneath the standard of a nationally syndicated program of any sort.

    Who ever produced such a segment surely knows that Carmelo is a first ballot hall of fame type candidate. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is not limited to the NBA alone. With such being sited let’s take into account Melo’s resume in a blind fashion… clearly he is hall of fame worthy. If you look at what has been the norm for what previous inductees have accomplished it becomes clear Melo is being painted out to be a Terrell Owens type in order to smear his legacy and influence the voting commitee. I do believe Melo under achieved given his talent level on the NBA level but is far from a let down. Stop smearing Melo for ratings… or try and get down voted. PS: Never speak on Drazen again R.I.P.

  16. Mauro Steinway

    ‘Melo gets way too disrespected by folks that don’t even play basketball.

    • Melo was very good mid range. 1 of the best all time.

      He could score mid range isolation on anyone at SF and PF during his time.

      Basketball is suppose to be played inside to out.
      Mid range is a higher percentage shot then 3.

    • Teddy Li

      Melo is Trash

    • Mauro Steinway

      +Teddy Li and off course you must be great at something.

    • Teddy Li

      +Mauro Steinway no you cant accept different opinion. When melo was in Denver melo didnt win a championship . I still rememered the hype when melo got traded to ny. Melo sunk ny knick. Each year knick getting worse and worse. Nobody wants to play with him. Melo fans need to accept at this point melo isnt relevant and melo is bench player.

      I understand people like melo because he got thst bad boy appeal to fans. But melo is not great player. Accept it

    • By that standard, no sports player deserves criticism. Don’t you dare talk about politicians oe corporate executives. You aren’t powerful like them.

  17. Fake News

    This lady over here arguing with herself lol

  18. tfchin23

    Did you say Bill Russell was one-dimensional ? He was one-dimensional in wining ! 11 rings to prove it.

  19. MELO WAS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY HIS ENTIRE CAREER, not saying thats a bad thing.
    He never had the best IQ just pure scoring (but only one scoring title.) He stated that he was COOL with never winning a ring, he even been on great teams 2010 Nuggets was loaded. They got kicked in the 1st Round. He was fine with signing his max deals, he knew he would surpass 20k points which is still more than any player will ever achieve.

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