Celtics cannot win the NBA championship without Kyrie Irving – Richard Jefferson | First Take

Celtics Cannot Win The NBA Championship Without Kyrie Irving - Richard Jefferson  | First Take

RSS - Celtics Cannot Win The NBA Championship Without Kyrie Irving - Richard Jefferson  | First Take Sport News Today

Max Kellerman, Will Cain and Richardson Jefferson debate on First Take whether the Boston Celtics are better with or without Kyrie Irving as they trying to bring another NBA championship to Boston.

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  1. MrGenexxx

    The one positive that bronsexuals took away from last night is that Celtics won without Kyrie and now LeEspn is milking it LOL

  2. barov Jalal

    Philly have no shot at making the finals. They are now 1-7 against the raptors celtics and bucks and that one win was against Toronto where they didnt have Kawhi, JV and Ibaka. Philly fans think that just cuz they added Tobias Harris makes them the favourites XD. nah yall still cant play defence and ur point guard cant shoot to save his life. said it in the preseason and il say it again. Raptors v celtics in the ECF

  3. Bearboy193

    Kyrie is born to come up clutch in big moments especially in the Playoffs, Celtics better re-sign him.

  4. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

    Facts Celtics are Kyrie team 💯💯Kyrie is needed

  5. God the hate for Kyrie is so real… Watch him shut y’all up

  6. Abdu Ugas

    Of course the Celtics can’t contend for a championship without Kyrie… just like the Raptors, Bucks—any elite team not named GSW for that matter. You have to be braindead to believe the Celtics are getting anywhere without Kyrie.

    Oh, and if you cite last Playoffs—the East was far weaker last season.

    • kane fire17

      The fact that they won and play harder without kyrie proves u wrong. I even said they went tovthe eastern conference. So case close…the east is not harder. Just dont have the fake goat in it anymore. So more deserving superstars get the attention….boston for life..with or without kyrie…..

    • Paper Towel Boy

      kane fire17 that’s the problem, Boston fans are so worried about Kyrie leaving that they can’t even see what is actually happening, the Eastern conference is substantially better this year and so far they probably won’t have home court throughout the playoffs (Although it’s possible for them to make a post All Star push for 3rd seed) and Homecourt was the reason they even made it that far last postseason in a weaker east

    • kane fire17

      +Paper Towel Boy the east as always been good. The only difference is lebron is in the west. Im a boston fan. Im not worried about kyrie leaving. If he go let him go….we will be goid without him. See the problem is that we are a team. And a team win basketball games. The east is no different than last year. Kyrie need boston. Boston dont need him. It dont matter what seed we are. We are going through the same teams we did last year. Lets go boston

  7. LA Clippers

    The media trade talks for AD ruined it for three franchises – Lakers, Celtics, Pelicans. While LeGM ruined the Lakers from within with his social media.

    • Escobar Carter

      +ogn px I think you need to get drug tested if you think the clippers are not going to be a major player this offseason

    • Polis Tha Great

      Yeah, L3-6RON is a locker room Cancer indeed.

    • Kim Jong-Un

      LA Clippers you’re a clippers fan end your life

    • Escobar Carter organization full of losers … there not getting anything 😂😂😂 0 rings

    • Spider Man

      +ogn px ??? You are right for the most part but they have The Logo so you never know bro

  8. LA Clippers

    If the Celtics lose Kyrie, all the leverage goes to the Knicks! Because if say they don’t get #1 to draft Zion, they should use the pick to trade for AD. Don’t trade it if it’s #1.

    • Jonah Hunt

      LA Clippers if it’s not #1, why would the pelicans trade for it? What else do the Knicks have to offer?

    • Sean Sanders Jr.

      +Jonah Hunt top 5 pick, Knox, Nitlikina, DSJ, more 1sts than LA.

  9. Savion Fambro

    Is it me or has espn hated on Kyrie everyday for the last month?

  10. F11 Exfo Jr

    Jefferson talking from experience

  11. Surf Surfing

    I want everybody to do something for me; go back & check those teams they beat without Kyrie…..

    Kyrie rests against the poor teams, plays against the good teams which is why they are .750 against top East teams, best in the east in terms of winning against top teams. Simple.

    • Surf Surfing

      +Scouts Honor won one road game & lost to a now lottery team who got swept?

    • Cameron Harding

      Scouts Honor dumbass 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Atomatic Games

      +Surf Surfing Lol i am a C’s fan and i agree with you. Last year was nice but it wasn’t that impressive when you realize they couldn’t win on the road at all. They need Kyrie. They just need to figure out how to work everyone in with chemistry.

    • Shawn Davis

      I’ve been saying this they beat teams they should be able to beat without Kyrie

    • Green Runs Deep

      +Scouts Honor your mom shoulda kept her legs closed when you were born dumbass.

  12. This is why Kyrie’s leaving.

  13. Jeanmi Ess

    This is not about Kyrie nor the rest of the team. It’s about Brad Stevens finding the good chemestry.

  14. DenverStruck

    Richard Jefferson speaking facts!!!

    • Pinkglitter Phone

      +Paper Towel Boy preach

    • Los Angeles Real Estate Agent

      I think everyone has missed the point. Irving’s talent is there but the problem is team chemistry. Irving called out the young players and i think these young players were thinking who in the hell does he think he is calling us out when we made eastern conference finals with out him? It caused friction in the club house.

    • joseph Henry

      Pinkglitter Phone everyone knows he won a title because of lebron, so cut it out!!! What happened when he was in Cleveland by himself? Just L’s, a great scorer who wasn’t adding much to the team overall success. The all star game is a show and kyrie is a great scorer but he’s not a superstar. Kyrie was selective 3rd in the all star game but I bet you if you were to start a team and needed a cornerstone player, kyrie ain’t sniffing the top 5. Not disrespecting kyrie because he’s a really good player but he’s not a superstar. y’all can’t be labeling every good player as a superstar.

      And jaylen and Tatum should complain, how are they supposed to get better if they’re on the bench? And after having success why should they conform to kyrie‘ game who’s a star but not a superstar. He’s not lebron, he’s not kd, he’s not giannis to say we have to play his way. Kyrie can still be great but within the team’s play. Do what lebron does, feed these guys early in the game then take over late, instead of calling ISO and ruining the flow of the game

  15. Никола .Бакърджиев

    richard jefferson is the best analyst and these bums keep interupting him with bulshit points

    • Chatha246

      Jelly Aholic Kyrie ain’t even top 3 in the east 😂😂 Kawhi and ginnais are way better it’s debatable between Joel and Kyrie

    • Shayne Silva

      +Jelly Aholic lmfao Giannis is the best in the east, if you don’t see that you lack braincells. Giannis > Kawhi > Kyrie/Embiid

    • Muna Ahmedin

      Chatha246 LOL kyrie top 3 in east in best player but best pg

    • Jelly Aholic

      +Chatha246 tell giannas to win a playoff series he been in league 6 years and had 2 good season kawii is a beast but dis his first year in the east he leaving to go to La kawii had 2 good years and kyrie kills giannas and kawii and embiid everytime he go up against them know basketball the only reason y’all said giannas and kawii because of thier size that not fair at all

    • Jelly Aholic

      +Shayne Silva how because of his size kyrie is small killing every opponent giannas just tall can’t shoot tell him to win a playoff series first

  16. Apinash Thankavadivel

    Kawhi is the best player in the East Giannis can’t shoot and u guys will see it during playoff time

    • *CAUTION*

      Jordan B lol yea i love kyrie but im honest about players kyrie could be the best be he get injured way to much

    • Natanael Mercado

      +*CAUTION* lmao giannis has yet to win a playoff round, embiid is a great player but always makes horrible late game decisons znd aint a closer. They are both great but better than kyrie?? The best players play great when it matters. Prove it in the playoffs period. Leonard and kyrie are proven.

    • Natanael Mercado

      +Jordan B blake griffin over kyrie?? Now you just hating

    • +Natanael Mercado L

    • Natanael Mercado

      +Jordan B 😂😂😂 what are you 12? Clueless

  17. Юлиан Георгиев

    Even Hayward is playing great when Kyrie’s not on the team.

  18. Aoudhubillahi

    Why do these guys keep with this theory that Celtics played better with Kyrie on injury reserve? Did you not see Kyrie raise the level of play of the entire Celtics team that season before the injury? What are you talking about? Kyrie’s level of basketball prompted the whole squad the entire season before the injury. Then he gets injured and the Celtics almost make it to the Finals without him and he comes back the next season and the Celtics played better without Kyrie? Is this madness? What the heck were you looking at all season? If your seeds of “Trade Kyrie” germinate in Danny Ainge, then may Kyrie, if he leaves, take with him all that he brought of the spirit of the game so that the Celtics are Kyrie-less not just physically but in the spirit that he brought. Because I can see the work that the man did when he got to Boston. Then, let them go back to that level of play they was on before he got there if your seeds germinate. I forgot about how strong that Isiaah Thomas season was. But there were some major changes…Tatum was a rookie last season. Jaylen was a rookie the season before last. Yo, Kyrie is not my son. I just think being in dudes pockets like that stinks. He is one of the top 2 guards in the NBA. It is between Steph and Kyrie. The 2 best. Trade Kyrie? That is ridiculous. Who talks about trading Steph? That would be ridiculous.

    • Tr3aY or 3


    • Aoudhubillahi

      I honestly cannot understand the hating on Kyrie. It really is baffling. There are a couple of under performing players on the Celtics that are not even being mentioned. But to single out Kyrie for over performing…the hate is baffling. It is a classic overthinking combined with reverse engineering condition. Totally a coachable condition with the players in Boston.

    • Ittai Weisman i get what ur saying man but westbrook is a better facilitator and passer etc. Celtics need a westbrook not a kyrie tbh

    • Rory McCann

      Kyrie is a finisher! The kids play better without him bro! They listen to Stevens and they all know their roll.

  19. The problem with these fake Celtics fans and haters is they won’t accept the facts. Sure the team is talented we all know this buts not enough in the LONG RUN. The ENTIRE team has be one cohesive unit. It’s good that the team can play well without Kyrie but that doesn’t mean you don’t need him. The Celtics are the only ones who don’t seem to understand this. The raptors have won many games this year without Leonard but NOBODY is say the raptors don’t need him.

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