Celtics Or Heat: Where Should Gordon Hayward Go? | SC6 | June 29, 2017

Celtics Or Heat: Where Should Gordon Hayward Go? | SC6 | June 29, 2017

RSS - Celtics Or Heat: Where Should Gordon Hayward Go? | SC6 | June 29, 2017 Sport News Today

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill discuss if Gordon Hayward, after opting out of his contract with the Utah Jazz, should go to the Boston Celtics or Miami Heat.

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  1. Kambui Bomani

    If he go to the heat pat Riley comes through clutch again

    • wym clutch..? Wade brought the big 3 together.

    • Kambui Bomani

      S Wade made it happen but Riley sealed the deal with the ultimate sale job of him saying he knew what it took to win rings and all the three had to do was follow their lead

    • tito padilla

      S pat Riley bought the big 3, he also got shaq, got hardaway and zo, and traded for dragic

    • Vitreo

      Riley’s a fool…Once players realize he’s all gimmick and no substance, they’re quick to leave.

  2. Andrew Selness

    Jemele says, “Don’t sleep on Miami.” Meanwhile, both Michael and Jemele completely rule out the possibility of him staying in Utah.

  3. Fernando Torres

    as a heat fan he should go to Miami heat with Blake Griffin

    • Hardman Somaburrito

      no Miami should not get Blake Griffin. I heard he might not come back until December because of his toe injury. He gets hurt way to easily…no bueno

    • Bruno Terrell47

      hell yeah brother #HeatNation🔥🔥

    • Chris Foster

      Fernando Torres we got bam now

  4. Kensley Valcin

    Enough said don’t sleep on MIAMI.

    • Vitreo

      Sleeping is exactly what Hayward gonna do come playoff time if he goes MIA.

    • Chris Foster

      Vitreo you dumb. If waiters didn’t get hurt Miami would’ve been in ECF

    • Chubby Marshmellow

      Kensley Valcin sleep he signed with the Celtics

    • Munadurk McFerbaderk

      Kensley Valcin enough said he already narrowed it down to Celtics or jazz

  5. Gwala Gwalla

    he need to come to the heat

  6. tezatmezat

    Heat pls

  7. The Mageech


  8. Brandon Brown

    welcome to Miami where they hustle heyy and they ride duce treys like everyday palm trees blue skies ganstas and goons where da parties dnt stop til next afternoon!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Pitbulls finest!!

  9. I'm like Melo

    I want to see him in Miami they need a star

  10. Testos Tyrone

    Boston’s pieces aren’t better than Miami’s pieces. Miami had the best record in the east after all-star break. They will be a very formidable team with or without Hayward.

    • Chris Foster

      Vitreo Boston was also getting blown off the floor by 50 points LMAO

    • Aiden Helie

      Bro you can’t even spell Spoelstra.

    • David Rivera

      and Miami was even in the playoffs lmao.

    • Vitreo

      +Zoot Kaboot …And Miami wasn’t…Wanna know why?


  11. Alejandro Romo

    Miami all day 🔥🔥🔥

  12. K Devil

    Miami is where it’s at. A solid organization. A coach that has been there and is respected. Pat Riley. Sunny South Florida where hot women like Hayward’s wife belong. Gordon Hayward belongs in a Heat jersey. Lets make this happen. Heat Lifers rule. Leprachaun losers drool.

    • saucy Liam - NBA2k, Madden and many more!

      you know they have kids, family wise I think Mrs. Hayward would rather put her kids through schools in Boston.

  13. Baddie Butters

    Come to Miami Papi

  14. BWilly

    Really hope he doesn’t pick the Celtics, don’t want them adding Hayward and PG lol

  15. MrJ1GS4W

    I wish he’d go to Spurs. But I know he won’t.

  16. nomibe2911

    Wow imagine him playing with Whiteside. That team would be solid defensively.

  17. James McCall

    Outta here with that disrespect to miami!

  18. gidkidd -maddcity

    Easy. The Miami heat 🔥

  19. Chris Foster

    If heat get Hayward they are gonna beat GSW

  20. G Smith

    if he goes to miami thats a better chance to win in my opinion, some teams just arent meant for playoffs. lets be real, if miami got the 8 seed they would have beat the celtics

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