Chris Bosh Says He’s Done with Basketball, Pursuing Acting Career | TMZ

Chris Bosh Says He's Done With Basketball, Pursuing Acting Career | TMZ

RSS - Chris Bosh Says He's Done With Basketball, Pursuing Acting Career | TMZ Sport News Today

NBA legend Chris Bosh — an 11-time All Star — tells TMZ Sports he's "done" playing pro basketball and is focusing on the next phase of his life … HOLLYWOOD!!

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  1. Damn he was one of the top PF less than 4 years ago . That’s crazy

  2. kalel 311

    I wish Chris well

  3. Darryl Maddox

    Ask Alonzo Mourning… When you take hgh for a long period of time you destroy your kidneys… Miami’s sports organization is notorious for doping.. Balco Debocale.

    Shame though he was an efficient big man.

  4. TunInXrayVizion

    God wish him the best of luck in whatever he wants to do and hope to see more sucess

  5. Jerrod Garland

    No basketball done with you lol

    • Jerrod Garland

      mr wreck I’m saying he was a beast but since he had blood clogs no team would take that chance with his health so he not choosing to stop they making him

  6. potatomato :p

    Lol gsw will only hire goku, vegeta, apocalypse, darkseid, saitama, thanos and galactus.

  7. “11 time All Star”

    Damn it’s nice playing in the East.

  8. Cody Borak

    He can be in the next Jurassic park and play a raptor.

  9. Movies??? I don’t think so…

    • D_genious:/

      Why not?

    • Brandon N

      I could see him do movies, plus the fact he’s in acting class as well. Lil Yachty is also interested in doing movies too. Exactly why not?

  10. X- raided559

    Chris aint gonna have no acting career

  11. Great career? He was carried by LeBron

  12. He can be the I.T. nerd guy for Bad Boys 3.

  13. Derrick Bailey

    miss you chris

  14. Waheed Adel

    acting injured… nice

  15. Reliablethreat

    Heat legend! The city of Miami loves CB!

  16. Wolf Wolf


  17. FromHyrule

    What happened?

  18. he will think about the warriors,but… but what?

  19. Yung Faness

    Chris Bosh Said He Done With BasketBaLL This Say He A NBA Champion 2 time NBA Champion. We Gone Miss You in The League The NBA Big Homie PLay one Mo Season With Lakers with #23 an Tyson ChandLer an Win us a Championship

  20. GATOR Ent. /Production BUFF Records

    Lol he was done when he was playing

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