Committing to Eli Manning could be disastrous for the Giants – Dan Orlovsky | Get Up!

Committing To Eli Manning Could Be Disastrous For The Giants - Dan Orlovsky | Get Up!

RSS - Committing To Eli Manning Could Be Disastrous For The Giants - Dan Orlovsky | Get Up! Sport News Today

Dan Graziano, Dan Orlovsky and Mike Greenberg react to reports of the New York Giants’ plans to commit to quarterback Eli Manning for the 2019-20 NFL season and how this may approach may impact who they take in the 2019 NFL draft.

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  1. Stick Wayne-Lynn

    Eli’s been pass his prime for 5 years. He’s just getting free money @ this point

    • Bart Simpson

      Joe Cashmere so two Super Bowls and 37 comeback game winning drives is not his prime. In 2011 he had the most clutch gaming drives in a season, and broke playoff records. Eli sucks now and if the giants don’t draft a quarterback they are stupid.

    • BoogieBot5

      Maybe the last 3 years but 5 years ago he threw 30TDs and 4 years ago he threw 35 lol

    • KimuraKyle

      Stick Wayne-Lynn Wrong. L

    • Rich Rich

      Eli manning always sucked

  2. Jan-Michael Vincent

    Right now the Giants are literally becoming the new Cleveland Browns 😂😂

    • OG JMoFlow I agreed with you, they are not as bad. You smart cookie

    • rick fedorick

      Jan thank you. That’d be so wonderful. Actually they have won just 19 games in the last three years so lets get excited!

    • Lil Wayne Carter

      OG JMoFlow Tua trash

    • richard morabtio

      +OG JMoFlow That is what New York Islander fans said when John Tavraes left for nothing last year and all the hockey geniuses said they would be in last place. They are guaranteed to make playoffs this year.

    • KimuraKyle

      Jan-Michael Vincent Not even close

  3. Balling Like I'm Tobe

    Guy with the jeep is an idiot if his story is true

    • Lucas Stacy

      He literally said he was “one of those idiots” lol

    • Michael Sanchez

      Who goes 6 months without checking out their car especially with the engine light on? Straight idiocy lol

    • Keeshawn Perkins

      Michael Sanchez that’s exactly his points who tf keeps a aging qb who is on a decline and he is clearly not getting better

    • New York Nick

      Balling Like I’m Tobe well he did run out of the end zone for a safety once. So yeah he’s not that bright

    • Alex White

      That story explains how he once scrambled out of the back of the end zone for a safety

  4. Rio Rogers

    What a horrible delivery on that analogy.

  5. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    “Yea let’s commit to the guy who has aged out of his prime but still demands top coin” – Giants Front Office

  6. Star1990

    Dan orlovosky in the detroit lion endzone was a disaster

  7. Jeffrey Abbey

    Giants cant rebuild with eli still on the roster

    At this point
    The locker room is more likely not on board with all the cuts and eli still standing

    Eli was on a TEAM that won 2 superbowls not Eli won 2 superbowls….

    There will be a dark cloud around this team. Odell was friends with more giants players than eli. Not a personality thing just an AGE thing

    Eli most likely will be cut by June.
    Give us our 17M n say bye bye n retire

    Been 17 years. It’s enough
    Him starting isn’t going to help us move forward or win. Fans will not be on board with him starting and if he continues to suck and he will it will be even worse for his legacy

    2019 season is a wash! If you don’t know that by now you will see soon enough and I dont wanna hear nothing

    Tank. Get picks and rebuild. Start fresh

    Oh and R Wilson is a free agent in 2020. Just saying….

    • Sneakerpeak 509

      Jeffrey Abbey but Russell is going to stay with the Seahawks watch #Gohawks💙💚

    • Jeffrey Abbey Russell isn’t going to New York. Colin Cowherd just made this up because he is an idiot who wants views and Eli Manning is old, he isn’t great but Eli wasn’t even one of the worst parts of the offense, the team wasn’t originally constructed for Dave Gettleman or any GM to have success. Eli was actually really good down the stretch but now everyone hates him because that is popular, just sickening, you can’t even call yourself a real fan if you can’t see that

    • Jeffrey Abbey maybe he can play for the chargers.not in sd no more eli

    • Jeffrey Abbey big bro legacy.😉

    • C Truth

      Jeffrey Abbey explain to me in football terms why Eli can’t be on the roster? Are the black players deliberately stinking up the joint to run him out? Hey dumbo, the coach is responsible for the Red Zone inefficiency because Giants coaches would rather kick a FG on the five yard line rather than go for a touch down. None of the players especially QBs like going for Field goals. Quiz: Which stats belong to the Head Coach? Most of you empty cans rattle off but don’t understand the sport and you bums are annoying the real fans. The media preys on the stupidity of people like you who don’t know what they watch. I’ve watched the NFL for 45 years and this new group of fans is a dumb as they come. The NYG coaches suck that’s about all. Tip when your O line is weak you run the no huddle, quick set and try the K gun offense. Tired of idiots talking lunacy about football.

  8. Sedan Smith

    Defense heavy draft, yes! The following draft is QB heavy. Go with the flow. No reason to spit against the wind.


    Giants is tanking while rebuilding! They waiting for a qb they like ! They have to fix that defense and oline for the next qb!.

  10. bob bib

    Dan Orlovsky is a salty never really that good QB that wishes his career was as good as ELI’s was .Dan Graziano deserves a spot when it relates to rational football talk

  11. Jessie Schultz

    Eli is going to sign a 1 year extension (I dreamt it months ago).

  12. Dream Team

    How tf his dan orvalsky talking about eli, he has been a backup wb his whole career

  13. as an ex bolt fan i can still say fu- k eli😣💨



  15. Jay M. R

    The hate for Eli is crazy guy won 2 super Bowl for y’all

    • Luna EB

      its not hate, its just time, he is turning 39 next season, he isnt going to be 2010 eli anymore

  16. jaja smile

    kap , would look fantastic in a NY G uniform .

  17. Evan Kelly

    Eli actually put up some big scoring games but the defense couldn’t stop the other teams from scoring.

  18. rick fedorick

    Carpet head is out of the Small Apple and Dallas is ready to roll !!! lol

  19. Luna EB

    the owner is in fact scared of the backlash from season ticket holders that wrote in letters. they cant move on

  20. Ite if Eli brings the giants to the playoffs, I will fricking be so shocked

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