Could Klay Thompson sign with the Lakers in the offseason? | Get Up!

Could Klay Thompson Sign With The Lakers In The Offseason? | Get Up!

RSS - Could Klay Thompson Sign With The Lakers In The Offseason? | Get Up! Sport News Today

After Klay Thompson's 52-point performance with an NBA record 14 3-pointers in the Golden State Warriors' win over the Chicago Bulls, Stephen A. Smith wants to see Thompson sign with the Los Angeles Lakers when he becomes a free agent in the offseason. Jalen Rose says it does not make sense for Thompson to leave the Warriors and break up the "Splash Brothers."

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  1. Mac Demarco

    They made klay breaking history into a segment about the Lakers. SMH

    • Tracy Sharp

      +Danang Dwiatma warriors will give klay a max !it is green who may not get the max! Then they can resign boogie!

    • Tracy Sharp

      +BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill klay already said that he wants to be a warrior for life !media bullshit wants him to leave because they are scared that if everyone stays in Golden State labum will not win another ring!they have to destroy Golden State inoder for him to win!

    • Tracy Sharp

      +hannes3d they will be making so much money in there new areina it wont matter! Those guys are going to get paid by the owners!they want this to last as long as it can!

    • Donell Traylor

      What the hell is wrong with all you all every body wants them to make Labron shine let him make his own damn legacy Get over it wish the best for every one not just Labron cause Klay gone get his money.

    • Jones Jr

      I’m a lakers fan BUT I’m not watching they games cause i can’t stand lebron james i hate lbj sorry not sorry

  2. Rushking20 #Cheesehead

    Imagine making Klays big night about the lakers

    • 33moneyball

      Joseph Roberts thank you! I’ve been saying the same thing. I love LBJ but this is ridiculous…they criticize Paul George for not coming, and beg Kawhi, AD, Klay to come.

    • Franklyn Scott

      It’s unfair to Klay how these guys can talk about Lakers an who to play with LeBron the guy make history talk about that gosh I hate these guys in media bias as hell

    • jimmie dean


  3. Lmao someone predicted this video in another video earlier wow. ESPN riding the fakers hard and lebum. Sad.

    • +Mxyzptlk -25% angry virgin alert lmao

    • Yes, I saw the prediction from last night.

    • Caesar Castroverde

      My cousin called the same last night after the game. 😐

    • Electric Deco

      The Milwaukee Bucks could go 82-0 and ESPN would still b talking about the Lakers nonstop smh. Imagine if the Lakers were the only undefeated team left instead of the Bucks. It woud b the only thing ESPN talks about all day.

    • Luzvi Opena

      Back off haters..say what you want..LeBron the King of NBA..Stephen the King of N B A show..ratings..subscribers…Hahahaha

  4. wesley4rbes

    Here we go again with Stephen A pushing this Klay to LA narrative despite him saying countless times he’s more than happy at Warriors

    • Bernard Fat

      Cam 6400 he could be aiming for a max contract and Lakers are one of the teams that can give Klay a max contract. Rondo never liked LeBron but look where they at now?

    • Skullcrusher88

      BeastMode 21 I’m guessing you’re a Warriors fan? Calm down man

    • BeastMode 21

      Skullcrusher88 Nope Celtics fan

    • Johnathan Bravo

      Skullcrusher88 nah he’s just talking straight facts

  5. A1 Gamer

    Lakers fans really thinking they are getting everybody 😂 😂 😂

    • Domiano Hunt he too gud

    • PM CF lebron didn’t leave them you idiot. Lebron got em a championship and left

    • Tracy Sharp

      +Domiano Hunt and i think that he has ruined braden Ingram and the rest of the Lakers young core! He didn’t make them better!

    • Tracy Sharp

      +Ricky Queen mine have 6 and counting! And swept labum soo! Yes your lakeshow was graet but not now!

    • About 4 months later the Lakers tried to trade for AD and came up short big time. Other STAR players also have big egos and don’t wanna be Lebrons Lil Bro. They wanna be the alpha male on their OWN team, wanna win and get paid the most $$$$. Its as easy as that.

  6. Dolla Billz

    They want this to happen so bad after Klay already said he has no desire to do so and wants to stay a warrior….. They think they can speak something into existence, smfh.

    • Los Mill

      They spoke Lebron to LA and Kawhi outta SA😂

    • Dolla Billz

      +Los Mill no they didn’t….. LeBron was going regardless and the opposite is actually true with Kawhi. They tried to speak him staying into existence.

    • Franklyn Scott

      The guy made history an they not even want to talk about it is all about Lakers an LeBron to hell with that. Acknowledge the guy an what he did I don’t listen to these guys no more bias as hell

    • Dolla Billz

      +Franklyn Scott true

    • 1Flyingfist

      Lavar did 😂

  7. makeouthill

    Lol ESPN wants this to happen so badly

    • Dave Brown


    • Lebron media fanbase haha see. It’s okay to create a super team, as long as they come to u. But, if u go to them, it’s a weak move🤗. So Lebron want a guy that has beat him 3x in the Finals🤔. But, KD weak, cuz his team was up 3-1. Hypocrisy and Lebron agenda at its finest. Wow!!!

    • Splash'n'Skillz #37

      80% just Stephen A

    • Ratings for the nba would skyrocket even more.

      Imagine a shootout Klay vs Steph

      That would be must see TV.

  8. wesley4rbes

    What benefit does Klay get playing with LeBron that he hasn’t gotten with Curry? Honestly??

    • Tracy Sharp

      +Seito Stockman no he is not! the warriors already said that they will give him what he wants! So dream on lakers fans!you guys want the warriors to brakeup!even if k.d dose leave warriors will still be the team to beat in the west!

    • Tracy Sharp

      +Dohabo Mursel warriors will give it to him! Dream on lakers fool!

    • Tracy Sharp

      The same one that the cavs got! Look at them now! Oh my gosh!

    • Jack McKLAINE

      wesley4rbes out of steph shadow

    • selsabeel ibrahim

      Exactly!!! If Klay signs with lakers and is teammates with Lebron. He wouldn’t really be shining like how he is in the gsw. Plus Lebron takes all the spotlight even if he barely scores so Klay wouldn’t get much attention.

  9. MrGenexxx

    LeEspn back at it again. Klay would rather sign with LA Sparks than to play with LeCancer.

  10. Charlotte Smythe

    Klay isn’t going anywhere. They really don’t listen to the players. He’s said in more ways than one that he’s not going anywhere! And the warriors management isn’t stupid enough to give Klay any reason to leave. And why not just talk about how amazing this guy was? Why make his phenomenal night about the damn Lakers?

    • Apparently you did not here the quotes said by kevin Durant BEFORE he left for the warriors.

    • Ronnie Hall

      Pay the man then

    • Dave Anthony Randolph Prosper

      +Lloyd Gray Klay has mid jumper and a good percentage beyond the arc He goes to dunk righ now and often get some field goals

    • Macanthony Onyirimba

      Lloyd Gray bruh just stfu

  11. Mark James

    So Klay makes history and all they can talk about is Lebron and the Lakers. The flat out disrespect ESPN is showing Klay right now is just pathetic.

  12. NekoPlays Escanor

    I knew it, ESPN working so hard to recruit Klay Thompson to the Lakers

  13. Offtopic K

    So klay saying he’s not leaving means nothing to y’all?

  14. Nehemiah Howard

    They really tryna break this group up arent they

    • Dave Brown


    • 2 of their best players are slated to be free agents this summer so naturally it will be a topic of discussion throughout the season.

    • Andre Riter

      Why shouldn’t they want them to break up, what fun is a league where everyone already knows who’s gonna win before the season starts?

  15. julian Titze

    Does everything have to be about the goddam lakers. There are 29 other teams!!

    • daryl larkin

      they talk about lebron like he or his team can’t loose it’s basketball

    • Mark James

      +Shawn Chia Actually, I was here to listen to them talk about Klay’s record setting night. instead they talked about Lebron and the Lakers.

    • RazTopics

      j what $$$$ la $$$$ it’s Los Angeles bro lol

    • James Bowser

      julian Titze
      29 feeder programs for the main squad lakers😉.

  16. Nik Klokočovnik

    They really want to destroy golden state haha look Klay is never leaving Golden State,he said it himself.

  17. BREAKING NEWS. scientist just discovered the cure to cancer. now they are waiting on standby to see how does this effect lebron and the lakers franchise

  18. Think Tank

    Can Klay have his shine? Without it being about Bron….LeESPN.

  19. ernie pettaway

    Klay was drafted #11 behind Jimmer Fredette. People mad at the Warriors because their teams past on everyone!

    • Franklyn Scott

      They forget he was drafted there an he made history an all they can talk about is playing for the Lakers an play with LeBron James nobody want to play with LeBron

  20. Davicito

    Next up KD scores 50
    ESPN be like – KD will sign with Lakers 😂

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