Dana White calls Khabib Nurmagomedov’s actions after beating Conor McGregor ‘ridiculous’ | UFC 229

Dana White Calls Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Actions After Beating Conor McGregor ‘ridiculous’ | UFC 229

RSS - Dana White Calls Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Actions After Beating Conor McGregor ‘ridiculous’ | UFC 229 Sport News Today

UFC president Dana White speaks with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto about what caused Khabib Nurmagomedov to jump over the cage after submitting Conor McGregor in the fourth round at UFC 229. White explains why he decided not to hand Khabib the belt and get him out of the arena quickly.

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  1. Erik Hunt

    This is the mess Conor started and Khabib finished

  2. Deep down Dana loves this publicity.

    • Floyd Mayweather Jr

      No he doesn’t because Khabib isn’t a ppv star and Conor is a ppv star but eventually when a fighter has too many L’s the hype and fans begin to fade

    • Precious Syiem

      Why you politicised on this incidents..This incident should happen to a guy like Conor n even more that .Dana white talk about khabib jump out the cage..what he had to say about Mc Gregor jump out the cage and try to attack Jose Aldo..

    • Jonathan Okereke

      Sean Gaines Vb cv c c. Gbgbg g g c Llllllllmnnnn

    • SP FromNY914

      Exactly pockets gettin fat asf

  3. hateMee916

    Dana is mad his lil fook boy lost ahahahahah

  4. Spiral Dynamics

    Dana White is sad because Conor lost… that’s it

  5. Danny Muro


  6. Leroy Merius

    That’s what happens when khabib gets off bus

  7. marky marks

    Why is Dana not saying the reason khabibs teammates jumped in at Conor is because Conor punched khabibs cousin first !

  8. Dana, why didn’t you have the same to say about your man crush Conor when he was out attacking a bus, destroying property, injuring multiple people, and getting at least one fight cancelled because of his stupidity? Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about all of the other antics your golden boy is up to like when he hit Khabib at the weigh-ins.

    • Drunk Monkey

      is all khabib fans this stupid? i don’t hate khabib but he’s fans makes me cringe 😀

    • Azzeddin Douakha

      +Drunk Monkey its only the effect of your youtube name bro

  9. Lee Marvin Sabio

    Piece of hypocrite.

  10. Please someone throw a dolly on his face, and then explain the concept of what actions to take.

  11. Svyatoslav Karpov

    Dana White is a double-faced wanker and nobody cares what he says.

  12. canwecopystrikepewdiepie? :/

    Dana Dana smh khabib had his father insulted, his religion insulted, had attacked by 40 men in a bus , had his freind attacked yet you still blame him 🙂

  13. Tom Patterson

    Don’t put the blame on anybody else. You Dana White are to blame you let micgoober run his mouth so everyone around him thought it was ok to insult. His father and religion. While he fought micgoober he had to listen to those insults through out the fight and you did nothing your the boss it doesn’t look like it now put in some guidelines it is a fight not a Vendetta against Another Man’s family and religion. Act like a boss or find somebody that can. Because your no good at it. PS Guidelines you can find the meaning in a dictionary

  14. antiwirus2

    If Khabib is stripped I’ll never buy another UFC ever again.

  15. Abdulaziz Jehad

    “Conor did a really good job” really??!!

    The guy tapped out like a chicken

  16. Joseph D.

    thats what you get for allowing racism

    • Headles Norseman

      whoa buddy! do you think people actually think logicially like this? when they see something they dont like, they dont think about it. they just go right for the racism/sexism/whateverism card. thats how it works. some nerve trying to use logic and facts in an argument!!!

    • beef nacos

      Dude everything is about race lately… Calling people Irish rats…. Jihadis. Keep that kind of talk out of professional sports.

    • Sean Williamson

      Mad backwards cunts!

    • Maynard Acosta

      Racism? I’m sure they both caucasian. Only difference is Khabib’s a Muslim Conor’s an 80ist

  17. swikocki

    Sure I remember Connor jumping the cage to Aldo. Quickly forgotten now that one!

    • Thomas Neale

      because connor has done much worse. That was pretty disjusting Aldo was with his family, honestly trying to physically intimidate and call out someone in front of his family is pretty thuggish.

    • The humble guy

      lol yeah

  18. andrea verdi

    Hahaha “a great fight???” Bro…you’re ridiculous. This made YOU a ton of money. Connor is definitely a money maker but he didn’t have a chance. He’s no 🐻. These guys Are fighters not polite gentlemen…Pay them Both and recognize khabib smashed the leprechaun, you’re so obviously biased it’s truly gross. You definitely get mad paid bro.

  19. fuckyoufaggot

    I agree it’s all Dana and Coners fualt. This bald fatass should admit it. Stop tryna blame Khabib.

  20. Deshaun Dodge

    I now dislike Dana because he runs a company that includes blatant favoritism and politics. Conner gets to show up to events late, insult people’s families. Attack people. I get it. He’s a draw/money maker. But the UFC has to hold everyone to the same standard. I personally think Dana is just salty that McGregor lost lol

    • Deshaun Dodge Are you blind or did you just choose to ignore that they *both* got suspended? They’re *both* being investigated. They *both* have to appear in front of the commission.

      The only thing that was uneven about their punishment was their purse, and I absolutely agree with it. Khabib shouldn’t have got his purse after he and his team acted like a gang of thugs and starting a brawl.

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