De’Aaron Fox on the Warriors: Any team can be beaten | First Take

De’Aaron Fox On The Warriors: Any Team Can Be Beaten | First Take

RSS - De’Aaron Fox On The Warriors: Any Team Can Be Beaten | First Take Sport News Today

De’Aaron Fox joins First Take and talks about Los Angeles Lakers PG Lonzo Ball being drafted ahead of him and the Sacramento Kings’ chances against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA playoffs.

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  1. Charlie b

    The Lakers took lonzo over this guy 😂😂

  2. Neighborhood Crackhead

    Remember when DUMMIES were saying Fox was a bust after his rookie year? ALL dat talk is DEAD

    • Depressed Kings Fan

      +D wrong he didn’t have a triple double he was one away like fox was indeed I do watch all my Kings game like I know they didn’t count lonzos last rebound for the triple double like u thought he had on to the next one 💀💀 “shut down until the last two minutes” and still found ways to produce ? Unlike lonzos cough cough 4,4,3 performance against us 💀💀💀

    • Josh Leeper

      And Bagley is getting slept on this year too. Keep sleeping though NBA😤💪🏾

  3. Paul Yummy

    The king can’t beat the kings for the playoff ticket😂

  4. Abdu Ugas

    Fire Fox got the right mentality.

  5. Abdu Ugas

    Fire Fox & Spida are gonna be competing in the Conference Finals for many years to come, count on it! 😤

    • Refund HD

      +Marco Puma That is still a good young duo they wont lose forever

    • Marco Puma

      Refund HD they aren’t gonna talk about a team that’s doing bad. There’s no point in that. They can be good, but they’re not good yet.

    • Shane Robinson

      Abdu Ugas over luka and porzingis? Idkkk

    • DWI 4life

      +D they’ll be around awhile, like it or not. The Jazz ad Mitchell that is.

    • DWI 4life I don’t doubt they’ll be in the playoffs but they’ll never win a championship with that squad. No chance.

  6. Manny Manhattan Music

    Remember when De’Aaron Fox put up 39pts on Lonzo in the Sweet 16, and Lonzo only scored 10pts 😂🤣

    • cmoneyno5

      UCLA’s bigs couldn’t guard the pick and roll so Kentucky kept exploiting…. Lonzo was basically having to guard Fox and Kentucky’s big…On paper it appeared that Fox scored 39 on Lonzo but UCLA’s bigs were responsible for Fox scoring 39…

    • Minkah McKay

      Manny Manhattan Music Scoring more points does not make you better. Jason Kidd one of the greatest not a scorer. Draymond great player not a scorer. Dennis Rodman not a scorer. But all were All NBA and champions.

    • Minkah McKay

      Manny Manhattan Music Fox has not outplayed him. Have you watched the games..

    • Travis West

      Then got shut down by theo pinson the next game and crying 😪😪😪on ESPN when they lost to UNC plus lonzo ball mother had health issue that day and throw off his game

    • Travis West

      And they lost there next games and fox was on espn crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Brother Nature

    Finally espn doing smthing different talk about the rest of the nba tired of labron this that😤

  8. Fox is waaay better than Lonzo.

    (Me stating the obvious)

  9. legendver2

    Dammit why couldn’t Lakers draft this kid over Ball?

    • Ty Baller

      +Shaun ONeil Magic wanted to take Fox
      Jeanie Buss took Lonzo

    • legendver2 we could have him and buddy Hield plus deangelo.

    • dncarlo24

      Cause Magic had a hard on for Lonzo at the time… 🤦‍♂️

    • Jonathan Liu

      They drafted lonzo, Ingram, let go of randle, signed lebron. Terrible FO.

    • +dncarlo24 magic isn’t a GM and Lonzo has talent he’s good on defense and a decent player hell his first year is comparable to Jason Kidd statistically

  10. Shadow Palkia

    Since when is Max a Lakers “Fan”???? Straight up bandwagon

  11. SpiralC0nfiG jr

    Stephen a Smith is too American and too biased against foreign players

  12. De'Aaron Fox

    appreciate y’all having me on earlier 🙌🏾

    • Nate River

      You’re a cool dude

    • Deezy Ankh

      Big fan young man. Even watched u on twitch. Definitely shoulda been the no. 1 pick. Not to mention my name from Texas too so, rooting for u kid. Keep the hair too!

    • Chris Lam


    • Byron Bumpers

      LET’S GO #SuperSaiyanFOX

    • So glad you’re flourishing. During the draft, I thought you would be better than those guys drafted ahead of you and that you would be the face of the franchise that drafted you.

  13. Lol max recruiting fox to the Lakers because they can’t draft right or develop players. FOH!!! #kangzzzzz

    • Goku MGTOW

      I heard that from max at this point everyone going to join the Lakers at this point lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Tim Hardaway

      Odds didn’t the kings draft jimmer fredette lol

    • Thatguy Youdontknow

      Ali A The only player Id say that hasn’t developed is Ingram and he is still very young as well so don’t like that argument either

    • Breon Mitchell

      Fox play for Rockets.. Lakers Media team nobody play for them

    • Depressed Kings Fan

      Yeah sorry to break it to u but fox hates the Lakers 💀 after Max said see u on the Lakers fox said idk about that hella fast also after our Laker games he’s dissed there fans hella in post games 😂

  14. his last name fits his playing style. He FAST!!!

  15. He’s right…but it’s beating them 4 times that’s the issue.

    • FreeSoul Entertainment

      +kefkapalazzo1 that’s probably the only reason lol

    • FreeSoul Entertainment

      +Kierston DeLoach you acting like it’s easy lol

    • Kierston DeLoach

      +Kay tee Bell thank you guy

    • Kierston DeLoach

      +FreeSoul Entertainment it isn’t hard

    • Coolest Guy On The Internet

      Christian Stokes any team COULD be beaten 4x but it’s very unlikely. I’ll take the warriors over the field and so would anyone else with a brain. They’re bringing the chip home and no ones stopping them

  16. Toribio Romo

    “Not your bandwagon” lol Max, you ain’t a lakers fan.

  17. Ona Ebodaghe

    D’aaron Fox is UP NEXT ‼️

  18. Jason Voorhees

    De’Arron Fox 🦊 should of went #1 overall. But he slipped to #5. That’s cool… GO SACRAMENTO KINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • realCeltics fan

      You must be on crack

    • realCeltics fan He’s better than Fultz and Zo rn, so at least 2 or 3

    • Lance Isaac

      Ex- Men but that wasn’t always the perception while they were in college. Kentucky was good like they always are but that’s because they usually have a stacked team. Lonzo and Fultz carried their teams without a doubt of the being the best player on their squad. Leading them to seem as if they had an enormous upside which leads teams to draft them first.

  19. Paul Popoola

    Stephen A has had Curry, Harden, and PG as his MVP pick at some point this season, but not once Giannis, lol.

  20. Jonathan Bevins

    Never doubted this guy since that game against Lonzo, Kings bout to be scary next few years.

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