Did Anthony Davis’ agent plant stories about Kyrie Irving joining the Knicks? | Jalen & Jacoby

Did Anthony Davis' Agent Plant Stories About Kyrie Irving Joining The Knicks? | Jalen & Jacoby

RSS - Did Anthony Davis' Agent Plant Stories About Kyrie Irving Joining The Knicks? | Jalen & Jacoby Sport News Today

Jalen Rose weighs in on reports that suggest Anthony Davis’ agent Rich Paul tried to scare the New Orleans Pelicans into believing the Boston Celtics would back off on making a trade offer for Anthony Davis if Kyrie Irving left for the New York Knicks this summer.

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  1. Showtime Break

    Rich Paul wildin

  2. Y’all literally blame LeBron & his team for EVERYTHING 😂

    • Central Lifestyle

      Proud Vet dude, did you really need to use the “N” word? Your statement has solid points but you’re way out of line using the “N” word and you need to apologise for that or edit it out of your comment. Show some class.

    • Caleb Kabera

      Proud Vet bruh really

    • MegaPat223

      And y’all bron fans naive af and can’t think for yourself, it’s all right in front of your face. The way lebron plans for his success, rich Paul gets hired by lebron in 2003 to join his inner circle. And when he leave for Miami, rich Paul starts klutch sports and his first client is LeBron James who hired rich Paul. Lebron and rich Paul having dinner with AD. Rich Paul coming out and saying AD wants a trade, lebron in the media saying I’d love to have Ad.. all this is right in our face and you bron fan bois still don’t believe he’s involved? Lmaoooo

    • Why couldn’t Rich Paul (aka Lebron’s Mouthpiece) badmouth the Celtics to AD’s dad where the team can’t defend itself?


    ESPN, Woj, NBA Media etc. Tries their best to throw salt at the Lakers, Lebron and Klutch sports any chance they get. Like GSW are going for a 3peat year all you hear is LEBRON. KLUTCH. LAKERS! Can they just play ball?! GROW TF UP!(KD Voice)🐍

  4. Carolina Howard


  5. Kristmaz808

    This why Durant call yaw toxic

  6. Malik King asa

    Espn becoming the shaderoom 😂😂😂

  7. KyGoat SwIrving

    If it don’t come from WOJ, It’s 🧢

  8. MrAVGNdude

    Boycott LeSPN

  9. Nolay Austin


    • Bryson Suttles

      He said this lmaooooo like Scottie would lock up KYrie smh

    • Ibrahim Mokero

      +Now Im Really Bout’ A Give It To You Scottie talkin bout Lebron in that quote

    • Ibrahim Mokero

      +Bryson Suttles Scottie talkin bout Lebron in that quote

    • Isuru Sumanarathna

      Now Im Really Bout’ A Give It To You He was talking about having the clutch gene bruh. Not the overall game. You’re pretty lame!

  10. God pigeon

    Is it just me or does Rich Paul look like Kendrick Lamar in his good kid mad city years

  11. One Lyfe Music

    Clutch Sports is the new Death Row Records

  12. Abdu Ugas

    This probably the weakest show on ESPN

  13. Rich Paul is an amateur, When LbJ retires hes done

    • Jet Set Dre

      liam Eastwood Thank you, someone with intelligence…or Google at least. Notice, I didn’t even reply to his rebuttal.

    • Jet Set Dre

      liam Eastwood Exactly, all I ask is that you know at least a little of what you’re talking about if your going to say something…I don’t ask for much.

    • +liam Eastwood I think the point was that those players signed on because Lebron is the one really making the moves, not Rich Paul.

  14. Central Lifestyle

    Thought the same thing at the time. Too convenient that rumour began circulating same time they made AD demand a trade and knowing they had to do something to make the Celtics tentative. Besides, the rumour was first started and then pushed incessantly by Lebron’s media guys/journalists at ESPN and other networks and that just about confirms it was a hatch job by Lebron’s camp spread via his media connects.

    • Pretty Ahki

      Central Lifestyle they been saying Kyrie has eyes for the Knicks since before the season started fam. He even confirmed it the week after he so called committed to Boston. He was in MSG and confirmed that NYK was his number one choice because of his history but decided to see what Boston was talking about

    • +Pretty Ahki The key is the timing of the rumor; Kyrie considering the Knicks is months old news… suddenly it’s in the news cycle again for no reason. Coincidentally at the same time Lebron is trying to get AD away from the Celtics.

    • Pretty Ahki

      Vitreo ok I thought people were acting like it came out of nowhere.💯

  15. LA Clippers

    Rich Paul is ruining LeBron’s recruiting. All LeBron had to do was join Philly and no recruiting is required.

  16. rdepaul34

    When did the NBA become BY FAR the most diva-filled athletes in North American Professional Sports? It’s cringe nowadays

  17. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    This starting to sound like CIA double agent ish

  18. kathy kelly

    if they don’t have Kyrie and they have to trade Tatum and those picks to get Davis, who would Davis want to play with in Boston? even Horford is a free agent after next year . Boston should just stand pat if Kyrie leaves

  19. Jeremy Walker

    Anthony Davis Dad is only looking at part of the story. Lets not forget it was the celtics that made IT a star and took the chance on him when the suns basically blamed him for their failed season. IT himself doesn’t speak ill of Boston even wants to return so it was a really ignorant statement to make.

  20. vladimir1834

    Tbh if I was the celtics gm, I would touch a single free agent and trade any of my young talent. I would develop them, I see greatness in all their young talent man, why would you give that away, whatever happened to player development. I would sit down with all the youngsters and work out a fair salary deal, and if kyrie want to leave then let him leave, if he wants to stay pay him good money. This team is loaded man, they just gotta evolve, golden state didnt become the dynasty overnight. They drafted good talent and developed them !!!!

    • bigchilli84

      The Celtics want to be contenders now. 76ers have just improved their roster further, the Bucks and the raptors are good and now the Knicks have cap space for 2 top FAs. The Celtics are also under pressure to get another star to keep Kyrie. Thats why they will try trade some of their young guys for AD.

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