Does Lakers’ tampering investigation by the NBA show lack of respect for the rule?| First Take

Does Lakers’ Tampering Investigation By The NBA Show Lack Of Respect For The Rule?| First Take

RSS - Does Lakers’ Tampering Investigation By The NBA Show Lack Of Respect For The Rule?| First Take Sport News Today

Will Cain and Max Kellerman debate whether the NBA investigation into the Los Angeles Lakers for potential tampering with 76ers guard Ben Simmons shows a league-wide issue with the tampering rule and whether the NBA should abolish it entirely.

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  1. Nehemiah Howard

    Here to remind everyone that jeremy lin continues his nba tour by joining the raptors, the team he was playing against when linsanity started

  2. Jan-Michael Vincent

    Everything the Lakers do now since the whole AD situation will be considered “tampering”

    • Frankie Russell

      Jan-Michael Vincent They’ve been claiming “tampering” before the AD situation.

    • Yung Savage

      The Coldest facts and laker fans are to booty hurt to admit it

  3. Mostafa Fakhruldin

    If you take out Stephan A, you have to bring in joy Taylor for molly. Nuff said

  4. Simmons has no reason to leave the 76ers. He’s in a great position y’all overreacting for no reason.

  5. Mario De Lara

    Max is a legend for that biggie line 😂😂

  6. Mohamed Ahmed

    Lakers have more investigations than our president.

  7. Shut up Molly

  8. Dante Jackson

    $30 bet that when Max said Christopher Wallace, Will Cain didn’t know who the hell that was. 😂

    • Scott Davidson

      +TMZahida226 English language please. Boogie talk is for boogies and hood boogers and noon crickets.

    • A Nigga that Loves to Hate

      $30 says you’re the product of a single mother household

    • Brandon Wilson

      +Hugh H I think he was the child from winnie the pooh

  9. jtonyteodoro

    Hire Joy Taylor away from Fox Sports.


    Let me speak on something that’s a little off topic. Luke Walton has to be fired after this season and not because of Lavar Ball media rants. I watch the game that Saturday night and I saw a team of young Lakers players who did not fear letting the guy they was guarding score 2 million points b4 half time. I would have told my players b4 the season what I expect from them. You will play defense or you will come out the game. You will do the little things it takes to win or you will come out the game. You will not smile or joke after a loss especially with the players of the team you just lost too. If I’m taking you out of games more then I’m playing you then this is not a threat but a promise. You will be traded at the end of the season. Nobody should like to lose or think it funny. Winning is a mind set that each and every player has to have because other teams will find your weak link and break your whole defense with that one player. To me the game is a War and if you’re not ready to go to War with me then I don’t need you on my team or in my city.

    • Joshua Johnson

      GRIMS REVENGE well damn lol

    • iOnsteins Engineering Group BMW BENZ AMP REBUILDERS

      My boy grims!

    • Black Phillip

      So you telling me you gonna bench Bron? You got cojones wey 😂

    • ShrekLiveActionMovie420

      Yeah Luke Walton is the problem…..ok

    • Lost Lavender

      +ShrekLiveActionMovie420 his rotations are part of the problem. Not adjusting to the other team and I believe he doesn’t put his players in the best position to perform. He tries to get everyone going instead of giving it to the hot hand (Kuzma or Ingram, etc.), leaves the bench in for too long when they’re getting gashed, and doesn’t manage timeouts correctly so other teams go on runs. Those are all signs of a mediocre to bad coach. On top of that he’s not a great X’s and O’s coach, that’s why the Lakers have so many turnovers, they’re not executing at a high level on a consistent basis which is why they’re susceptible to giving up leads.

  11. Ben Simmons

    How come everyone in Lakers front office is always getting investigated according to the media, but nobody ever gets in actual trouble or faces repercussions? 🤔

  12. ben: hello magic
    magic: hold on let me get lebron
    lebron: come to the lakers
    ben: im there
    magic: it was nice talking to you ben
    ben: ight bet

  13. Frankie Russell

    Ben Simmons *called* the Lakers to get advice from Magic on playing the point guard position. And the Lakers still get hit with “tampering”.

    • mrcooldeadly85

      They should’ve ignored the call. Magic can no longer help players thats on another team.

    • Jason Dyrkacz

      Or do that in the offseason.

      Why is that never a consideration?

    • Frankie Russell

      mrcooldeadly85 “They should’ve ignored the call?” How would the Lakers know Ben Simmons number to ignore it?

    • Daniel Maia

      And he found the number from the yellow pages not from his agent or his friend LeBron right!?

  14. What about popovich tampering on telling the pelicans not to trade AD to Lakers

  15. I use to think laker fans were delusional saying the nba is against them but since the cp3 situation, i noticed the nba gets on lakers for everything

  16. ant dolla

    3:10 how many times you think they gotta say “hold on molly” during each show…since espn got so many random stats somebody look that up

  17. Splash'n'Skillz #37

    Lakers against the world and we will still beat them all 💜💛😎

  18. Joseph Williams

    The giannis tampering was the most bogus tampering charge I’ve ever heard of. He literally got asked about giannis in a talk showe and said giannis was great player and he loved his game and that’s it.

  19. Brian Shirazi

    0:01 “lets talk about the lakers” when are you not talking about the lakers?

  20. Brandon Jay

    Where’s SAS!?!? Molly’s talking a bit too much!

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