Does OBJ make the Browns the most dangerous offense in the NFL? | First Take

Does OBJ Make The Browns The Most Dangerous Offense In The NFL? | First Take

RSS - Does OBJ Make The Browns The Most Dangerous Offense In The NFL? | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith, Will Cain, Max Kellerman weigh in on how Kareem Hunt’s eight-game suspension impacts the Cleveland Browns and debates if the Browns have outclassed the Kansas City Chiefs on offense after trading with the New York Giants for Odell Beckham Jr.

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  1. Caleb Isadore

    The Saints, Rams and Chiefs must’ve closed house

    • Stephen Battle

      The Falcons as well

    • johthanis

      +Aditya Gupta Haven’t had a chance yet, but they will, maybe twice. Second time will be in Cleveland.

    • Quarterboy Diddy


    • Olzick Montfort

      The falcons still have the best combination of wide receivers in the nfl, facts!

    • lord dreaux

      BakerGXMayfield 6God saints have a good defense too,especially run defense

  2. Jan-Michael Vincent

    Damn no lie the browns roster is legit .. it’s hard to not say they will make the playoffs

  3. Taff Bishop

    Great roster on paper let’s see how it translate on the field


      +Nut I did watch em last season. Been watching em for damn near forty years. And I 100 % agree, if the kicker was just a bit better they could have gone 11-5. But that is what being a Browns fan is all about. What could have been. I am hopeful for this squad. I would love to see the Dawgs wreck the AFC North once again.

    • GRIM FIREHEAD my point is we don’t need hope that everything doesn’t go wrong. This team is different now, the era of orange and brown is here

    • Missile87redefined

      The browns just turned into the golden state of the NFL THIS IS INSANE

    • ckalnicki

      Missile87redefined – Hahahaha. What are you smoking ? Hahahahah


      +Nut I can stand behind that.

  4. Codename Centaur

    we’ve done this once too many time. Teams that looks talented on paper could still under perform. Why are people forgetting this?

    • capone dubyah

      You are dumb. Never said they were the greatest team ever. But also don’t think they’re a bust either. Could go either way. My opinion says more north than south. Really anyone saying different either a Giants fan,Division rival fan,or just low key hating on them. They haven’t won anything in 30 years…let them have their moment

    • david thomas

      +Martavious Chambers yeah well you know, everybody always overrated their team. I saw them as a playoff team before Odell. I think this just solidifies it.

    • Shane Taylor

      +Gage Chavez boy stop drinking the stupid juice. Get of mayfield’s di*k . Browns going 8 and 8 and baker is not even a top 10 qb

    • Shane Taylor

      +david thomas dorsey does not know how to do that. He is going to ruin the cap

    • david thomas

      +Shane Taylor did he ruin the chiefs cap?

  5. Sun Ruhl

    Guess the Rams, Falcons, Patriots, Chiefs and Saints all lost their offenses somehow

    • cameron johnson

      Rams falcons chiefs saints too offensives in the NFL period

    • Jack Skrant

      Sun Ruhl man said falcons 💀💀💀

    • Sun Ruhl

      +Jack Skrant If you don’t think the Falcons have one of the best offenses in football I’m gonna say you don’t a lot about teams that aren’t in the mainstream

    • StripperTipper-405

      Rayvon Velez

      Stop bringing up “balance” in a conversation about who has the best OFFENSE!

      Tell us who has a better offense on paper than the Browns?

    • iTzCrxzyy_

      Rayvon Velez the pats offense is overrated and can get shut down easily

  6. Al-Fahad Abdul-Mumuni

    They killing stephen A smith man

  7. Mr Smarty Pants

    Stephen is mad as hell..
    As a Steelers fan, He’s pissed that they lost 2 great players and the Browns gained multiple great players.
    He’s going to have to talk about the Browns all year 😂

  8. Estate Da realiest

    Damn the browns better win a lot of games next season cause you go 6-10 or 7-9 with this squad ESPN gonna have a field day

    • Igor Iskiev

      +Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010 4 possible losses – Steelers and Ravens away + Pats and Rams = 12-4

    • Igor Iskiev

      +Tee Glock DT, DL – plus 3 picks in 2,3,4 all for D, cause they got no need for O

    • Tropic Mix

      +Crooks Martian Kansas city has a TERRIBLE defense you have no room to talk

    • Mike Roagression

      they really have to, the target is on their backs now plus it’s a weak division so teams are always going to play with house money and no pressure.

    • Tony Montana

      Challenge accepted!

  9. im Jus St ChiLLin

    From 0-16 to this….. Man they grow up so fast 😞

    • rockafellagold

      +Lionel Sanchez oh they got a Squad I’m not saying they don’t lol just saying they haven’t proved anything yet

    • Lionel Sanchez

      +rockafellagold bro jarvis obj and Mayfield duo is enough

    • 幻の花96

      Lionel Sanchez well on paper we seem like a huge threat especially after what happened during last season. We should, in my mind, have a great season. However, anything I guess is possible. I do know one thing though and I think all of us can agree on it. We’re all interested to see what happens with the browns and will tune in anyways even if you’re not that big of a browns fan. They’re going to have the whole nation watching them to see what transpires. Wether you’re rooting with them or against them, it’s going to be awesome man I can’t wait.

    • TheAlmightyClipse

      “grow up so fast”… Yupp they’ve been growing since 1999 bruh.. That’s hella fast right!?…

    • Tyler Pallotta

      TheAlmightyClipse, he’s talking about since they went 0-16 to this in just 2 years!!!!! From the most boring team to the most exciting team!?!?!

  10. CodiakLBJfan

    As a Chiefs fan, Browns got a special player in Hunt. Wish he was still with us.

    Inb4 hes the best kicker on the team.

    • Reticulus

      Andy Reid though doesn’t manage the clock well. You never ever give the ball to Brady with 2mins left in a tie or go-ahead win. You honestly probably win the SB last year though with Hunt making enough of a difference in that game and against the Rams.

    • easyinohio

      CodiakLBJfan 🤣

    • easyinohio

      CodiakLBJfan best kicker. I’m offended. Lol

  11. Benjamin Porter

    How many times have the Patriots had an elite receiver? Besides Randy Moss, not many. Yet, they take no-name receivers and turn them into elite receivers thanks to the coaching staff. Belichick.

    • J Flash

      Exactly the point

    • J Flash

      Don’t mention the one team with better Vegas odds.. hmmm suspicious

    • teejay Trujillo

      Belichick is the only coach that changes his game plan from week to week according to who they’re playing. He builds depth to last the entire season. Other coaches fall in love with their dry erase board and ignore the strengths and weaknesses both their team and their opponents.

  12. Chasin Papers


    • Daniel Carter

      What if Molly hopped up on the table bent over and gaped her anus at the end of every segment?

    • TheAlmightyClipse

      +Daniel Carter he’d still prefer Will Cain.. 😂😂😂

  13. Tunechi Da GOAT

    I Know One Thing Freddy Kitchens Better Be An Offensive Guru With All These Toys To Play With 😂😎

  14. sam7748

    Fear not–Baker will continue to be the leader because that’s in Baker’s DNA. And Freddie is the right and good man as HC.

  15. Kings Moses Akey

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but Will Cain does a phenomenal job as a host, not missing Molly any bit.

    • British Boxer

      +snake doctor been a snake or cowboys snake oils sales man is not smarter, smart clever people are devious and eventually get caught, wise people do not and i would say he is less wiser, like most Kelin Moore type of c0ck suckers.

      He is the kind of person actually holding the cowboys back by supporting an entourage of fans who pick players that are white, d4ks mom was white, every other black player in the cowboys black never had a second chance or thought when let go, great players like demarco murrey, dez bryant etc etc etc

    • ANTBALL187


    • Philip Todd

      Molly is fine as hell. But when she talks it never makes sense lol.

    • focused

      Because your gay

    • LuckyCali13

      +Philip Todd she’s just there for her looks/being a female and cuz she is married to Jalen rose shes not very good at all I like some of the other hosts like 1 from skip and shannon or Rachel nicols

  16. Dogseatingcats 25

    It’s so much better with Will Cain over Molly

  17. JTsuits

    I’d be surprised if the browns don’t win more than 10 games

    • Stéphan Huet

      MLB in the house ! Mayfield-Landry-Beckham

    • Pure Jokes

      Prepare to be surprised

    • Alpha Sports

      It might not happen for 2 reasons … Freddie Kitchens and no Greg Williams … despite the success Kitchens had last season that offense was at it’s best when it was run first. With the addition of OBJ who he and Jarvis Landry had success in that type of system at LSU can Kitchens handle their personalties. The DC personality makes a difference, the Browns D took on the GW personality and had success but he’s gone and they won’t be the same.

      I look for Mike McCarthy to take over the Browns next season and bring Jerry Porter in as DC.

    • Requiem

      Alpha Sports After Kitchens became the OC the team won games in spite of the defense, not because of it, with the exception of the Broncos game.
      The offense was top 5 in multiple categories during that stretch, and was far from a run-first offense lol. It featured a lot of vertical concepts and early down passing with the ball being spread around a bunch. Also, what’s being overlooked for some odd reason is that they hired Monken, who’s known for running the Air Raid offense, a big reason why TB had one of the best (or the best?) passing offenses in the league. IMO this hire sends out a clear message, they want to improve what was already an explosive offense without the likes of OBJ and Hunt. A mesh of sorts of Air Coryell and Air Raid concepts.

    • Clubber Lang

      They won’t win 8 games

  18. J Gambrell

    If HC Kitchens does his job well, they make a deep play-off run

    • I think that firing Greg Williams was a mistake, but oh well.

    • Mrberry11 Gaming

      M Kitchens would’ve left eventually if Williams remained as HC, and that would’ve been a huge loss for the offense and especially Mayfield

  19. oskaveli662

    This show is so much better without Molly. Night and Day.

  20. Jaden B

    Baker “The Alpha Male of All Alpha Males” Mayfield

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