Draymond Green on Rockets’ chatter: ‘Not sure stupidity juices anyone’ | NBA Sound

Draymond Green On Rockets' Chatter: 'Not Sure Stupidity Juices Anyone' | NBA Sound

RSS - Draymond Green On Rockets' Chatter: 'Not Sure Stupidity Juices Anyone' | NBA Sound Sport News Today

Draymond Green responds to chatter from the Houston Rockets about the Golden State Warriors not being on their level, saying he's (3:40) "not sure stupidity juices anyone." Green also claims that the Warriors are in the middle of (5:00) the NBA's "soap opera."

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  1. Fuck What You're Talking About !

    Can we end this boring reg season already?

    Easy 3peat for Golden State!

    • Kai Webster

      boring?! o.O

    • Kai Webster

      ok. maybe you’re right. maybe the games weren’t the best. maybe the warriors sweep to the finals too… but the lakers collapse was certainly not boring.

    • Arthur Anderson

      Ain’t nothin’ worthwhile easy dude.

  2. LeeTravius Mckay

    Draymond “rockets nuggets no matter warriors still gonna three peat at the end”

  3. LeeTravius Mckay

    Draymond in the thumbnail like “nobody is ready for us come playoffs”

  4. LeeTravius Mckay

    The warriors with boogie who went for 27 tonight three peat on the way watch how they dominant in the playoffs

    • Robert Ramirez

      +Personal Email not to mention they have 4 or other allstars to rely on

    • The GoatBam People like him are delusional.

    • The GoatBam

      +Vibe fr it would still go 7 games

    • Rene Junior

      William Scott Jr. go look at the stats when iggy guarded harden. It works both ways. It rockets fans or (warrior haters) wanna use that cp3 in injury as an excuse, they can say the same for iggy. If you don’t see what iggy brings to their team , you probably never played college ball or just watch highlights.

  5. 808bboarder

    Draymond dipped his balls in Rocket fuel tonight lol

  6. almosthomeless incali

    The media running out of stories phishing

  7. Lewis Fadipe

    Draymond with the SMOKE…😈😈😈

  8. Alpha Nickelberry

    Rockets choke every year in the playoffs and they are supposed to be on Dubs level? 😂😂😂 Man please…no rings D’Antoni, no rings Harden, and no rings CP3…missed 27 straight 3’s in game 7 last year, and the year before Harden literally disappears against the Spurs. I think its safe to say the biggest question for the Rockets is what will they do to blow it again this year??? 😂😂😂

    • Judah Mourneth

      Malik Frazier let’s try this one more time. Game 1 warriors won by 13…game 2 rockets won by 22 game 3 warriors won by 42. Games 4 and 5 you guys won by a total of 7. So with iggy games 2 and without iggy games 4,5 rockets won by a total of 29 (and Chris Paul played) With iggy warriors won games 1 and 3 by a Total of 55. If you can’t understand this I can’t help you.

      Iggy plays this series is over in 5

    • Judah Mourneth

      Malik Frazier it’s not about him being nice. He can guard many position. He’s a great defender, passer and can run the fast break and bring the floor up the court. Lol you must not know warriors ball or basketball in general.

      Iggy plays that series is over in 5.

    • Judah Mourneth

      Malik Frazier it’s about the point margin and the PRODUCTION. But like you said it doesn’t make sense to you. Lol my point exactly.

    • Oscar Tiburcio

      Arthur Anderson well you’re comparing the 2nd best player in the team(cp3) getting injured to the 4th or 5th best player in the team getting injured. Cp3 imo is a valid point, he brings way more to the floor than iggy. Its like if kevin durant got injured

  9. Christopher Blake

    I really hoped he ends up coaching 😂 his interviews are going to be classic 😂

    • Derogatory Name

      Christopher Blake

      I wish

    • Kim Stuart

      even if HE chokes, the warriors will still be favored to win though hahahaaint that some stuff

    • TarBoysWorldWide

      The NBA will never let him NOT coach, because he’s too good for business. Every interview will go viral. People will tune in or buy tickets just to watch him (or boo him). Not to mention that he will probably be a great coach and will win championships. He’ll be the next Pop.

    • Margot Man

      Not to mention he would just be a good coach. He has a coaches mind. Extremely intelligent person. He’s blunt, but not in a disrespectful way. One of my favorite players.

    • Margot Man

      OOps tar boy already said what I said

  10. Siddhant Sawant

    2:26 This guy knocked on his own head for “knock on wood” lmao

  11. Malcolm Mack

    ” The NBA is the best soap opera in the world “

  12. Jay Lexus

    Draymond having the worst season of his career, he should be the most quiet player in the warriors locker room. Stop talking and play ball like you use to. smh, Golden State will definitely not be resigning draymond next season.

    • Y’all are stupid as hell. He brought it in the playoffs last year after having a pedestrian, by his standards, season and I suspect he’ll do the same this postseason.
      So long as he does his thing in the postseason teams and the Warriors will want him.
      Don’t forget, the Warriors will have no cap and no way to replace Draymond with anyone nearly as good, Warriors will definitely want to resign him. In 2020 when he’s actually a free agent.

    • Jay Lexus

      User doing his thing by getting suspended in game 5 against cleveland. He is to emotional and always crying about a foul. Get rid of green and keep cousins!

  13. pauljohn0001

    If he dont sign with the warriors he will be a rocket haha

  14. Strict Grind

    Green played for 37 minutes had 2 points and 4 turn overs . 👏👏👏👏

    • Wasn’t his best game.

    • vvvvvvvvv

      +ARMY LYFE as a warriors fan i cant defend draymond with that excuse forever. dude is straight garbage on offense… even his playmaking is heavily overrated…


      vvvvvvvvv it’s not to defend him. Green carries the Warriors with his defensive mentality. Unless you want to take away those 3 rings. Be a true fan like me. He covers on defense for his teammates. Sure Steph can attest to that. Everybody can’t play defense and everybody can’t score. Being great at one of the two makes Green an asset. Not a liability. He actually gets the shooters the ball. I’ll take his 4 pst 10 ast 9 rebounds any day. THATS PRODUCTION IF YOU KNOW BASKETBALL. -#GODUBS

    • vvvvvvvvv

      ​+ARMY LYFE o ive watched draymond since he was a rook i know what he can and cant do. he gets the shooters the ball but shooters deserve more credit with their off ball movement. literally anyone could stand at the elbow and throw a pass when steph or klay gets open for a 3 or layup. bogut did it david west did it even even greater efficiency cuz draymond tends to force passes that lead to traffic under the rim and just overpassing in general.

    • vvvvvvvvv

      hes an important contributor but like he’s no more than a big man tony allen lets not get it twisted. if he has the audacity to demand more than what hes making now he can take his service elsewhere.

  15. Allan Joseph

    No team in the west is gonna beat this team when the playoffs roll, and probably no one in the east will either.

  16. MysticMech

    I love Draymond. He doesn’t give a damn.
    Just says it, how it is.

  17. RIC shady

    “Not sure stupidity juices anyone” hahahahaha

  18. Lol, they’re exactly right, GSW is not on their level. The Warriors would have to brick 27 straight 3’s to get down to that level.

  19. Dan Alx


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