Duke completes epic comeback vs. Louisville | College Basketball

Duke Completes Epic Comeback Vs. Louisville | College Basketball

RSS - Duke Completes Epic Comeback Vs. Louisville | College Basketball Sport News Today

No. 16 Louisville dominated No. 2 Duke for most of the game and ended up with a 23-point lead with 10 minutes to go in the game. Duke then went on a 35-10 run to win the game 71-69 led by Zion Williamson's 27 points and huge buckets from Cam Reddish, Tre Jones, and RJ Barrett.

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  1. Nehemiah Howard

    What a come back! Can never sleep on acc teams

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    Go a head and take success.

  3. I almost broke my TV when they were down

  4. Jordan Davis

    Louisville really thought they were about to storm the court😂

  5. Warmonger K

    Cam reddiah was on fire….

    • Solo Young

      Conrad Brown if that’s the case then you can’t be a fan of players like kobe steph Iverson jordan tmac harden or Russ

    • Conrad Brown

      +Solo Young I’m a fan of all those guys. Just because some shoot at a lower % due to higher volume doesn’t mean they aren’t exciting lol

    • Dules Gaming

      +Conrad Brown name one 3pt shooter dat shoots 15+ 3s a game n has over a 60%fg

    • crip34983

      Conrad Brown it’s really not how many times Kobe done shot a bad 40% game but ended up hitting the shots when it came down to win ? Lol exactly it’s not always about the % just when it matters

    • Troy Moore

      +Dules Gaming I like Cam a lot but this is a highlight for a reason. All those brick threes is why they needed a comeback.

  6. Bobby Pruitt

    CamFam 💯💯💯

  7. Mani Wulf

    Coach K might be the best Coach of all time

  8. Tonio5100

    Reddish was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. That’s how a championship team is made. Wow

  10. Zion led the team in the start of the 2nd and cam finished it off alongside great defence from the whole team and huge rebound at the end from zion to finish it off. If these boys keep playing defence like this i dont see anyone beating them come march

  11. TrippingInDenver

    “I don’t coach losers, I coach wiinners” Damn, I’d be fired up in that huddle. Coach K bringing the heat.

  12. The Darkfrost

    That was because far the biggest choke I’ve seen this season.

  13. Stannis Baratheon

    That’s a 35-10 run in 9 minutes in case you were wondering.

    • Yea with the Refs help that’s not that impressive. I should mention I’m Not even a Louisville fan before you start your bs. Puke got saved by the Zebra squad.

    • Ethan Stone

      +CodyS777 stop commenting your bullcrap on every post no one wants to hear it go grab your tissues

  14. Bert Francis

    I can’t believe I went to bed saying it’s over for Duke and Louisville showed them up….smh… broken

  15. Ricciardo

    i love tre jones… he could be an amazing role player in the nba, he has a true motor in him

  16. Kyle Ferguson

    Championship pedigree.. Duke gonna gain another few five stars

  17. Dyl Gonzalez

    Reddish went Super Saiyan on that 3 point shot my god.

  18. Elann Suvat

    Imagine if this was a championship game.

  19. Duke now has another weapon in its arsenal with that 2-2-1 press with Jones and Goldwire on the front end, Barrett and Reddish in the middle and Zion in the back. Coach K said post game that they will likely start using it more. Duke looked like they hadn’t recovered from the Virginia game for the first 30 minutes, but once they put on that press and Louisville got tentative and turned it over a couple of times, they were like sharks who smelled blood in the water.

  20. LeBeautiful

    COACH K KNOWS WHATS UP! Dynasty team in the making!

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