Duke film study: How Cam Reddish complements Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett | Get Up!

Duke Film Study: How Cam Reddish Complements Zion Williamson And RJ Barrett | Get Up!

RSS - Duke Film Study: How Cam Reddish Complements Zion Williamson And RJ Barrett | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jay Williams breaks down film of how Cam Reddish complements Duke’s Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett. Williams calls Reddish “the biggest enigma in the draft” and shows how he helped the Blue Devils’ complete their comeback win vs. the Louisville Cardinals. The Get Up! crew then takes a look at vintage Jay Williams highlights when he led Duke to a miracle OT win vs. Maryland back in 2001.

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  1. Zion aka LeBron 2.0
    RJ Barrett is PG/DeMar 2.0
    Cam R is like Dipo 2.0

  2. Laura is a blonde beauty

  3. Snipergang Quez

    Imagine them all on the same nba team🤭

    • Snipergang Quez they would win championships together after they get some years of NBA experience

  4. wildlion423

    Zion will average
    29 4 12 in his prime

    Rj will average
    24 6 8 in his prime

    Cam will average
    20 4 10 in his prime

  5. Laura is hella sexy

  6. EputriLlA3000 -

    Zion will average 10 blocks a game

  7. gregory williams

    Reddish could end up being like Paul George or Rodney Hood

  8. Relevant Existential

    Zion will average 1 deflate a game.

    • Doctor Cthulhu

      Relevant Existential Careful. Your might be helping to expose. Deflate-Gate II

  9. Come on Jay, that rebound that Cam grabbed was right over his head and out of Zion’s area. He didn’t outjump Zion for it.

    • Iosia Ofoia

      No kidding! The ball bounced to where Cam was at and he literally just jumped vertically as opposed to Zion who who had to jump to the right of where he was at. I wonder about Jay sometimes, ok all of the time….hehe

    • Itss Me Boiii_12

      He out wingspanned him

    • +Itss Me Boiii_12 Don’t play the Jay Bilas wingspan drinking game during the NBA draft or you’ll be drunk in the first half hour.

    • TheATrain4000

      +Itss Me Boiii_12 FAX Reddish has a wingspan 5 inches longer than Zion

    • Authorized Dealer

      Like foreal! Lol

  10. gregory jeannot

    Watching cam reddish is like watching a young Paul George balling laid back quiet let his game speaks for itself the best shooter in the draft.

    • Yea his 36% overall shooting and 35% from 3 screams gunner

    • Doctor Cthulhu

      He honesty reminds me more of a rookie Scottie Pippin, with less D. Pippin was always that amazing complementary player even in college. He adapted to stars, and made everyone around him better

  11. I’m starting to wonder if team Canada found a way to make Barret look really good in their system?

    • Same. He doesn’t look to be what he was hyped to be.

    • +Mblax_ I think Monteverde Academy did the same thing. His father was a pro baller so he knows how critical it is to have a coach/system that helps your agenda. Which is smart. But Wiggins and Anthony Bennet did stuff similar to. And it makes Canada look good. And when RJ and Reddish played against each other (USA vs Canada under 19) Team USA were individual oriented. Guys going after stats. So reddish couldn’t really flourish.

  12. Troy Hicks

    J.Williams is a hater he picked against duke vs uva twice and now he praised them wow

  13. Warmonger K

    How cam reddish 6 9 ad zion 6 7 they look ..equally tall… zion may be 6 8 ..not 6 7…

  14. Kenneth Flagler

    Jay Williams look like and ashy knee cap

  15. Brandon Terry

    Cam Reddish ceiling is most definitely Paul George, but he isn’t as physical going to the basket like Paul was even with his days in Indiana. If he dont turn into a star he will be a great 3 and D player.

  16. The Baller

    Zion looks like he is missing teeth

  17. Jeremiah Gilyard

    RJ- Most aggressive
    Zion- Most athletic
    Cam- Most skilled
    Tre- Most important

  18. Jayden413 !

    Coach K needs to give Cam more opportunities to create his own shot

  19. Bruh the title needs to be changed its how rj and Zion compliment cam don’t forget cam gave up that number one player position so rj and Zion could class up to go to duke because that was coach k’s ideal team💯

  20. mostmost1

    All 4 of their young guys are very promising. Their offense and defense is encouraging.

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