Duke’s epic comeback vs. Louisville doesn’t change Jalen Rose’s national title predictions | Get Up!

Duke’s Epic Comeback Vs. Louisville Doesn’t Change Jalen Rose’s National Title Predictions | Get Up!

RSS - Duke’s Epic Comeback Vs. Louisville Doesn’t Change Jalen Rose’s National Title Predictions | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jalen Rose is skeptical of the Duke Blue Devils winning the NCAA Tournament, but says freshman Cam Reddish will be the difference if they do.

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  1. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

    Jalen really salty asf this Duke team better then his Michigan team💯

    • Bobby Pruitt

      Michigan lost on top of that

    • UK 38-1 is better than this Duke team

    • Mathew Velasquez

      He is a Lakers hater as well!…😉

    • Luis Alvarado

      тим Duke won the title that year by beating the team Kentucky lost to

    • Marquis De Sade

      +Luis Alvarado Correction: Duke beat the team Kentucky lost to TWICE that season; Once one the road at Wisconsin and then in the national championship game. Kentucky feasted on bad SEC teams. Now way in hell does Kentucky go undefeated that year playing in the ACC.

  2. Le'Veon Bell #26hunnit #PayBell #GOAT

    *People love to hate Duke simply because they’re successful*

  3. Owen Soupy

    The only team that would even think of not drafting Zion at #1 would be the Knicks

  4. Ray Bands

    Jalen Rose has Duke hate smeared all over his face hes just a loser mad he couldnt win at any level of his career 😂😂😂

    • +Brandon Rudney LOL. Jalen Rose never made an NBA all star team. Zion is going to make a bunch of them.

  5. John Ellis

    Someone check Jalen’s blood pressure because this man is hella SALTY!!! #DUKIES

  6. I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

    Duke is the favorite to win the tournament… I can only see them losing to a defensive team with lots of seniors and a good coach…

  7. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    Excuse Jalen, his ability to predict has been off ever since Kobe dropped 81 on him

  8. Jalen is hilarious 😆 but honest ✊🏾

    • Carter Jones

      KBEZ 23 but he’s not honest lol he hates duke and his point about shooting is off. Duke sucked so bad with shooting last night and still found a way to win

  9. Tommy Welch

    I really wish RJ would have been like, “Yeah I remember when the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead to us in The Finals”.

  10. He still thinks Michigan can beat Duke lmao. Michigan just lost to Penn State. He is just a Duke hater.

  11. dabby dabby

    *The Best comeback ever was Kentucky over LSU….30+ comeback was crazy*

  12. Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010

    I’m from the future,

    Duke 37-3 National Champions

  13. Aaron Smith

    Jalen is still hella mad that his Michigan Wolverines lost to PENN STATE. 😂😂😂😂

  14. Jalen is the biggest duke hater lmao. Sorry yall lost to us and ur teammate called a fake timeout

  15. Jalen hates Duke

  16. Jalen is the most biased man they could ask… and they keep asking him.

  17. Jalen thought he was going to be able to talk about Duke’s loss. You know he was SICK after they came back😂. He COULD talk about Michigan’s loss to Penn State last nite. Guess he forgot about that 😂😂😂…

  18. Michael Sherron

    As a lifelong “Duke Hater”, I’ve never thought I
    would see a day where I actually am rooting for Duke…unbelievable!


    But, I do confess, it is with a bias notion. I am a NY
    KNICKS fan and my “LOVE” for the KNICKS outshines my “hate”
    for the Duke Blue Devils.

    So, at least for this season, my campaign is….”GO
    DUKE!!!!(Go win the NCAA Championship!)–GO KNICKS!!!!!!!!   🙂

  19. Patrick F.

    why you show barrett? replace him with reddish together with zion. barrett was NO factor.

  20. david boniface

    Duke is winning the natty

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