Duke ‘undoubtedly’ overhyped this season – Will Cain | First Take

Duke ‘undoubtedly’ Overhyped This Season – Will Cain | First Take

RSS - Duke ‘undoubtedly’ Overhyped This Season – Will Cain | First Take Sport News Today

Will Cain and Max Kellerman of First Take examine the Duke Blue Devils preseason hype and reflect on whether they've been overrated throughout the season. Kellerman says that they've been deserving of all the attention, but Cain says that they've been overhyped.

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  1. DonDiBiase

    This game showed something they needed to show the opportunity to fight back they showed grit and heart

  2. Max always hyping up the wrong dudes and downplaying the right ones lol. I wonder what he’s gonna say when LeBron misses the playoffs cause it was just yesterday he said that LeBron is equivalent to 2 superstars.

  3. Zion will be the KNICKS Future hall of famer , DUKE IS going to win it all this year . & Jalen is a DUKE HATER.

  4. Isiah Nunn

    Ok they lost too Gonzaga by 2? They just lost plain and simple. Lost to Syracuse by 4 , Trae young went down, they was lookin like they were about to blow Syracuse out.

    • Peter Wilson

      Tre Jones, but your point stands

    • Isiah Nunn

      Trevon Adams exactly

    • Timothy Riley

      Reddish was also out that cuse game

    • Phantom McFly

      If we have cam in the cuse game, we’re 23-1

    • Isiah Nunn

      Phantom McFly I completely agree. I feel like this… and I may be wrong but, Cam is really the X factor on this team, that when he plays to his capability , this team rarely will be beat by anyone in the country. When Duke lost too Gonzaga Cam didn’t play good, RJ and Zion been consistent throughout the whole year , Cam has had games were he was on and off. But to me Cam will be the difference maker whether they Win it all this year. Because there’s no way Tre, RJ , and Zion are all going to be off in one night. 2 of the 4 and mainly RJ , Zion and Cam will not all 3 have off nights. I just don’t see them beaten when all 4 play well. And yes your right Syracuse won but Cam didn’t play , they really should only have 1 loss but 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. DeAndreDropEmOff

    Man where tf is SAS at?

  6. Whole Lotta Gang Shit

    I hate overhyping a college team then March comes around and then a favorite gets upset.

    • There’s a good chance they get upset

    • CPGoat #3

      +Broken King we’ll see

    • LeAndre Arnold

      andyv1 duke is going to the elite 8 or final four but I see them going to they natty, since they’ll be a #1 seed Jordan goldwire is going to get more pt Alex needs to shoot an same with jack but duke will be fine

    • SnapGoldfish

      Brah that’s the fun part about March. We hype up teams like UNC Kansas and them just so we can root for the underdog like middle Tennessee State to knock them off.

  7. Unpopular Popular Opinion

    I hate when people say “this should have been an L”. How about, Gonzaga should have been a W? No, it is what it is.

    • Its the same as saying «did you lose or did they win?»

    • ckendall67

      – It’s a common theme in sports media nowadays; even when you win….you still get covered and scrutinized to the point where they make sounds like you lost. Attitude these days is ‘every team is flawed’….even the ones that win convincingly. Nope, still have to find a ‘negative’ aspect or ‘weakness’ no matter what. Negativity sells, unfortunately.

  8. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    “Insert most unpopular opinion” – Will Cain’s Analyst Strategy

  9. Jayden413 !

    Cam Reddish super nice, the media sleeping on him smh

  10. Surf Surfing

    Will Cain, the bootleg Skip Bayless.

  11. Duke is number 1 in the Pomeroy rankings. Virgina is number 2. Gonzaga is 3rd. I don’t think they’re overrated.

    • I wanna know how the #1 team in the AP poll who beat Gonzaga on a neutral floor isn’t above them in those rankings then? Just shows those rankings aren’t very credible

    • +Luke M lol then you don’t know the track record of the Kenpom ratings. Check out past national champions and where they were in Kenpom ratings that year.

    • david boniface

      +Luke M The AP poll isn’t the end all be all of rankings

    • Matt S ??? That just shows that a national champion is typically a top 10 or 5 team which is almost common sense and doesn’t mean the AP is wrong. Show me where those rankings had the national champion as #1 midway through the season and the AP poll had it wrong

  12. Swae Slime

    overhyped? they had 5 of the top recruits are they supposed to be under hyped lol i don’t understand

  13. Chris Ludecke

    Will Cain obviously forgot 2015 and the talk about UK

    • Raghav Sriram

      UK fan here ubut facts

    • Chris Ludecke I was also thinking of those two 1 and done teams in 2015 while he was talking. Both of those teams were hyped but we missed out on a classic title game because UK choked.


    Max did not hype DUKE man. DUKE is an incredible team no two ways about it man……

    • He over hyped them. Ppl acted like they were better than 38-1 UK yet Duke can’t even blow teams out rn

    • Tommy High

      +тим nd who won it all that year in 2015🤔

  15. Smooth Operator

    That PG that wears #1 for Louisville is the reason that team lost…And the NERVE of him to take that last shot is beyond me… SMH

    I had no idea why the coach left him in there with the amount of turnovers he did in the final minutes,no full court pressure like Duke applied,poor coaching at its finest.

    • that’s what point shaving/rigging looks like my friend….this was a con job by both teams to make $ for Vegas.

    • Zen Master

      +Smooth Operator
      Wasn’t the worst final shot ever lol. Mainly because every card player was sped up and didn’t want the ball. Plus he had Goldwire guarding him, who played well defensively, but I’ll go against him as oppose to tre, rj, cam, or zion. So yea it was a good final shot in that regard.

    • Yea Cunningham 6 to

    • Anthony Lewis

      Smooth Operator I’m hurt of this lost ima Louisville fan and I’m from the town man

    • Travon Springs

      Exactly! The PG was clearly shook by the moment.

  16. Lorenzo Trentin

    I don’t get why you’re all assuming Zion is gonna end up in NYC.. It’s only 14% chances.. I hope it happens for the Knicks, but it’s very unlikely

  17. jon davis

    You just never know how college ball will turn out. Tennessee is ranked #1, but we all know Tenn really isn’t the top team in the nation.

  18. Sammy DeGuido

    Ummm coach K has been playing one and done, he won a title recently with a freshman team Jahili Okafor, Tyrus jones, Justice Winslow…. he has also had Jabari Parker, Austin Rivers, he had Tatum, Giles and last year they had Bagley, Wendell Carter JR, Gary Trent, Brandon Ingram…..duke has been playing the one and done game. Max needs to watch more college basketball

  19. Super saiyan 3 Roku

    Did somebody finally Mute Molly?

    Thank you my prayers have been answered….for one segment. 🙏

  20. Siilent_Wolf

    duke been playing the 1 and done game for 5 years now max and only have been to 1 final 4

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