First Take reacts to fan billboards recruiting LeBron James to Lakers | First Take | ESPN

First Take Reacts To Fan Billboards Recruiting LeBron James To Lakers | First Take | ESPN

RSS - First Take Reacts To Fan Billboards Recruiting LeBron James To Lakers | First Take | ESPN Sport News Today

First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the fan billboards recruiting LeBron James to Lakers.

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  1. Lugotorix

    Didn’t mention the billboards once…

    • Fernando Medina

      Lugotorix So true. I’m over First Take

    • neetrab

      I think they had the same topic right after the billboards came out and they barely talked about the billboards then,  I don’t get it.

    • Philly did it first anyway

    • People Watcher

      Lugotorix forgot about the billboard myself

  2. david benitez

    Ain’t nobody going to the Clippers

    • Chucky Justice

      david benitez *Lakers

    • Gabriel Arnett

      The Clippers will still be in the playoffs though, when the Lakers make the playoffs then we will talk bro.. I rather go on the Clippers over the Lakers anyday @David Benitez

    • Gucci Mane

      andre fernan yes put it these way… fucking illiterate moron

    • Alan Huarto

      Kushy of course you wouldn’t think the Clippers are contenders…your a Laker lol…brah if Clippers weren’t dealing so much injuries they would have been in the Playoffs and they will next season plus they got two first round draft picks with one of them could land top 10 and get either Collin Sexton or Trae Young while Lakers stuck with lonzo lol

  3. Kimberly Trafford

    Julius randle is actually a starter now SAS

    • Adam Leon

      Kimberly Trafford
      He’s been a starter since December LOL
      SAS is a tard

    • isidroundercover

      he doesn’t watch Laker game he just reads box scores

    • isiroundercover even if he reads the boxscores, starters and reserves are seperated from each other.

  4. Pláybòï Slàttîér

    Brandon Ingram will become a star very soon

    • Gilberto Dejesus

      Jon Swavyy he’s already a star , but he’ll be amazingly good in a couple of years!!!

  5. UFC is fake and rehearsed WWE is Real

    They should just renamed the show Lebron talk

    • Mosco Lebron/Cowboys

    •’s like Lebron and Lonzo are the only nba players

    • Rufaro Manjala NZ

      I know right, at least Rachel Nichols on the Jump regulates the ball stories and has other good stories

    • David Cespedes

      Mosco Not only this show, almost every sports show is a LeBron show

  6. Javian Johnson

    *smh IT caused the Cavs to take yet another L*

  7. Jordan Davis

    Julius Randle is finally playing how I thought he would’ve when he came outta college

    • Nfl Ref

      Jordan Davis didn’t see him in college. Don’t watch much college bball but I like it. He does get a little erratic when he’s in the paint but the way he’s playing dude is a 20 plus points and 10 plus rebounds

    • Certified Finest

      Nfl Ref he’s a mini Zach Randolph

    • Nfl Ref

      Certified Finest I think he’s more physical but less of a shooter

    • Certified Finest

      Nfl Ref tbh I think he started juicing. He‘s more muscular and stronger now with more energy. He was pretty out of shape last couple years

    • Nfl Ref

      Certified Finest no remember that magic said he wanted them to workout and Julius started to. There were videos of him working out hard. But i agree wasn’t big last few years. Didn’t he get hurt his first year.

  8. Joshua Prieto

    No thanks but thanks for the offer😊

  9. Call Me Mister

    Lakers need another star but the Clippers only need Jerry West LMAO.

  10. Little Jet CMB

    As a Lakers fan I must admit I don’t really want Lebron on the team

    • G Money

      If you want LeBron on the lakers, you are not apart of lakernation. We don’t need or want him and he shouldn’t want to come here, it’s a train wreck on both sides. Anyone who has played any real basketball can see this isn’t a good fit.

    • G Money

      thekid5037 “championship banners” you’re a fool if you think a 35 year old LeBron IN THE WEST=anything resembling a ring.

    • Ben H

      daveskatesallday LeBron averaged more in almost every category than what Kobe did with Shaq.

    • Ben H

      MusicMoney Management LeBron isn’t a big game preformer? He averages the most points ever in elimination games. Kobe averaged 21 points on 40% shooting in elimination games


    Lakers Fans DO NOT WANT Lebron! We want PG13 and 2019 KAwhi Leonard or ALL IN FOR Anthony Davis!

  12. Secretary of Cyber: FatfuckingLenny

    LeBron won’t go to the Lakers. He knows that Lakers fans will always see him as second best to Kobe.

    • Tá Ligado ?!

      Secretary of Cyber: FatfuckingLenny exactly and they are all wrong tbh btw

    • TheKingJason3

      3rd best because Magic was better than Kobe

  13. Daveon Pickett

    I’d love to see Lebron go to Philly and I’m a Laker fan.

  14. Stephen A.’s hairline is silly. Just cut it off already. Dudes hairline is on the top of his head rotfl.

  15. Teddy Abera

    We don’t want him that is kobe land bro…

  16. LemonBerri123

    honestly i woudn’t give up randle just to clear up space for a star, unless they can guarantee a top 3-5 player(bron most likely) because any other star(pg most likely) they require wouldn’t make them a contender. theyd be fighting for the lower seeds in the POs at best. id say pay randle, go the gsw route and let these young talented group of guys you have develop, draft smart, and sign solid veteran players to build a strong bench. of course its on Luke Walton to build a system but i think he can do it. magic just needs to have the mindset that its a marathon, not a sprint and this laker team can be special in 4 years or so.

    • they already have space for 2 stars after the clarkson and nance trade

  17. lboog081284

    Been a diehard Lakers fan since diapers… don’t want LeBron.

    Give me Giannis or Anthony Davis.

  18. Frankie Russell

    *Like Kobe said, Lakers shouldn’t have to beg players to play for them. Their prostege speaks for itself?*

    • Cherechi Osisioma

      Frankie Russell lol. You edited and still misspelled “prestige”

  19. I’d pick orange Julius over LeBron I don’t want 2rings with LeBron I want to see these young Lakers together for the next decade!

    • Certified Finest

      kuroashi Sanji Lebron washed up

    • zaher That’s what I’m saying but with the Sixers. I’d rather win 1 ring with Ben and JoJo than win 3 with LeBron

    • King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me

      Certified Finest Lebron is not washed up dumbass

  20. Will 2k

    What if it’s Lebron and Anthony Davis to the lakers instead of George 🤔

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