Frank Howard’s trip of Zion Williamson evokes different reactions | College Basketball Sound

Frank Howard's Trip Of Zion Williamson Evokes Different Reactions | College Basketball Sound

RSS - Frank Howard's Trip Of Zion Williamson Evokes Different Reactions | College Basketball Sound Sport News Today

After Syracuse's Frank Howard holds his leg out to trip Duke's Zion Williamson in the first half of the ACC quarterfinal match up, ESPN's Jay Williams and Jay Bilas react while Howard and Orange head coach Jim Boeheim weigh in.

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  1. Sonny Bocala Jr.

    No trip my arse Jim! You need new 👓 if you didn’t see that after all the videos.

    • Welcome To Another Day !

      He’s full of sh** and he knows it. Not a good example to set for players. But now makes sense why they act out like this

  2. Cali Greene

    That’s nasty bruh and that coach should be ashamed of himself!!

    • Matthew Chandler

      +Carolina1413 wow, talk about pure bias… people hate boeheim because he doesn’t sugar coat. P.s. grayson Allen may have done similar things multiple times, but he’s a saint

    • Carolina1413

      Matthew Chandler. Pure bias?? Lol The coach lied plain and simple

    • Matthew Chandler

      +Carolina1413 explain, don’t just make accusations. Then we can talk

    • Matthew Chandler

      So in your heads, what’s the punishment for the coach of the player? Cause whatever you say applies to coach k a couple years ago with grayson… ban him? Retract all wins? Applies to both… apparently coach k and Jimmy b are scumbags

  3. LeeTravius Mckay

    Now if Zion put his hands on Frank then he would be in the wrong

  4. TJ Smith

    Reminds me of Grayson “Tripper” Allen

  5. Gordon Tseng

    If someone robbed a bank intentionally would he tell everyone “Oh yah I did plan to rob the bank” 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. jaqen H'ghar

    obviously clear in the footage hes trying to trip him

    • Matt Burns

      he’s tryin to turn sideways to slide between 2 Duke niggas watch it again

  7. Knoda G

    Why do people still think RJ or Morant can go #1 they must of forgot about Zion!!!! He’s back n March madness gonna be a blast!!!

    • justa nother

      Must *have

    • 47 til infinity

      Depends on who gets the first pick

    • Bryce Coulter

      Knoda G i never heard someone say ja morant should or will go #1, i’ve only heard people say 3-5 pick but i get your point lol

    • voodoochild346

      Because RJ might translate better to the NBA. I haven’t watched much college this year but it might be another Durant versus Oden situation when Oden was getting all the hype but people like me were saying that KD was always the better player. We’ll see.

  8. Sovereign

    Dirty play Howard 🖕

  9. Bruce Bruce

    “I didn’t wait 4 years to start tripping people”
    *BUT* you did because you knew what was going to happen in the end! 😂😂😂

    • Increase

      It would’ve been better for the player and coach to just say nothing, an obvious trip attempt. Same coach that recently “accidentally” killed someone with his car. Not a good look for the Orange.

    • patrick y

      4yrs is THE perfect time to trip ppl….you wont get suspended next year

  10. Chitown Kid

    He tried to hurt him

  11. Bruce Bruce

    I guess Coach Boeheim didn’t see that trip like he didn’t see that man on the highway. 😒 Professional liar.

    • Matthew Chandler

      +Jeremy Stark you’re right, your opinion of a situation you know nothing about is what matters. Lock him up!

    • Matthew Chandler

      +Jeremy Stark me the troll? Look at your comments

    • sbrute66

      I’m glad someone said it. Noooo respect for coach and player. He did it, then lied to our faces about it…smh

    • Matthew Chandler

      +Jeremy Stark don’t act like you aren’t accusing…. look at that comment.

  12. Howard clearly not just moved his foot forward as Zion made his way back, but he flexed his foot to move his toes up. It wasn’t a normal range of motion to flex his foot upward like that. He was trying to be low key about it and since Zion collected himself and remained upright, there was no video review. Howard tried to play it off with the fake hand gesture. He did the same crap to Tre Jones the first Duke game when Tre was dominating. Howard threw his body into Tre’s shoulder after Tre came up with his 4th steal. Howard is a punk who reverts to dirty tactics the moment he realizes he can’t win the right way. “If I cant beat them I’ll hurt them” is his motto.

  13. Trojan Torrez

    Nothing there Jim! HUH?? Just like the man you ran over last month was not there either. You lying MURDER!

  14. Bruce Davis

    Jim Boheim is a liar he clearly try to trip him

    • Anthony Mercado

      Bruce Davis dude people at like a trip is a punch . If you get injured at a indoor court your weak & have week ankles or legs . I have been tackled way hard with no equipment on many times never got injured just a few bruises a very few times from the ground .

    • The Knights Who Say Nii

      +Anthony Mercado

      Shut your dumbass up idiot lol.
      You got any decency in you?

    • William Collins

      Gave Boeheim some slack about the accident , but this little deal really changed my mind. He may be a killer and yes the playback showed clearly that anybody with a brain and a real heart would see that trip by the thug who should now be traveling home waiting for his permanent suspension from basketball.

    • Bruce Davis

      Anthony Mercado the point I was making is the trip was obvious and Boheim is a Liar

  15. fameisnttheanswer

    Coach Boeheim “ It was a bump “ omg you need some new glasses….

    • JonBernard41

      fameisnttheanswer didn’t coach Boeheim “BUMP” someone recently?

  16. mickel houser

    He is lucky zion didn’t take his foot off. You can’t trip a train.

  17. Bill Blass

    lol thick boi Zion just walked thru them skinny legs

  18. braiden45

    “Jay Williams on Grayson Allen: “I like the fact that he trips people, why not. Be a villain.” ” ….Why you LYING Jay LOL??!!

    • kingsaco

      Facts, here is the entire quote. Here’s Williams in 2017 on Allen:

      “You know what, I’m over it. I like the fact that he trips people. Why not? Be a villain. Enjoy it. I’m not saying it’s right, but I will say sometimes there’s a tendency to overreact because as a Duke player you’re always hated against. People always telling you that you’re soft. You’re a choir boy.”

    • Grant420

      Lol that’s funny but tripping players is cheap

    • Matthew Chandler

      +kingsaco does that make it better? He’s still saying the same thing. If its acceptable for grayson then its acceptable for Frank. (P.s. I don’t condone this)

    • kingsaco

      +Matthew Chandler Its makes him look and sound bad. It’s a contradictory statement.

  19. Dubois Watkins

    These dudes talking like there isn’t a bunch of cameras on the court

    • Chris D

      They trying the jedi mind trick on us. 😄 You didnt see what them cameras showed.

    • urgirlswidme

      He probably saying that wasn’t me on the camera

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