Freeride World Tour Full Highlights From Kicking Horse, Canada

Freeride World Tour Full Highlights From Kicking Horse, Canada

RSS - Freeride World Tour Full Highlights From Kicking Horse, Canada Sport News Today

Things got rowdy on the other side of the pond in Kicking Horse, BC, Canada as the Freeride World Tour went down for its second stop.

Expect big jumps, cool corks and high drops from this recap when the worlds greatest freerides enter the FTW in Canada.

► Watch the rides from professional snowboarder Victor De Le Rue, freeride skier Jacqueline Pollard and French snowboarder Marion Haerty:

Freeride World Tour is a five-stop international competition against the best freeriders in the world. It’s an adrenaline-pumping competition that is held in the most challenging alpine faces where the rules are simple: best run-down wins.

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    Heyy adamın

  3. Süleyman.


  4. 1000 subscribers without videos

    Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    Some Wear Adidas!

  5. Demal Pasic


  6. good lucky 2.0


  7. TV Productions

    Where’s Travis rice

    • Chief Cungüs

      TV Productions he was invited to the rest of the tour but declined for personal reasons. only did hakuba

  8. Philip Greußing


  9. 👍👌🇬🇷

  10. Michael Corsetto

    anyway someone from Red Bull can upload the footage from Jackson Hole today onto this youtube page??

  11. Frederik Hammer

    6:01 “in the bumhole, but no problem for her”

  12. Doc. Lukas


  13. Peter Sherwood

    11:37 is when the men’s skiing starts, in case you just care about skiing as I do.

  14. Christian Laichinger


  15. Tino Glatzel

    The heli perspective on this event is amazing! Huge props, always appreciate some good filming!


    I know the announcer

  17. Robin Slieker

    Overhyped commentating is laughable

  18. Men’s ski was the most exciting to watch

  19. 15:46 . holy mother of god

  20. Just Enjoy

    *Всем читающим этот коммент ,крепкого здоровья, исполнения желаний и всех благ!* ❤️

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