Giants trade Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns and send shock waves through the NFL | ESPN Voices

Giants Trade Odell Beckham Jr. To The Browns And Send Shock Waves Through The NFL | ESPN Voices

RSS - Giants Trade Odell Beckham Jr. To The Browns And Send Shock Waves Through The NFL | ESPN Voices Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith, Josina Anderson, Adam Schefter, Jalen Rose and more weigh in on the monumental trade of Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns and the implications it has on the New York Giants.

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  1. j0epark1

    When the off-season has more waves than the Super Bowl

  2. LeeTravius Mckay

    Odell to the browns is the biggest topic because nobody expected this

    • Jacob Isenberg

      +Jeremy Burkhart if you consider duke johnson a weapon, then every nfl team has at least 5 weapons.

    • Jeremy Burkhart

      Jacob Isenberg duke is a beast…you mad about all this obj talk to huh lol…its ok #boohoo

    • Mrberry11 Gaming

      ^Haha this guy makes a list of players and one person decides to argue about one player on the list. This is what makes people like you all look like retards lmao😂

    • Raymond Upenieks

      +Soul Vune I bet but must be hard when Twitter knew first. Part of the job but Browns got great base for team now. In the end best thing for him.

    • Raymond Upenieks

      +marcus howard I can imagine, when I saw on Twitter was shocking. So unexpected…but for Browns fans definitely a huge deal.

  3. LeeTravius Mckay

    Afc look out because this browns team is going to make huge noise

    • Kenny Wilburn

      +Kronic Impulse I’ve been on a roll the last 6 years as far as a fan and going to the games! My father lives in K.C. my mothers side is in Cleveland. Went to one K.C. royals world series game sat next e-40 (he’s a old school rapper) they win the world series! 3 months later I’m living in Cleveland, i get a job at the company the serves food for all 3 statiums Cavs, Indians, Browns. Cavs win it all 2016, everyone who works at the Q gets a fake Championship ring, but it looks real, then i attend in downtown Cleveland the biggest freakin parade ive ever seen even on t.v.! So just when i think all the excitement is over these fools the Cleveland Indians make it to the world series! Freakin Bill Murry is sitting 3 rows down from the lounge im cooking in come to see his sorry cubs get whoop on (so i thought) i rubbed the pennet trophy, you digg! So guess, just guess where im living as we speak…….thats right, Kansas City, Missouri, home of the freakin Chiefs! I’m saying all that to show you how my mystical type logic are gonna over whelm your ridiculous stats my friend. Oh did i mention, when i lived in Cleveland the minor league hockey team from Cleveland also won the cup! The MMA Champion was also from Cleveland! He was in the car with kevin love at the parade. All 3 in 2016 plus the indians making it to the world series because of my presence! Go Chiefs!

    • Kronic Impulse

      Kenny Wilburn That was an interesting story and all and no offense but what does any of that have to do with what I’ve been talking about lol

    • Anthony Mercado

      LeeTravius Mckay yea but patriots or chiefs still running the AFC .

    • LeeTravius Mckay

      +Anthony Mercado ok

    • Kenny Wilburn

      +Kronic Impulse i said all that to say when im personally there cheering on a team and i actually live in that city, team usually goes all the way, so….
      Look forward to seeing the Kansas City Chiefs in the Superbowl next season.

  4. Michael Jordan

    The browns has the best WR duo of OBJ and Landry

    • NLMB GBE

      +marty chambers y’all think y’all really know Odell huh lol

    • marty chambers

      +NLMB GBE do you watch giants football and keep up Wit h TMZ yeah okay then its okay I said you both were right . the browns are AFC north champ and no longer a laughing stock I’m proud of y’all

    • Jacob Isenberg

      cooks and woods are pretty solid you know.

    • Mrberry11 Gaming

      David Hicks Typical salty Giants fan trying to make OBJ look as if he’s Antonio Brown

  5. Al Jefferzone

    Baker and Odell will be in the Super Bowl.

  6. Jan-Michael Vincent

    The Giants front office must be smokin some of the good stuff 😂😂

    • billy fraiser

      It’s funny, because I can tell who is and isn’t a Giants fan or watches the Giants. All us Giants fans are so happy Odell is gone. He was such a huge cancer and distraction. He cost us more games than helped us win, he is injury prone. He’s going to ruin Mayfield….. just you watch and see. We’ve been wanting Odell gone for a while now… the Giants are much better off without him.

    • Patrick Kerner

      Good move for Giants, wait and see!

    • Giantsfan4life

      dave Gettleman explaining the odell trade🤣

    • Tyler Jennings

      Smoking that regular

  7. Michael Jordan

    Fellas don’t be surprised if the raiders and browns make it to the playoffs, Just saying.. This season will be lit

    • Soul Vune

      NP2 NPC exactly what i’m saying

    • Akame Kurama

      Raiders won’t even have a winning record in that div, STOOOOP

    • Steve Lane

      +Soul Vune Mike Trout is the best player in baseball and a great leader. They have made the playoffs once in 7 years. Lebron is the best player in basketball. The lakers will miss the playoffs this year. I disagree. One player may make a big impact, but one player, especially in football can not make or break a team. You need a good front office, good coaches and at least a handful of great players.

    • Hunter Parker

      +Soul Vune You’ve seen to many Disney movies… 😂

    • Kenny Wilburn

      Raiders, Browns and Chiefs gonna be the best games to watch this season

  8. The Josh O Show

    The whole Giants organization is canceled fam 😂

    -Josh Otusanya

    • Tristan DeJesus


    • billy fraiser

      I’m a Giants fan and im so happy Odell is gone. But he’s going to ruin Mayfield. Odell is injury prone and is very selfish, a distraction and a cancer on the team. As a Giants fan, I’ve been WANTING Odell gone for a few years now….. he has cost the Giants more games than helped them win. The Giants are so much better without him.

    • Patrick Kerner

      No player above Team Ball!

    • Mad_Intalect

      +billy fraiser You mad bruh?? smh. Giants front office is going to destroy this team.

  9. Bruce Lehman

    I forget who it was but, I think it was Steven A. Smith who said yhis would happen weeks ago.

  10. As a Giants fan I’m happy for Odell, we wasted a lot of his good years (Eli too) on bad team management. Not really a fan of Mayfield but I hope they all do well in the post season, 💯 thanks Odell 👌🏾.

    • Nick Graf

      Good Krypollo They have Saquon and are probably going to draft a receiver within the first 3 rounds, maybe even a QB. They’ll win some games, not many though.

    • Buckeye4life 440

      Cormel Why don’t you like Baker you jerk? Are you just jealous because Eli sucks and the Giants are trash?

    • Mel blose

      +Good Krypollo preach!!!!! Odell took that team to new heights

    • Leila Febus

      EVO X wanna bet

    • Buckeye4life 440

      Lol, no not really. I think he’s good but I don’t watch him enough to be a fan. Plus his fanbase is pretty annoying. I’m a fan of Goff & Mahomes though.

  11. Zakarias De Leon

    I think its safe to say we’re all lowkey happy for the Browns

  12. Anthony Smith

    John Dorsey doing work over in Cleveland

  13. NP2 NPC

    Browns are about to be the littest team in the league.

    • Chris Boe

      +Slime Peso they haven’t done anything yet, people are so hyped just cuz they got Odell. They have a lot of talent, I’ll give them that. But they also have a new coach, coaching matters a lot in football. We’ll see but I wouldn’t be surprised if either way

    • Chris Boe

      +Kronic Impulse we’ll see. I think they have a shot at winning the division, but everyone’s talking about them like they’re super bowl contenders

    • Kronic Impulse

      D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX Aww did what I say hurt your feelings? Haha stfu clown

    • Tracy Funk

      +Chris Boe I believe every team in the NFL is a Superbowl contender, every year, until they prove otherwise, or unless they’re the NY Giants, who tank in March.

  14. JAY JAY

    we aint gon here of the ny giants for while just watch

  15. Big Daddy Mark

    I feel bad for Saquon now. He’s basically in a Barry Sanders situation now (not that he’s as good as Barry yet obviously).

    • Bill Blass

      Big Daddy Mark Barkley was overrated apparently. He was inefficient and all his production came in garbage time, according to internet. We will see

    • Hunter Parker

      Stealing will cains hot takes today 😂

    • Nick Graf

      Bill Blass Idk if you’re making a joke, hard to tell over the internet, but Saquon’s opportunities were sometimes limited late in games to keep him from winning games for NY and ruining their tank.

    • Beary Bear

      +Sarconthewolf , lol, rebuilding, he is a second year player, wtf would they get rid of him, wow, get rid of Eli and start the process,

    • Sarconthewolf

      +Beary Bear Eli was never the problem. The lack of coaching and acquiring offensive linemen was the problem. Not putting down bad behavior from Beckham immediately was the problem. The lack of finding talented defensive players was the problem. Most of my comments were sarcastic in nature. But I’m starting to rethink on Beckham. I now believe he should have been trade before they resigned him. He caused enough trouble according to some. He is a great player, but let that get to his head. He wasn’t ready for stardom. It cost him a Giant spot on the roster.

  16. Good Krypollo

    No one cares about your text session with OBJ lady damn.

    • Charlie G

      They trying to blame her interview with him and lil wayne for the trade she’s protecting herself lol

    • Good Krypollo

      +Charlie G Oh please no one believes her interview is the reason OBJ was traded. Cleveland is perfect for him he wanted to go there. His teammate Landry is there.

    • Charlie G

      +Good Krypollo yeah i love the pick up for Cleveland they going for it all John Dorsey already GM of the year

    • Good Krypollo

      +Charlie G He should be. Im not even a Browns fan lol but I want to be

    • Charlie G

      +Good Krypollo not a browns fan neither just glad they competitive for a change hope they win just not against my team lol

  17. Huge Jackson is somewhere cursing as we speak

    • Hunter Parker

      No, he’s not… he went 3-36 and got another job the next week of his firing. Only in America 😂

    • teejay Trujillo

      It wouldn’t matter since he would still play the backup 23/22/1 QB and keep Baker sitting based on race.

  18. Chester Wilson Jr.

    I got to be honest the Cleveland Browns are in win now mode with this move!

  19. Spencer Mitchell

    That woman clearly just wants us all to know she has his number

    • Mario The Menace

      Spencer Mitchell i know like damn can you let us know how much more times you been on the phone with him

  20. Melvin Hernandez

    Stephen A smith: in 5 years the steelers will still be better than the browns.

    Giants front office: 😂😂

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