How concerning is Kawhi Leonard’s health as Lakers, Celtics, more consider trade? | The Jump | ESPN

How Concerning Is Kawhi Leonard's Health As Lakers, Celtics, More Consider Trade? | The Jump | ESPN

RSS - How Concerning Is Kawhi Leonard's Health As Lakers, Celtics, More Consider Trade? | The Jump | ESPN Sport News Today

Rachel Nichols, Kevin Arnovitz and Zach Lowe break down one of the more under-discussed aspects of the Kawhi Leonard situation as teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers ponder trading for the San Antonio Spurs star: his health.

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  1. Lil Dagga

    Spurs fans been showing they true colors lately, I thought they were above the bs guess not

    • Wesley Bell

      KJ for real, preach

    • Wesley Bell

      Lazy M91 but still in the playoffs every year with guys who can’t play. Good luck to your team

    • maurice ballard

      Hunter Gillespie Spurs fans at least real ones dont care. He wont be the first and wont be the last. Whole lot of in house talent and knowing how Spurs development goes, Dejounte Murray will be better than Kwahi. Folks seem to forgey Kwahi only became a scorer 2 yrs ago he was allowed to sit and grow and this is the thanks Spurs get? Fk him the grass wont be greener on the other side cause in LA you gonna have to have a personality.

  2. Paul Bearer

    Celtics should not even consider trading for Kawhi. Their two best players are already recovering from injuries, why would you want to add another star whose health is in question? Not to mention they really don’t need him at all.

    • KyGoat SwIrving

      Garry Wallah what rock did you crawl from under. Celtics trash? Far from it fat boy

    • Garry Wallah

      they’re rubbish, Choked up big time in conference finals it’s all over for them going forward with two injury prone “stars”. If they played in the West they would be a .500 team at best

    • LTD MC

      Not to mention he won’t resign

    • IVORY !

      The LEAGUE OBVIOSULY don’t want Lakers back to winning championships. Let the fools in Boston trade their team for him, let’s see how ingured Kyrie, injured Gordan, and injured Kawhi fare next year. We’ll be enjoying PG, LABron, and our young core.

    • Surrealist

      Garry Wallah yeah stop lying to yourself. They just had a horrible shooting night on game 7, WITHOUT their two best players. And Gordon isn’t really injury prone but ok..

  3. Siang C

    Lakers should all in for PG and Bron. These 2 with the young sidekicks are enough to challenge the Rockets and Warriors. They had to give up the young talents to get Kawhi from Spurs and thats not worth it.

    • TheGalaxyfilmtwo

      dude yall stop this fuckry, PG n Kyrie are comparable players, arguably PG is better defensively and kyrie offensively but still over all it generally balances out. The lakers have no one with K Love’s 3 point production or defense. None of their players have even been to the playoffs before…. If PG n lebron go into the WC playoffs if they meet the pelicans(assuming boogie), warriors, rockets or jazz (assuming healthy) they lose, sorry to say but straight up. That lakers team’s biggest nightmare will be any team with competent defense n a 3 point shot. A third star with good defense is needed

    • Paul Bearer

      It all depends on playoff P lol. Last season with OKC didn’t convince me that PG is the missing piece Lebron needs to beat the warriors. I don’t know how Lebron would react if PG only scored 5 points in a playoff game

    • Garry Wallah

      LOL we don’t want to “challenge” we want to win..

    • Rubi kino

      AGREED, They should keep their young talents (Randle included) and make a big push for LBJ +PG13 , the Lakers would be better than most people think.

    • Luis Velador

      Yea i somewhat agree it would be 3 great stars and and pretty much no depth but could still knock out rockets or warriors.
      Problem is without kawhi lakers wouldnt be ready to compete with warriors or rockets next season.

  4. Is she capable of letting someone complete a sentence without interrupting them?

  5. YouCanCallMeReTro

    Boston’s front office makes me so proud to be a fan. Always in the conversation but never really that interested. They hold all the cards.

  6. Thinking Crypto

    Just push for PG & Bron and keep the young group in tack – let Kwahi come in 2019 on his own

    • erniedawg

      YES. THANK YOU. Keep that young squad!

    • What’s all the fuss about Leonard?! Back then, If I remember correctly, the media clearly stated that Kawhi was just a “Spurs” system player that’s why he was not MVP worthy. Perhaps it’s a fact, I cannot recall a single player that did better after leaving the Spurs organization.

    • ivan hughes

      Thinking Crypto that is exactly what i would do. Pg bron and young group is enough to build a good team. Kawhi can continue to heal and come as free agent

    • Jackie Robinson

      Thinking Crypto nobody want to go through these theatrics next year get it done now and let draft pics get some shine

    • Sixtus

      Zenigundam The fact you didn’t mention TT leads me to believe you don’t watch much basketball, or Lakers games for that matter. If that’s really you in your dp, Randle wouldn’t find it difficult to crush you with one hand bruh.

  7. Slime Peso

    funny how boston is concerned about kawhi health but did IT dirty…they also new about kyries surgery/injury too

    • Frozilla15

      Slime Pancho IT chose to play, he is responsible.

    • Slime Peso

      Frozilla15 ok but he still wanted to play for them boston was wrong for trading him even if he was coming off injury…how u gon be concerned bout kawhi but not IT

    • shushishane

      Slime Pancho, there is nothing funny about it; they just don’t want to deal with a fourth injured player situation ( IT, Hayward and Kyrie ).

    • ivan hughes

      Slime Pancho you get to trade i.t for kyrie you do that in a heart beat. He was talking bout getting max money. Aint no way he worth anywhere near that. Boston made all the right moves. Dont let feelings get in the way.

    • Omarni Karnley Jarbie

      Slime Pancho I.T wasn’t gonna do anything this season for the Celtics he still would be useless to us so it doesn’t fucking matter

  8. deon brinson


  9. 121212

    When Rachel gets excited it feels like she is birthing a baby when she talks

  10. Michael Roman

    I think it’s laughable these teams would want to invest it all in a guy who Derrick Rosed his team. They also don’t know if he’s healthy.

  11. How can there be a sweepstakes for Kawhi if the injury question isn’t answered yet? If I’m someone interested in him, that’s the first question I want answered.

  12. James Ber

    It is funny how Kawhi mistrusts the Spurs’ medical staff for supposedly misdiagnosing his injury but has not released any diagnosis from his doctors in New York. How can you claim misdiagnosis without another diagnosis? How can you rehab correctly if you don’t even know what your injury is and at the same time blame the training staff for mishandling the injury?

    • James Ber

      From the Spurs perspective they obviously did not misdiagnose him. I guess you were living in a cave when Parker, Popovich, Manu made their statements as well as the players only meeting when they confronted Kawhi? Wait, have you heard of other players that claimed to be injured but did not get his diagnosis released? Name one. It is to his best interest to let others know what his true injury is, if at all he has a diagnosis from his personal doctor, because a lot of people have been questioning whether he was/is really injured, his Spurs teammates included.

    • Pre Law

      James Ber Have you been in a cave? Everything you just said why he wants to be traded. As far as the true diagnosis goes, I do not know what it is. I guarantee you the Spurs do. Which is why he lost trust for them. He told them everything & they betrayed him publicly. I followed this relatively close. This is why Pop flew to Cali and got on his knees & begged him to stay. They lied. Woj reported he was pissed because after dragging his name through the mud, he showed them the diagnosis made by his personal doctors in NY and they still didn’t retract their statements. The Spurs did everything they could to get him on the court & had no actual respect for him or his health, thus starting all of this LA talk.

    • James Ber

      If there is a true definitive diagnosis, it would have been out by now. No other player besides Kawhi has had a lingering injury that wasn’t made public, specially with allegations that the team’s medical staff misdiagnosed his condition. The fact of the matter is, if the Spurs believe Kawhi was misdiagnosed, the medical team would have been fired by now.

    • Pre Law

      James Ber Markelle Fultz comes to mind. Also Kawhi isn’t like any other player, the man doesn’t even have an agent lol

    • James Ber

      Markelle Fultz had a scapular musle imbalance according to then Sixers GM Colangelo. So again, what is Kawhi’s injury if it isn’t what the Spurs says it is? No reason for this not to be revealed specially with accusations that Kawhi is pretty much bailing out on the Spurs? Unless you can definitively tell me what Kawhi’s injury is, then you cannot claim he was misdiagnosed.

  13. Joseph Daniel Batino

    What if this is all a final grand masterplan by Popovich before he retires. If the Lakers trade all their young guns for an injured Kawhi and then the following year 2019 a 100% healthy Kahwi joins the Spurs again , Magic and Pelinka will have to kill themselves.

  14. Maximus Prime

    the win/win situation is getting Paul and Bron and keeping all the young ones

  15. Maximus Prime

    never thought I’d get sick of basketball…but all this drama and losing this young Lakers core. is really losing my fandom!!!

  16. erniedawg

    ESPN you’re late I’ve been saying this for a weeks.🤫

  17. erniedawg

    Go for PG and Bron, keep the young laker squad. Let Kawhi come on his own 2019.

  18. edo ohanyan

    La please pass on this guy, we have enough cap space to get george and lebron and keep our young core, i much rather have that than give up the farm for kawhi, what if he is never 100% who can guarantee that he will ever be. Stay the course Lakers lets not panick, as a hardcore fan im willing to wait and will still go to games to watch our young become all stars

  19. Roger Hernandez

    Please trade leonard my spurs dont need him cuz he did suffer a serious injury, we need to trade him 4 the young one’$ like ingram and kuzma!

  20. Philip George

    Kawhi’s injury is tied to him being in San Antonio. Once he leaves and goes to a new city, he’ll be completely healed and back to playing at 100%, it’ll be like a miracle!

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