“I feel sorry I didn’t run to him!” Heung-min Son and Jan Vertonghen react to Spurs 3-0 Dortmund

"I Feel Sorry I Didn't Run To Him!" Heung-min Son And Jan Vertonghen React To Spurs 3-0 Dortmund

RSS - "I Feel Sorry I Didn't Run To Him!" Heung-min Son And Jan Vertonghen React To Spurs 3-0 Dortmund Sport News Today

Heung-min Son and Jan Vertonghen react to Spurs' brilliant 3-0 win over Dortmund, with the pair stealing the show at Wembley.

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  1. taylor christie

    Vertonghen is the most underrated defender in the world🙌

  2. Rohan Sangha

    Best night for a while. COYS

  3. Ronan Gray

    Well played Spurs really shut up the doubters

  4. Son has a very infectious personality

  5. heung min son is easily one of the most underrated players in the league

    • Phillip Lumsden

      He is one of the best too. He is better than Mahrez at man city for sure. And other wise from Hazard, mane, or sane, I’d take him or Zaha from crystal palace.

    • He and bernardo silva

    • Diwa Alejandro Galvez

      He’s the best Asian player, but he’s rated about right by most. ESPN is the one that underrates him. Others, like The Guardian, are fair.

    • United Man

      Real Madrid must recruit Son Heung-min.

    • United Man stretched it

  6. Sensual Cranjuice

    Sissoko is so underrated, that guy is a brilliant midfielder. Great player

  7. Citizen Dildo

    Again, it’s a real pleasure .

  8. Pikachu LV

    0:43Legends say that Vertonghen is still fixing his hair

  9. Harvester

    Vertonghen sounds like he’s from the borough

  10. Katherine Cass

    Love both these guys. COYS 💙

  11. Son is a legend

  12. Jimmy Smith

    Love Son

  13. Neymar Jr

    I’m actually in love with son, he’s AMAZING

  14. 1:26 that laugh he was gonna choke 😏😁😂

  15. Clay Bones

    I love Son so much.

  16. Juvenilejsi

    Son always gives credit to his team mate when the interviewer praises him, what a humble player…

  17. Son could score 30 goals this year..!

  18. the seal of orichalcos

    Really hard to hate son.

  19. Los Angels

    Son…Why is he even humble?

  20. Son is just a ghost following Dortmund. Whenever he plays against Dortmund, whether Bundesliga with Leverkusen and Hamburg or not, he always manages to disrupt them lol

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