“I’m just happy to play in front of my family” Jadon Sancho reflects on Wembley return

"I'm Just Happy To Play In Front Of My Family" Jadon Sancho Reflects On Wembley Return

RSS - "I'm Just Happy To Play In Front Of My Family" Jadon Sancho Reflects On Wembley Return Sport News Today

Borussia Dortmund's Jadon Sancho talks to BT Sport's Des Kelly following his side's 3-0 defeat to Tottenham in their Champions League last 16 first leg clash.

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  1. Sanchooo

  2. Top player, unfortunately he has clowns like pulisic and gotze alongside him. Pulisic is destined to be another Jorginho in the premier league. Big shame that Reus was injured

    • James Hetfield

      Gotze is playing out of position because Dortmund’s two top goalscorers are injured rn. Rues and Paco> Alli and Kane

    • Dihan Islam

      Plz STFU

    • ZigzagNemesis

      Dortmund fans will say that they were missing Reus but that excuse goes out the window when they realise that Tottenham were missing Kane and Alli. lol

  3. He seems like a nice guy uno

  4. King Oxly

    Unlucky,son, looked class in the first half but Vertonghen is a world class defender, even the best would struggle

  5. georgew01

    One bad game against a brilliant Spurs and people calling him overrated already. Talk about being reactionary.

    • officialdownload4

      Robert Pires no final ball? His cross met his team mate which should have ended in the back of the net, easy header. Also he has 11 assists at 18..

    • Sancho won’t the best, Rashford is already the BEST English player in the world!!

    • Yossarian

      +cmc 14 Yeah, he has a great final ball. When he runs at players he always keeps his head up, so he sees things much quicker than most players with his level of dribbling skills. But his passing was off last night.

  6. 100 subscribers with no videos person

    How is pulisic at dortmund

    • Shocking player, he will flop just like Jorginho

    • Yurhomi 24

      Yidboy 1997 yes, we are the best club at signing mediocre-garbage players. Look at Drinkwater and Barkley lmao, we’ve made an absolute mess of our signings


      Yidboy 1997 I don’t think he will be as bad as Jorginho because that’s near impossible but I agree that I don’t think he’s going to do as well as his expectations.

  7. Still sounds like he just got out of year 9 🤣😂

    • Rohan M don’t know any year 9s that have a voice like that but okaaaay 🙄

    • NUTHINGX the joke is he sounds like a wannabe chav/roadman 🙄

    • Official Kyz

      Rohan M how does he sound like a chav or roadman?? Have u just run out of things to criticise him about?🤔

    • Rohan M are u disabled he grew up in south London that’s how bare man speak

  8. Skyfrost 13

    I cant believe that people dont know what overrated means😂😂😂people just frivolously say overrated when a player has one bad game.lmao

  9. Mirage Mashud

    Spoken like a true North Londoner

  10. Jack Webb

    First two words from interviewers mouth “what happened” savage

  11. Elemonator

    One loss and apparently he’s overrated.

  12. Tottenham fan saying this. Jadon Sancho ripped us apart in the first half

  13. Respectful young lad, even after a 3-0 loss. Its these types of people I always hope succeed in football.

  14. dazzaburger

    He’s good in an okay league if he came back to the PL he would struggle

    • Tobias Hock

      dazzaburger he‘s 18 mate. He‘ll take the pl by storm when he‘s back. Mark my words.

    • ManUTD 4Life

      dazzaburger Yh lets see if he can do it on a rainy Tuesday night in Stoke😂


    For anyone to say that Sancho is overrated is either jelous or has no idea of his potential.

  16. Light Bearer

    Dortmund were awful. They never looked a threat. It was men against boys really.

  17. Hamza Abdi

    Don’t understand how people expect a 18 year old to carry a team? Really good 1st Half but Spurs were a lot more organised 2nd Half. Great future ahead hopefully 👊🏽

    • Harry Palmer

      Hamza Abdi
      True fact

    • Tabishe Arshad

      Hamza Abdi no one expects him to carry the team – but when people say he could be the best in the world, because he has played well for half a season, then he should carry the team.

      He is overhyped by the British media

  18. Jamie Bushby

    of course people blame the English player lol

  19. Big Daddy Toyota Corola

    was at the game. didnt even know he was playing

  20. Anonymaus

    Embarrassing that the likes of Spurs destroyed Dortmund. Bundesliga should hide itself in shame. Also, Sancho is overrated as hell by Sky who desperately want an english darling to succeed.

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