Is signing Kareem Hunt the wrong move for the Browns? | Get Up!

Is Signing Kareem Hunt The Wrong Move For The Browns? | Get Up!

RSS - Is Signing Kareem Hunt The Wrong Move For The Browns? | Get Up! Sport News Today

Mike Greenberg, Maria Taylor and Dan Orlovsky examine the message being sent by the Cleveland Browns after signing RB Kareem Hunt amid the NFL investigating his alleged assault incident.

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  1. I know beadle and molly mad as hell 😂

  2. 21JulioJonesMahomes21

    Ray Rice is that point of no return…

  3. She’s mad mad. FOH

  4. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    I respect the Browns.. They want to WIN.. Not be the PC Police

    • BootherJr

      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers Even tho CLE Police department sided with Hunt lol

  5. Jeremie Kezi

    🤔🤔 what are these journalists talking about? It called second chances for a reason. Everyone deserve a second chance. Period.

  6. Lets be honest everyone… the video was not that bad. Not bad enough for a life long ban compared to people like joe mixon

    • Especially considering the fact that he was called a racial slur

    • Kathryn Dorsey

      Austin S Agree. in fact, I feel like this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I’ve seen crazier brawls between men and women outside of nightclubs

    • davison taylor

      I know when he kick at her he barely hit her shin lol, yes it was wrong but they are blowing this way out of proportion

    • noobhealz402

      +BootherJr No he wasn’t. There’s no law that justifies revenge. People have this misinterpreted idea of how assault works. They think just because you get hit, that you somehow get some voucher to hit them back. Only if the threat is still at large and there’s no way to flee, that’s when you’re allowed to turn back and defend yourself. When they were both being restrained, Hunt didn’t need to run over 2 people in order to knock her over. Hunt didn’t need to walk over to her when she was on the ground and kick her in the shin. The moment he made both those decisions, was the exact moment he started breaking the law. That being said, I think the whole situation wasn’t that severe since the worst of it was a mild kick to the shin. I just want it to be clear that in no way shape or form was he acting under the law when he assaulted her.

    • noobhealz402

      +AVERY MERRICK Who exactly did he kick in the face? The most recent incident was a mild kick to the shin.

  7. אלכסנדר

    I would hate to date a woman like Maria, a person who can’t forgive and cannot leave the past behind. I wonder how she would feel if a man or woman wouldn’t forgive her of past mistakes or errors no matter how bad it was. This is why people like this stay single. When you don’t forgive someone you are holding yourself in bondage with emotional, mental and health issues at stake. On a more important note, if you don’t forgive someone neither does God forgive you for your errors and sins (straight from Jesus mouth). You can pray all day and all night long, however your prayers are not heard until you FIRST forgive the wrongdoer.

  8. Jeremy Daniel

    This is ridiculous. This woman refused to leave his hotel room. She was asked to leave several times. She tried to fight his girlfriend. Kareem removed her a bit forcefully but she put herself in a violent situation.


      Femi-nism. A black man too?!?! A crying white girl?!?!?! America?!?!?
      Do we really even know if Kareem is still alive???? Murica!!! Where a crying white woman could mean death.

  9. Donald Zuern

    I don’t condone Violence in general…Men or women..BUT there was Alcohol involved here On both sides of the coin. From what I understand of it is, He was in a HOTEL room where his party asked the 2 girls to leave (for age or other reasons). The girls wouldn’t leave and stood in the hall Banging on the door yelling and using some racial slurs. Now calling security would be the right move but we all know when people are drunk they don’t make the right choices. Then the video happened and we all know its wrong BUT the girls DID have a chance to LEAVE BUT chose to make a scene. Sometimes PEOPLE get what they deserve even if its wrong. Don’t forget the ELEVATOR was right there take it and leave….


      Femi-nism. A black man too?!?! A crying white girl?!?!?! America?!?!?
      Do we really even know if Kareem is still alive???? Murica!!! Where a crying white woman could mean death.

    • Kile Whittington

      I agree.

  10. Ghost Trick

    Appealing to an audience who doesnt like your product anyway is a recipe for failure

  11. Richard o'bara

    It wasn’t domestic violence .. if anything it was an assault .. that no charges were pressed on either party and she attacked him as well.. so he should never be able to work again? Are we now going to call for the female to not work again either ? Or he can say he identifies as a woman or maybe she identified as a male so it’s all good


      Femi-nism. A black man too?!?! A crying white girl?!?!?! America?!?!?
      Do we really even know if Kareem is still alive???? Murica!!! Where a crying white woman could mean death.

    • PrinceH8907

      And didnt she hit him first?

    • Kathryn Dorsey

      Richard o’bara Exactly! This wasn’t domestic violence, they are two stranger’s who had a fight. Like, the media, and the p.c police, made this bigger than it was

  12. dont really care. that was the past move on. let him play

  13. Ddice Zmi

    The problem is she is trying to compare this domestic violence. It’s clear evidence in the video that shows it as a physical encounter and not a “attack” on a defenseless woman she was there and played a part in getting shoved. He shoved someone into her. The biggest problem is that baby kick. He just nudged with her foot. And they blew it up. In the NBA that would be a tech lol. I know it’s serious but stopped making this a brutal assault especially in today’s gender equality world we live in.

  14. Black Light Yagami

    The Police Department cleared Hunt, so he’s innocent. What you guys are doing is slander at this point. Also you guys don’t know the difference between domestic violence and simple assault. Domestic is not the case here


      +Black Light Yagami spin, no spin just facts innocence is not based off of what the justice system does js. And he will be suspended next year because of the personal conduct policy.

    • Victor Torres

      Our justice system found R. Kelly innocent too.but they were wrong as well🤔

    • Black Light Yagami

      Victor Torres R Kelly have nothing to do with this situation.


      +Victor Torres OJ ZIMMERMAN ETC….

  15. Can’t stand female liberals

    • I can’t stand liberals in general. Look at these fucking weak male apologists that pander to women. Where are the real men ? All these men just kiss women’s asses, meanwhile men get mistreated daily by women and no one seems to care.

  16. Brago D. Ace

    Jesus christ, a bunch of nothing said on this panel…it was assault if anything, I hope we keep that same energy when a woman does this type of thing. I don’t remember this feeling of disappointment when Hope Solo was charged with domestic violence and assault, but still on the US soccer team…Its unfortunate, and no one is saying he was right but him getting a job isn’t an indictment on the league’s stance on domestic violence. To put it bluntly, it really wasn’t domestic violence and it wasn’t that bad…Inexcusable, but in no way should he be banned for this…do you realize other men have done alot worse still made it back to the NFL?

    • Brago da GOAT preaching

    • SadGasm??

      Yo Brago I’m trying to be your pink beard

    • Mlg GameringExtream

      John Mack and they the ones wanting gender equality am I right

    • Alfred Pasly

      Thank You for mentioning Hope Solo. I had a heated debate with a female about her. And how they gave Johnny Manziel second and third chances by letting him play in the CFL. Manziel threw a woman out of a moving car,but they tried to keep mum about it.

  17. Owen Swansiger

    Maria Taylor is 100% wrong. Yes what he did was bad, but no where near the level of Tyreek Hill and Joe Mixon. Everyone deserves a second chance, and being violent is a character flaw, wether it is to women or men.

  18. Women out here arguing about being treated equal… then gets upset when being treated equal to a man smh. Kareem hunt didnt do nun wrong period

    • He was wrong but this incident is being blown way out of proportion. Getting cut and losing boat loads of cash was his punishment. He will also be suspended. But other than that people need to move on. It was an altercation between to drunk people. No one was hurt. No real charges were filed. This wasn’t a cycle of abuse. It wasn’t domestic violence. She wasn’t bruised or bloodied. Life goes on. Hopefully both parties can be better moving forward

  19. Browns have Chubb and Hunt, their running game is about to be scary.

  20. Donald Zuern

    Maria Taylor….Stop Confusing Domestic Violence with a pissed off drunk women in a HOTEL Hallway WHO COULD LEAVE at will (and should have)……(She wasn’t his Girlfriend) He might be a shitty person (only time will tell) But Sometimes WOMEN start the fight….Just because your a women doesn’t give you a free ticket to harass. There is a reason NO CHARGES were filed. and trust me the COPS love to press charges.

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