‘It is insulting’ to compare any player to LeBron James – Max Kellerman | First Take

'It Is Insulting' To Compare Any Player To LeBron James - Max Kellerman | First Take

RSS - 'It Is Insulting' To Compare Any Player To LeBron James - Max Kellerman | First Take Sport News Today

Max Kellerman, Richard Jefferson, Will Cain and Molly Qerim of First Take explain who they would select with their first pick to build an NBA Championship roster. Kellerman and Jefferson assert that no current NBA player even comes close to LeBron James, while Will Cain says that Kevin Durant should be the first pick given LeBron's age and recent injury.

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  1. Peter Gutierrez

    Molly is seriously getting on my damn nerves.

  2. Rhys Sifa

    Stop trolling Molly… You know yourself 🤔

  3. It annoys me

    Molly be wiggin sounding off so random here, like when ur phone alarm go off in middle of night. Lol

  4. Dannysmokes

    Max starting to hate molly😂”THAT GAMME 3 🙄
    Max: molly molly molly

    • Doctor Cthulhu

      She’s getting traded soon, or maybe Fox will clone another blue-eyed Blonde to take her place, and they’ll freeze her for future hosting duties.


      +Doctor Cthulhu Take Will Cain somewhere, PPPPPPPlease

    • PB Freestar

      I hope they would tape her mouth.

  5. LeBron James

    LeBron is the Most hated star in the world. Just watch this terrible, stupid comment section.🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Jimmy Early

      So Max “Brady Cliff” Kellerman is ignoring age now? Wow

    • Jeff Aholics

      LeBron James
      I don’t know about that. Most agree that he’s currently the best active player in basketball. The thing is, when you have guys like Kellerman using such grandiose hyperbole, it’s liable to rub people the wrong way.

    • +Jacob Wilkie you respect crying and flopping?

    • Jacob Wilkie

      +Tactix88 I said I hate his game. His style. And literally everything he does on the court, including the flopping and especially the crying. But I still gotta respect how’s he’s actually won with that.

  6. Deshaun Jett

    Max favorite word is… LeBron is so much better… LMAO

  7. Deshaun Jett

    Why does LeBron look older than Richard Jefferson & Luke Walton.. Hmmmmm


      LeBron could possibly have a small case of Marfan’s disease. I hope not, but he has very large bones and some of the traits.
      I have often wondered if his dexterity (free throws) hasn’t been affected by this condition.?????

    • drake mott

      human growth hormones , he even got surgery to remove jaw bone growth


      These last couple years has been stressful on LeBron guess he can’t help it

  8. TheTruthKills

    I hate topics like this because it doesn’t take everything into account. Even if the teams are all equal outside of the star players, there are other questions to be asked. What system will each team run? How will each player on the team fit in said system? What about situational adjustments and coaching? I could go on. We know what system LeBron is running because he can only play in one system. He can only play in the LeBron system which is basically him dominating the ball in isolation and making the bulk of the decisions. Against teams with high basketball IQs or great coaches, LeBron struggles to beat them. Also, the LeBron system limits his all-star teammates. To this day, no all-star player has been able to play to their maximum next to LeBron. They always have to cut their game up to fit next to LeBron. So all Kellerman really did was reiterate the fact that he knows nothing about basketball.

    • Don Andrews

      TheTruthKills 💯💯💯

    • Jahya Dooley

      did kyrie game get messed up i don’t think so he just wanted more recognition

    • PhoraOne Sinatra

      Well said, I’ve been saying this for the longest! Lebron’s numbers are inflated because everything on offense runs through him. He turns the majority of his team mates into spot up shooters to fit his style of play completely disregarding the fact that it affects his team mates negatively. Why do people think Kyrie left? He couldn’t even play his own PG role because Lebron dominates the ball so much.

  9. Max and Rich comin with straight facts!!! 💯👌

    • Wobba Fett

      +Doctor Cthulhu FT he was a huge chunk of the problem lmao

    • Doctor Cthulhu

      Gokul Varadan the problem is neither guy has won on a team, not stacked with other good talent. NOLA is out of the playoffs even with AD’s great stats. The Bucks would still be a good seeded playoff team even without Freak.

      Now considering what LeBron has done this season with the Lakers, and previous seasons with the Lowly Cavaliers(Kyrie-Love were 4-23 without him). Do you not think the Bucks or Pelicans would be just as good, if not better, with LeBron replacing those guys 1-1?

    • +Doctor Cthulhu Carrying them to the 4 seed? Lmao. They were like 20-14 and were in 4th only a few times. The standings changed like everyday.
      And rondo was out the whole time lebron was out. Lonzo also missed a few games. Or course they’re gonna suck.
      But basically any team that loses a mvp type player would have a significant drop off. That’s nothing special.
      Anyway, no 4 seed is gonna win mvp. It’s the best player on a top seed. Buck are on pace for 60+ wins. It’s either Giannis or Harden if they get a top seed.

    • Jesse Urena

      straight facts? lol they literally said a bunch on nonsense and didnt make any sense lebron is worth 2 mvps because he beat gs in 2016? who went 7 games with okc after draymond suspension where is the logic there? Cuz lebron had kyrie and k love in 2017 and KD AND CURRY had klay and green and they smoked them. The lakers where predicted to make the playoffs stop lying and the cavs every year where expected to make the finals

    • zonx zonxpro

      +Jesse Urena Your argument makes no sense…Cavs were expected to make finals because of Lebron…You wanna compare 2017? where its Lebron #1 player in the world with Kyrie who is probably top 10 at the moment and Love who is far out of top 10 against #2 at the time KD and #3 in Curry with defensive player of the year Green and top 5 shooters ever in Klay…That is equal?Yes they smoked them but are you that suprised?

  10. Trae Yates

    I hate Molly so much lol

  11. korey gonzalez

    I honestly don’t see what max and others see in lebron. Yes he’s great but he’s way above KD and better than 2 super stars combine? Chill

    • Jeff Aholics

      korey gonzalez

      Agreed. Is he individually better than each one of them? Most pundits say yes. But to say he’s better or equal to both of them combined, or even imply that there’s miles between him and them on an individual level is ridiculous, and it only serves to cheapen legitimate debates.

    • Marc Abensaid Gamil

      he is

    • KeyAirAngelsTV

      korey gonzalez he literally and specifically laid out the facts. LeBron and one other all-star with random people surrounding them beat the greatest regular season team of all time. KD and Russ didn’t even make it to the finals that year losing to the same exact team. The warriors added KD and beat LeBron. The warriors already had 3 all-stars and lost to Lebron. So they had to add a 4th. The 4th being KEVIN DURANT. The next best basketball player in the league.

    • +KeyAirAngelsTV its a net zero comparison the other players on the team dont matter it’s in a vacuum

    • Justin Jones

      korey gonzalez I wish he’d stop saying this, I really wish he’d stop saying this, cus against the Hawks, they ran whoever offense on LeBron, and even so, LeBron is not better than two great players combined, that statement is asinine, in 2014, he went up against the Spurs and mind you this was a 36 yo Duncan who just avg 15 10, Parker who only avg 18 and Manu who avg 18, Kawhi didn’t even make an all star team yet, the spurs didn’t even have a superstar caliber player and they beat LeBrons team by the highest margin in NBA history.

  12. Shane Mitchell

    It’s insulting for ESPN to keep shoving LeBron James down our throats every day

  13. Tee LiveLong

    On top of everything Will Cane said, how many times have we seen lebron give up?

  14. Faceless Role Models


  15. Molly interrupted Max yet again just so she can go on her childish rant about game 3 (which Max initially brought up) and ended it by saying “that was sick.” Like wat has this show turned into for real. She’s just awful

  16. #1 Pick = Steph Curry.

  17. Kusoww Kush kush

    Lebron haters must be dumb and blind. Lakers were in 4th seed. Lebron gets injured and drop to 10th seed. Look at cavaliers or heats after lebron. Hate the player and not the game. this show sucks bad and molly gotta go

    • Joseph Delledonne

      Max is right, it’s not about stats, he’s like Brady. You get him and the team gets better, and he leaves they become terrible. His teams win, period.

    • Bit Panther

      Kusoww Kush kush hes back now and just lost to the hawks lol

    • Mick727XD

      Everyone talks about the lakers being 4th seed like it’s so important. At the time, the lakers were closer to the 10th seed i.e 2 games ahead than they are currently to the 8th seed 2.5games back, and are claiming how they’ll easily beat out the kings who look really nice as well as the clippers who were the #1 seed much longer than the lakers held 4th.

    • Kusoww Kush kush

      Bit Panther 25 games to go will see what happens

    • Kusoww Kush kush

      Mick727XD Kings balling this year. Doc Rivers finally gets to coach. I think one of them will drop or it’s going to be very close coming April.

  18. There’s no reasoning or arguing with people who think joining a 73 win team is a fair fight. It’s basically 1 vs 5 sport in a Lebron haters eyes , Jordan and Kobe would’ve won the championship every year with Dellavadova and Booby Gibson. They would’ve won against 73 win record setting teams that add a top 20 player all-time. If Durant and Lebron switched teams Durant would definitely have still won. lol its delusional but oh well that’s people for ya, half of America thought Donald Trump was gonna save the country.

  19. Doctor Cthulhu

    Warriors are a 78% winrate team with Curry, no matter who else plays. They are a 60% Winrate team without just him, but everyone else plays. That’s monstrous for a team with 5 All-Star level guys, and 2 MVP-level guys on the team.

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