It’s not hard to stop Zion Williamson, you foul him! – Stephen A. Smith | First Take

It’s Not Hard To Stop Zion Williamson, You Foul Him! – Stephen A. Smith | First Take

RSS - It’s Not Hard To Stop Zion Williamson, You Foul Him! – Stephen A. Smith | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith thinks stopping Duke Blue Devils freshman Zion Williamson is as easy as sending him to the foul line.

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  1. Frankie Russell

    Get him a pair of used Nikes.

  2. kevin mitchell

    wow i guess no one thought of that 😒😒 i guess we just got to foul zion every time he has the ball and you got to foul him hard and risk a flagrant because if you dont thats just an and 1 😂😂😂


    Imagine college Stephen A trying to foul Zion 😂

  4. Quagmire from Family Guy

    ESPN showed Zion’s same three point shot 5 straight times

    • Micah 5ive

      I was lookin around tryna see if it was a different shot

    • Tom Kirk

      T J you’re the biggest hater I don’t love listening to it over and over as well but I don’t go on other Videos other comments that have nothing to do with lebron and Lakers and start trying fish to get likes off people saying dirt on them

    • Jayy Macc

      +Liam Stanley 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀Brooooo😭😭😭

    • Zion is the next in line for a scripted nba career just entertainment.

  5. _Optimistic__ __

    Well I guess the whole team, will be in foul trouble then 😂😂😂

  6. Kyle Wowry

    James Charles has kissed you. Like to undo

  7. jethawk1172

    So oh trying to make HACK-A SHAQ for Zion? Okay Stephen A

  8. Lilsaintbb21

    Well Zion shoots 67% he’s not Shaq. 67% is something you can easily improve on if you put the work into it. It’s not like yr 16 lebron shooting 67% it’s a young generational prospect that can work on it. He has time.

    • greatest599


    • Tony Bowyer

      +greatest599 next game 3-3…

    • Tony Bowyer

      +TheA1God25 Lebron also shot 69%, 65%, 67% lmao 😂🤣

    • greatest599

      Tony Bowyer true

    • TheA1God25

      Tony Bowyer No one disputing that idiot. You specifically said he never shot up to 77% before. Instead of your dumbass admitting you were wrong, you try to bring up some of his lowest shooting percentage numbers.

  9. AP Terminator

    You cant teach effort, some just want it more

  10. toddmt2213

    Max should just walk away when basketball is brought up

    • Objective Baksetball Fan

      In that case Stephen A too. ESPN should let people with more basketball knowledge to do these segments.

      They have a lot of writers that can discuss basketball better than these 2.

    • toddmt2213

      Objective Baksetball Fan I agree. Maybe I’m just sore that the only thing I’ve heard all day is about Zion coming back….can anyone explain how any other team has won a game this year without having Zion?

    • Objective Baksetball Fan

      Well the network cares about ratings so they only discuss popular topics. Casual fans outnumber real basketball fans and casual fans only care about the top teams and LeBron.

      I would recommend you some YouTube channels such as Thinking Basketball, Bballbreakdown, Heat Check, Coach Daniel, the Nick guy on FreeDawkins etc that gives in depth analysis of players/teams all-around the league. They are million times better than these mainstream sports network.

      Reddit /nba also have a lot of interesting basketball discussions.

  11. mark safronsky

    Seahawks should have ran the ball.

    • Greg Wilbur

      Seahawks though was a bigger blunder i would say


      Marc Lawrence I’m telling you during that Falcons game I was so close to crying. And what made it worse is when we were up 28-3 I texted my friend who likes the Patriots and said “Give up?” Worst night of my life.

    • Zoruastrianism

      Manuel Ucañán And any Kareem Hunt kicker jokes

    • Tony Bowyer

      So they could lose yards?

    • Marc Lawrence

      +BUGEJUICE I legit feel for you guys honestly. I can’t imagine it, nor would I ever want to. That had to be the greatest sports torture of all time

  12. Joseph La Regina

    ESPN out here showing the 1 three he made 5 times in a row.

  13. Shane Gold

    He would hurt people they start trying to foul every play just run em over

  14. MrFifiFTW

    He’s BOX OFFICE – Stephen A. Smith

  15. 5:17 I hope Josh Smith isn’t watching this. Jay just called him dumb 😂

  16. Rob Smith

    RIP to those people who died in New Zealand mosque🙏🏼

  17. W Austin

    When you have to have a whole segment on ESPN with a ton of different analysts trying to figure out how to stop one freshman in college, you know you’re a beast! Go Zion lol lol

  18. Carlos Richardson

    Actually he’s free throw percentage improved from his Senior year in H.S.

  19. TheCephalon

    He shoots like 66% percent so it’s not that bad

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