Jalen Rose shuts down LeBron James being all-time best NBA player argument | Get Up! | ESPN

Jalen Rose Shuts Down LeBron James Being All-time Best NBA Player Argument | Get Up! | ESPN

RSS - Jalen Rose Shuts Down LeBron James Being All-time Best NBA Player Argument | Get Up! | ESPN Sport News Today

Jalen Rose debates Mina Kimes and Laura Rutledge on why Michael Jordan should be considered the all-time best NBA player over LeBron James.

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  1. Eddy Dede

    I’m so sorry jalen that they’re making you actually have this discussion with these two 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Jason Thompson

      Yeah no kidding. He better be getting a raise after this…two buffoons. Next time some one whines about gender discrimination have them watch this video and then ask them how they got the job again?

    • Doug Fresh44

      Eddy Dede jalen hit it right on the head

    • Doug Fresh44

      Andre Ritter he was 100 accurate Jordan never had to leave his team because of talent nor did he ever dickride other stars to get a ring , all the guys he won with were drafted by the bulls except a 35 year old Dennis Rodman bottom line 3-6 argument over

    • Fut Bol

      Andrew Blackop Whats a bimbo

    • Dr. Know

      LeBron can’t even hit clutch free throws. That’s basic Clutch 101. The debate should end there and not even go beyond to where only NBA assassins roam.

  2. Soji SideQuest

    6× NBA champion (Back to Back 3-Peats)
    6× NBA Finals MVP
    5× NBA Most Valuable Player
    14× NBA All-Star
    3× NBA All-Star Game MVP
    10× All-NBA First Team
    All-NBA Second Team
    NBA Defensive Player of the Year
    9× NBA All-Defensive First Team
    NBA Rookie of the Year
    NBA All-Rookie First Team
    10× NBA scoring champion
    3× NBA steals leader
    2× NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion

    Michael Jeffery Jordan

  3. ZombieZifiction

    people that actually watched BOTH players say jordan was better. the only people that think lebron is better are millennials

    • Fred Dukeduong

      ZombieZifiction I was born in 86 and sadly I fall into the “millennials” category. I’m a die hard MJ fan and love LBJ. I got to witness both of their greatest but The King will NEVER out trump Black Jesus aka Michael Jeffrey Jordan. They need to change the millennials age range. Being born in the 90s and up should be considered millennials not someone born in the 80s. Also the fact that a lot of people get caught in the moment when LBJ does something special that they forget about the past. LBJ will be the first player ever to break/set almost if not all nba records and still be considered 2nd best player of all time. When another team retires your number and you never played for that team then maybe just maybe get some consideration.

    • B. Rizzy21

      Man Im a millennial and I still think Mike is better. Partially because how my dad taught me but also i just did the research on my own.

    • I Am Your Biological Father

      Namebrandjones “Definitely”. You are buggin’.

    • I Am Your Biological Father

      Namebrandjones 5-8 years? He’s 34. And how many more finals loses is he gonna get in those years…

    • Mary Akopyan

      Rodman was the greatest rebounder of his generation, but he wasn’t an overall better power forward than Horace Grant, and we don’t think of Horace Grant as an all-time great. I know Rodman made the whole of fame, but that was mostly for his entertainment value. Jordan played w/ 1 all-time great, had an all-time great coach, but everybody else were just pretty much great role player that knew their roles, but when push came to shove, they knew they had to rely on Jordan, and to a lesser extent, Pippen.

  4. Lateral G

    I was priveleged enough to see Jordan play like many of you. Nobody did basketball like Michael Jordan. LeBron is great yes, but Jordan great..??!! C’mon man!

    The arguments should always be whos the 2nd best player of all time??… Kobe or LeBron?. Leave Jordan alone.

    • +Zach The Reaper Kareem played 14 seasons for the Lakers. Magic says a lot of things…but u seem like a Kobe fan so I’ll just let u rock

    • onlyrog5

      Maybe the sport should stop since jordan retired?

    • onlyrog5

      +Zach The Reaper you take things too literally. He’s being humble. George foreman was humble about many opponents he faced but knocked out

    • Monsta Kakarot

      Lateral G I wouldn’t even put him right under Jordan either and that’s my favorite player… You’d literally have to only watch ESPN all day or be a little kid to think he the best ever. Way too many ppl win rings and MVPS in his era not to mention if you compare his defense to MJ’s there is a huge gap there. One more thing if Jordan actually called up the other top 10 players and played with them he would’ve won like 12 straight rings lol. The best player in the league this season is James Harden. Brons only actual dominant era is the two Heat championships, besides that he’s in a losing battle with Steph, who doesn’t get enough credit on the ALL-TIME list.


      Lateral G: No Kareem? No Bill Russell? You’re acting like the kids now only seeing Lebron lol. You have to do better.

  5. This is exactly why women get a bad name in the sports media industry and why really no one takes what most of them have to say seriously.

    Do you think blondie here has ever watched a full game of MJ’s in its entirety? Doubtful. She probably hasn’t even watched much of LeBron. And the other one, saying advanced metrics support LeBron’s case?? Where is she looking? Because almost every single metric used today favors MJ in every category. And spare me the metrics talk anyway because the only people who care about that are the people who don’t want to face the fact that LeBron is 3-6 in the NBA Finals and couldn’t even take his Cavs teams that had the best record in the NBA TWO YEARS IN A ROW to the Finals.

    LeBron had to team up with the second best player in his conference and another all-star to ever accomplish anything significant. And for those of you acting like Pippen was the second coming of MJ, if you read any literature on MJ’s career you will realize that MJ almost single handedly created the machine Pippen became. Who has LeBron created? Every player he has ever played with has stayed the exact same player and disappears after LBJ inevitably leaves. MJ won championships with a bunch of white boy bench warmers and was able to do that because his assassin-like approach to the game bled into the rest of the roster.

    This isn’t a debate, not by anyone who actually knows the game of basketball. This bantering is just what the media uses for sound bytes because they’re too lazy to think of original ideas. If you think LeBron is the GOAT, you are an idiot, and you need to spend a lot more time watching basketball pre-2000 era and less time touching yourself to LeBron highlights.

    • Yahya ibn Martey

      🤣🤣🤣 love the last line

    • Carl Crave

      dumb blonde bimbo

    • Bruce Rivers

      Well said bro MAJOR FACTS

    • +Ryan Kruger Lakers owners and Magic Johnson were sucking off Lebron to come to Lakers because they THOUGHT he was gonna be their savior. They’re even worse with him. The guy couldn’t play defense if his life depended on it!!!

    • Ryan Kruger

      j j It’s not a coincidence that the Cavs go from being title contenders for three years in a row to being the worst team in the league this year. You don’t know what you’re talking ab kid.

  6. Itself 01

    I think the fact Michael won ALL his championships with ONE team clearly proves he’s the GOAT

    • Choo-Choo Sims

      MJ never had to recruit star players


      +Mistah Unknown Thank you! So many people disrespecting Kareem and Bill Russell lmao. Many 80’s millennials are doing the same thing with Jordan that 90’s millennials/Generation Z is doing with Lebron smh. Jordan is the first person they see then call him GOAT lmao smh with past legends equally have Jordan’s stats and or rings. Young cats see Lebron’s foolishness and think he’s the GOAT smh lmao. The irony. All are being brainwashed and not having independent thoughts.


      +Suten Tutanhkhaten THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


      +Mistah Unknown THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I watched the RiggedBA maybe like 7-8 years ago lmao. He has a very good channel! But yes! I just said 80’s millennials were brainwashed into believing Jordan is considered the GOAT! He just made the most money for the league! 90’s millennials and generation Z are brainwashed to believe that Lebron is the GOAT lmao! Millennials and younger usually can’t think independently and are easily brainwashed.


      +Suten Tutanhkhaten Man you’re a wise person!

  7. Kembry Embry

    – Lebron got swept in the finals
    – Lebron has as many finals losses as Kobe has rings lol
    – Lebron lost back to back finals
    – Lebron never three peated once, let alone twice in this weak era
    – Teams celebrated winning a title on lebron’s home court on 3 different occasions. (’07, ’11, ’15)
    – Lebron lost to a Dwight Howard Magic team with no superstars in 6 games
    – Lebron been the best player since 2008 according to Lebron fans but he couldn’t beat the magic to meet Kobe in the finals
    – Lebron is so great and goat that he had to leave his team and jump to another team with two franchise superstar players not role players, superstars.
    – Jumped ship joined two superstars and still lost to a team with one superstar and a bunch of role players past their primes lol
    – Jason Terry averaged more PPG’s in the ’11 finals than Lebron, goat lol
    – Lebron would’ve lost the 2013 finals if it wasn’t for Ray Allen’s shot
    – Lebron loses the finals in the following year by a record margin in 5 games lmaooo but he’s the goat lol
    – Lebron got cramps in San Antonio meanwhile Kobe and Jordan will play till they die basically
    – Lebron then jumps ship again since he’s the goat and so great he bails on Miami and goes back to Cleveland, like talk about loyalty smh
    – Lebron loses in the 2015 finals where he was in position to win when he was up 2-1 with game 4 in Cleveland with Kyrie being hurt he had the chance to cement his goat status by going up 3-1 but couldn’t and lost those finals as well.
    – 2 years ago if Kyrie doesn’t hit the dagger three Golden state wins
    – Lebron scored 11 points in the 4th quarter in the first 3 games of this years finals
    – Lebron lost in 5 games again lol
    – In the biggest stage of them all doesn’t matter how many times you made it kids all that matters is if you won it and Lebron’s finals record is

    2007- L (Swept)
    2011- L (Lost in 6 games)
    2012- W (Won in 5 games)
    2013*- W (Ray Allen’s finals winning shot)
    2014- L (Lost in 5 games) goat
    2015- L (Lost in 6 games)
    2016* – W (Kyrie’s finals winning shot)
    2017- L (Lost in 5 games) goat
    – Lebron lost back to back finals
    – Lebron almost three peated in the finals with losses

    Stop the comparisons with Michael when he’s got to catch Kobe first smh. Kids and millennials stats don’t tell the whole story in this watered down era of basketball with no physicality, hand checking, true 4 and 5’s. Watch you Lebron fans make an excuse for each blunder in his record that I just pointed out lol and never accept the blame lol. He’s 3-6 !!!!


      Three-6 mafia!!!!!

    • Real Bro


    • Oh,tell it like it is!! 3-6 and jumping teams like a true traitor. Abandoned Cleveland while everyone was asleep because they probably would have set him on fire along with his jersey. And what does Cleveland do? They take him back. Let’s not forget another thing that people seem to over look is that Kyrie Irving was there and contributed to Cleveland’s success. Lebron didn’t do it alone. Dream on, Lebron. Regardless of stats and numbers, you’re not even worthy to hold MJ’s jock strap. And you’ll NEVER be the goat!

    • Alex Moen

      +Dic sheff that’s kind of the point. LeBron makes teams worse, not better. He’s super physically talented, but he’s whiney and lacks the killer mentality. He jumps ship to whoever will give him the attention he wants and staff and players he wants, and he still can’t win when he’s stacking his deck. This Lakers team won’t be a true championship competitor before LeBron starts getting older and his game drops, just wait and see.

    • Naver Stop

      +emp 17 There is no Knicks with Ewing, there is no Shaq & Penny in Orlando, there is no Isiah in Pistons, and no Reggie Miller in Pacers, surely he would have taken Bulls to the finals, and that’s pretty much what was going on in the Eastern Conference. Lebron didn’t go through much competition like MJ did. No doubt that MJ would have taken Bulls to the finals even without Pippen, much much easier than Lebron in this era.

  8. The only reason this is a topic is because the nba still NEEDS Michael Jordan. The fact that she had to ask why MJ left hoops for baseball proves she’s Not qualified to sit on that or Any show! Jalen couldn’t really give it to her cuz she’s a girl… Imagine if a dude said that to Jalen! She should be ashamed and embarrassed.

    • I Am Your Biological Father

      Why is that question even relevant?

    • Jalen already schooled Jayson Williams.. These 2 millenial girls don’t know anything about basketball. Go cover the WNBA.

    • Rhea Saccuan

      On point! So silly to ask! I dont she is qualified to talk basketball at all in front of tv.. she might consider searching for new career but never basketball..

    • Andres Cruz

      +Andre ADG no, his dad was shot in the head . That’s the real reason why

    • Andre ADG

      ​+Andres Cruz​It’s a known fact that Jordan was sidelined by Stern because he had a gambling problem, which could harm the league’s image. But believe what you want mate.

  9. Johnny Walker

    MJ23 : _I want to win and be the best._
    LBJ : _I want to chase MJ23’s stats and i am still._

    • Jason Howell

      +Phillip S 3-6 is no goat, Billy goat maybe, LeBron James will go down as one of the best ever, just not on Jordan’s level, then again who is?

    • Yolande Moore

      MJ23 : I’m glad I didn’t have to play against those warriors. Poor LeBron.

    • brenda borrero

      Johnny, you almost made PHILLIP S cry!! hahahaha

    • Kenneth Erickson

      +Jason Howell LeBron was a witness to Chicago Cubs also being down 3-1 and winning 2016 World Series..he was at game 7 😂

    • Kleber Baptista

      Yolande Moore if MJ could win, it’s debatable. Yet, MJ would go with more anger and soul than LBJ. Dude, I have LBJ jersey, I’m his fan(although Dwyane Wade is my favourite) but, stop it. Put him above MJ and one or so guys is just ridiculous.

  10. Dan Nguyen

    Damn man, does he even surpass kobe? MJ is GOAT

  11. Danny Hardesty

    Jordan is the best hands down no doubt

  12. Kent Bagaipo

    Jordan played baseball cause nobody could challenged him. He probably got bored😅😅

  13. Aaron Davidson

    2 kinds of people in this world; those who know MJ is the GOAT, and those who are wrong.


      +The Legendary One First of all, all of the GOAT conversations is subjective lol. I’m just trying to get people to think outside of what the media force feeds down our throats. Second, honestly, I think there can never be a GOAT, different eras, different rules. Kareem may have 2 of 6 finals mvp’s but all time scoring leader and 3rd all time in rebounds and blocks. Also 6 MVP’S and 19 all star appearances(for whatever that’s worth lol)…..Bill Russell has 5 MVP’S and 2nd all time rebounder. If blocks were counted in his era, would easily be #1 or #2 in that category. Russell was never an offensive player lol. He was a defensive stalwart who can score 16-20 points. Just something to think about lol.

    • The Legendary One

      +12SAINTSFANCOLSTON Russel didn’t take over games with his scoring. Guys like Havelicik, and Hienson were doing that. As for MVP’s we all know Jordan was robbed of couple of them and should have won the award 8 times. Also Jordan only played 14 full seasons while Kareem played 20. Karl Malone is #2 in all time scoring but are we going to say he is better than Jordan, Kobe, LeBron and Wilt?

    • The Legendary One

      +12SAINTSFANCOLSTON By the way I think Kareem in #2 of All Time.


      +The Legendary One He took over with his defense lol. He didn’t need to score like that. His defensive prowess was the best in that era. There’s more to the NBA than just scoring lol. No one in their right mind would say Karl Malone is GOAT. Even Utah Jazz fans lmao. I’m not going to get into the conspiracies of Jordan’s first retirement lol, but he could’ve played more than 14 seasons if he wanted to lol so longevity doesn’t fly over here lol. As far as him getting robbed of those MVP’S, I think that was David Stern being petty lmao. He did that to Shaq and Kobe lol. I personally have Kareem #1. I saw Jordan play lol. He’s the best in the 90’s lol IMHO. Jordan was the marketing GOAT! He made the most $$$$$$$ for the NBA and that’s why I think the media pushes him to be the GOAT. It’s cool and I respect your opinion/decision on why you believe Jordan is the GOAT lol. Like I said, all is subjective and and more importantly we agree that Lebum is NOT the Goat! He’s the newest member of the Three-6 mafia!

    • Ashton Wiggan


  14. Why are we even having this debate ? If MJ was playing in this league with the soft defense he would be averaging 35 plus. Today’s game is nothing compared to when Jordan was playing .

  15. Jason Brocker

    6-0. Argument done.

    • Eric Callahan

      +Jason Brocker here is the definitive difference maker. in what finals was mj not the best player. do that for LBJ. in one finals against arguably the worst team to ever win a finals,(Dallas), LBJ was the 5th best player in the series. Dirk, d wade, bocsh and Jason terry all had better numbers and series. that Alone disqualifies LBJ for goat.

    • Chris Mclaren

      CodeX bullshit! LJ is not even close.

    • Lord 2wice

      +CodeX You do realize Bill lost in the Finals right when it was only 8 teams in the league so your argument has a BIG hole in it know what you’re talking about before you speak 😂😂😂

    • Harold Montgomery

      Please clarify. 6 NBA titles, 6X Finals MVP ? Both?

  16. Kerry Bickham

    MJ, Bird, Kareem, Magic, Russell, Kobe, just to name a few ahead of Lebron. Not in any particular order. and there are so many more in the conversation

    • Kerry Bickham I would also include Duncan ahead of Lebron. Lebron got swept by a Duncan led spurs team in 2007. Then when Duncan was out of his prime, Lebron struggled to win in 7 and lost by a record margin in 5.

    • Jezmer Credo

      +omieg89 yeah ur right.. 4-0 against warriors.. he’s not the goat

  17. Jordan’s teammates were great, but I believe it was Jordan who uplifted his team to another level, that in my opinion made/make him the greatest.

    • +FSU DirtyBirdzzz They were the warriors in that era and come on Jordan’s finals isn’t even competitive like brons finals losses lol Jordan went who against the finals???? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Stockton? The mailman? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Charles? 🤣🤣🤣 Come on they were good but not as great as the players today lol

    • FSU DirtyBirdzzz

      +emp 17 I agree!

    • Anton Prest

      +Double D Well said man

    • Anton Prest

      +Double D Dude my eyes hurt from too much reading..But I’m with u all the way!

    • Anton Prest

      +emp 17 You’re one silly clueless millennial.Your arrogance speaks more than your words..

  18. think of the goats of other sports. every other goat has not only amazing stats (LeBron’s has incredibly good stats) but they also won when it mattered. Roger Federer has 20 majors titles with 10 runner ups, Serena Williams won 23 Major singles titles with 7 runner ups. Pele won 3 world cups in 4 appearances. Michael Phelps has 23 gold medals with 28 overall. the list goes on. not one goat had a losing championship record.

    this is why LeBron will never be the goat, the simple fact that he is 3-6 for finals. I don’t know how anyone can say a man with a 3-6 record in the finals is the greatest player. having a man with a losing record as your sports goat is a disgrace to the sport. your saying the best player your sport has ever known can’t even win championships.

    oh and I know basketball is a team game, but you have to realize if you are good enough to bring your team to the finals then you can no longer use your team as an excuse because that “inferior teammates” you speak of was good enough to beat everyone else.

  19. Dan Bielefeldt

    LeBron passed MJ in total overall points… It only took him an extra 100 games!

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