James Harden cites shoulder injury after extending 30-point streak | NBA Sound

James Harden Cites Shoulder Injury After Extending 30-point Streak | NBA Sound

RSS - James Harden Cites Shoulder Injury After Extending 30-point Streak | NBA Sound Sport News Today

Houston Rockets guards James Harden and Chris Paul explain the final shot that got Harden to exceed 30 points, pushing his streak to 30 consecutive games with 30 or more points and how a shoulder injury hampered Harden's play vs. the Dallas Mavericks.

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  1. Sebastian Rodriguez


  2. Dragonspheres

    1 view 3 likes

  3. It’s so hard to like Harden.

    • Wavy Ja'van

      +pirate ramsay how is it your favorite plater and he is hard to wacth shutup

    • pirate ramsay

      +Wavy Ja’van I appreciate your manners and your opinion man! 🙂 He’s my favourite player simply because I like his offensive versatility, the step-back threes, Euro’s and, quite frankly, the crossover spamming. I understand why people view him as ‘hard to watch’, but it’s a matter of preferences and perspectives depending on an individual. And no, I won’t shut up thank you, and WATCH your spelling please. Good day sir.

    • Wavy Ja'van

      +pirate ramsay better response

    • pirate ramsay

      +Wavy Ja’van your welcome brother 🙂 Nice attitude. Just don’t hate on Harden.

    • Jesse Houston

      All you have to do is look past him raping your team

  4. If Harden cant play will the Rockets know what to do on offense?…their so use to starring at him dribble…they’ll probably glance when he’s court-side out of habit…

    • KyGoat SwIrving

      Jordon Little maybe no one looked at him

    • Habitual Hippie


    • neoxsupreme

      @duustin crawford Say what you will about his 3-pt volume shooting but they along with his free throws make him an extremely efficient scorer. 6 of 17 from 3 doesn’t look that good on paper but it’s equivalent to 9 of 17 from 2.

    • imaad uddin

      You can say that with any team that only has one star dummy…

    • Jesse Houston

      Im guessing you didnt watch the game

  5. Kyle Cooper

    Stat padder


  7. Back2Back MVP

  8. Nazair King

    James harden why do u soo badly want 30 points

    • He passwd to cp3 and he gave the ball back with 7 sec left on shot clock so he shot a 3

    • Jesse Houston

      If you had this record breaking streak going youd just let it go ? Stop being stupid

    • Nazair King

      I’m a team player

    • Jesse Houston

      +Nazair King harden was passing the ball the final minutes. You didnt watch the game. Everyone was well guarded and ball would come back to him where he made 3 3pointers and got fouled for 2 scoring 11 pts in the final 4 minutes #🐐

    • Nazair King

      Cameron Jenkins GUYS! Subscribe to my channel I wanna get updated every game thanks

  9. 2:55 well you better pass him with that contract

  10. Hardest Snot_rocket

    QUESTION ?!?!
    Did anyone see George choke in the playoffs last year ?? And now look what he’s doing, he’s amazing !!…
    So why can’t harden get the same respect ?? Why PG doesn’t get the same criticism ?

    • Wavy Ja'van

      +cbenji07 niggas dum bro

    • Jesse Houston

      Because harden is better. Better player = more hate

    • Cuz PG is not as a Superstar as Harden yet. Harden has MVP, two scoring title after this season, first team for how many times? So the expectation for Harden is higher.

  11. RontheGoat

    For those saying he stat padded, watch the whole 4th quarter. He really didnt care about the streak until the mavs were coming back and said skip that, I’m getting 30 now. Mavs were coming back as the lead was cut to 9. Thats when Harden and Luka Doncic came into the game. Harden didnt start scoring points until there was 2 minutes left. Yall argument are invalid at this point cause Luka still stayed in the game. Harden scored 3 consecutive threes to seal the deal. Thats when Harden came off the court and Luka came off the court. So, thats not statpadding. Statpadding is whether you losing by a big margin and is still in the game to get stats or your winning by a large margin and is still in the game. That wasn’t the case in the 4th quarter. Ppl really forget how trash Harden’s teammates are in the 4th.

    • +Goku Black up 16 with 6 minutes left and he hasn’t played the whole 4th. I don’t know 1 team that would be dumb enough to sit their star for a whole 4th quarter just cuz they were up 16 with 6 min left

    • +Goku Black with 6 min left and hadn’t played the whole 4th u dummy. No 16 point lead is safe with 6 min left you dummy

    • RontheGoat

      +David Stephens Yes, they were winning by 9. Mavs were gonna make a comeback until Harden saids hell no, not like what happened at OKC. Thats why he made those 3 consecutive threes in order to seal the deal. Luka tried to will his team but it didnt happen when he airballed that 3. Even after that, Luka still stayed in the game until Harden came off the court.

    • imaad uddin

      RontheGoat Facts ppl don’t watch the game… just want to hate on Harden

  12. Lukasz Duda

    But y’all love Westbrook trying to get triple doubles

    • Thebestdadeverr

      Lukasz Duda Westbrook triple dubs have helped PG13
      Let’s b honest ..what does harden games do?? Get him a win in the reg season..cause playoff time is wen your team is needed 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    • +Thebestdadeverr no Westbrook shooting less and allowing PG13 to be the #1 option has helped PG13 cuz last year he avg a triple double but also led the team in shots per game and they only won 1 more game than the previous season where he allegedly had no help.

    • Tarus Morgan

      There’s been plenty of games where westbrook was 1 or 2 assists or rebounds shut of a triple double and westbrook goes to the bench early or DNP in the 4th because the team is up with a lead

    • Tarus Morgan

      Westbrook should probably have 10 to 15 more triple doubles than he has now or the course of the last 2 season because he went to the bench early!

  13. Brown Osarenkhoe

    Still taking 23 shots !! This dude is trash. Stat pad harden. Dont like This dude. Gianis or pg mvp

    • D low Lofton

      Chip Skylark so what are they gonna do when he is gone 😂😂😂 I don’t think anyone has had the ball longer then 10 minutes lmfaooo

    • Wavy Ja'van

      D low Lofton he not leaving

    • Chip Skylark

      +D low Lofton lmao that’s facts, but they’d rather figure that out later than miss the playoffs entirely. Harden even said they can’t do this in the postseason so they’re aware of what you’re saying.

    • Jesse Houston

      Giannis walking from half court to the basket with one dribble and you hate harden lmao

    • Didn’t Westbrook go 4-20 to keep his streak alive?

  14. pelleman02wb

    I so many people say Russ stole the mvps from Harden 2 years ago and he only got it from stat padding and didn’t deserve it cuz his team wasn’t top tier. Now app of a sudden those same people think he should win mvps for stat padding and not.being.a top tier team. Hmm makes sense

    • Jordon Little

      Can i ask what stats you think he’s padding?

    • David Smith

      Jordon Little he didn’t say he said it. He said “people say ..”

    • Jordon Little

      +David Smith he said people say stuff about westbrook stat padding and now don’t about harden, so his opinion is obviously that harden stat pads like westbrook.

  15. Mike James Boxing

    Let’s see how many haters we can spot in the comments

  16. ryanplays

    shoulder injury from flopping?


    Yea Harden just stop chasing a record that no one other then wilt has achieved listen to these idiots 😂😂

  18. Denny Roman

    i became a chris paul fan today. he just wants to win

  19. Kenny bolo

    Well this is when they sit him for 20 games and say he should be mvp

  20. Retro Robbie

    CP exposing stat trackers in Utah lol

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