James Harden ‘doesn’t look like he’s focused on winning’ – Stephen Jackson | The Jump

James Harden 'doesn't Look Like He's Focused On Winning' - Stephen Jackson | The Jump

RSS - James Harden 'doesn't Look Like He's Focused On Winning' - Stephen Jackson | The Jump Sport News Today

Stephen Jackson and Tom Thibodeau join Rachel Nichols and Scottie Pippen of The Jump to talk about the play of James Harden, whether he deserves the 2019 NBA MVP, and whether the Houston Rockets can make a run to the 2019 NBA Finals.

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  1. Tristan Blue

    He’s not passing lol he shooting everytime

    • Sam Uranga

      K Doe idk but is it because he draws the double then passes it the wide open guy (if he chooses to pass it)

    • Jarred Ybarra


    • Modern Soccer

      why not? it takes a great effort to achieve this historic feat. its been a long journey for him. lets enjoy it while it lasts. once record is broken, he will start involving his team

  2. James Soften only cares about his stats.

    • Jason Reyes

      Modern Soccer lol lol lol. Nothing will stop them except iso ball in the playoffs, refs not calling those bullshit fouls in the playoffs, the lack of d defensive effort harden puts out, the fact that he will be gassed by game four of round two, oh and did you forget about the fucking warriors? You’re fucking dumb.

    • Voice of Validity

      Harden and Westbrook like to stuff their stats.

    • +Modern Soccer actually.. history shows that his magic doesn’t really work come playoff time. I doubt it.

    • Jacky Cui

      Only cares about his stats and his money!!!

    • The_Real_BruceWayne

      +ivan_ssh 2 western conference finals trips in like the past 4 years. Doing pretty well in the play offs if you ask me. Both times he lost to the warriors – one of the greatest teams the league has seen. Put some respect on hardens name

  3. Fang Dragneel

    But when fans say that you’re automatically a hater and know nothing about the game


    Harden take 6 steps “it’s not a foul”

    • Jason Reyes

      gothatway09 damn dog. How about a career ending injury and not death lol

    • Lol it’s not six buddy ever heard of the zero step he takes a step before gathering the ball so it doesn’t count as a step then takes the real step back and it creates insane space

    • Jason Reyes how bout just not wishing bad things at all thats evil asf 😂

    • Jason Reyes

      Dwar J you’re absolutely right man. That’s on me.



  5. Stephen Jackson doesn’t look focused on fixing that hairline

  6. Aisosa Obano

    “Top players in top teams should be mvps.” Keep that same energy every year media because Russ refuted that narrative 2 years ago. 😂😂

    • Redd Davis

      Aisosa Obano because he did something that ain’t been done in many years also okc was 8th seed that year. How can u be the most valuable player in the league when your team is not even winning??

    • Rockets Reppin

      Santiago Llona still too low of a seed tho, he’s right

    • Lord of the Jungle

      And got bounced two years in a row in the first round

  7. Dennis Lainfiesta

    Wait step backs are a stat now GTFO unbelievable…

    • Jay Pierre

      They have chewing gum are stats now lol believe it.

    • Shred Academy

      Dennis Lainfiesta brah lol ANYTHING is a stat. How many breaths they take a game is a stat.

    • The_Real_BruceWayne

      +ivan_ssh u trippin. Step back 3s are a tough shot. Harden makes them look easy and he deserves credit for polishing that area of his game. What I’m wondering is, how much do these guys get paid for counting these stats lmao

    • Inkjunky Gaming

      I mean when did dribbling become a stat?😂😂😂

  8. Tarantula Guy

    He’s focused on stat padding.

    • he got them to the 5th seed.

    • strawhats100

      Pretty much…he didn’t even need to be in the game the other day against Memphis down by like 19 and he was put back in to preserve his 30 pt streak.

    • Voice of Validity

      Just like Westbrook, that’s not a champions mentality.

  9. Dont let this distract u from the fact that Devin Booker scored 70 points against the Celtics and lost in 2017.

    • mrgetitdone85

      Twx that was disgusting they really was posing after the game like they won the chip

    • Perez Amiral

      That is so annoying if i was devin booker i wouldve thrown the ball so far away and get fined

  10. Harden will stay in games purposefully just to keep his streak alive, of course he’s not in it to win it.

    • WutTheDeuce

      Dat his coach basically said he subs him so he can hit 30.

    • Ciara Dean

      +WutTheDeuce That’s so stupid. Harden will be what, the 3rd superstar that D’antoni has run into the ground. Of course James Harden plays a role in when he plays too but still.

  11. He took 33 SHOTS last night including 21 3’s. Chris Paul is back so there is absolutely no reason you should keep taking so many attempts unless you only care about that streak instead of making sure your team reaches its full potential. Btw any superstar in this league will break that streak taking the same amount of shots harden is taking

    • Kelley Jones

      RontheGoat they don’t watch the games and don’t realize cp3 just came back & is not back to his old self oh yea and capela is still out. I love the rockets but there roster isn’t great. They shoulda payed my lil cuz his money (Danuel House)

    • Bryan Flores

      Kelley Jones still not an excuse for him to chuck up 20+ threes multiple times

    • CantGuardTay

      cp3 washed it was a mistake to sign him bck. he might as well go for stats. nobody beating warriors

    • Lebron James

      He took 34 shots and 22 threes. He is more of a stat padder than me.

    • Manuel Vasquez

      +CantGuardTay cp3 is def not looking very good.. refusing to shoot and passing it off a almost no time left on the shot clock. Hopefully it’s just a mental thing and he gets some of his confidence back in the 2nd half.

  12. Rudie Obias

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. James Harden’s going to disappear in the playoffs like he does every season.

    • Johnny U.

      Rudie Obias harden has only been knocked out of the first round once in his career

    • He just went to the WCF last year. You don’t watch games

    • Rudie Obias Yeah kinda. It’s not his fault the refs give him everything in the regular season then refuse to keep that same energy in the playoffs. At the same time when teams are loading up on him in the playoffs it’s on other guys to step up, but to their point, he’s not helping them get better at this point in the season.

    • Chris Smith

      C Dai went to the WCF and choked

  13. He’s concerned about stats over wins? In the modern era? This is unheard of.

  14. Yang Song

    How the hell is a guy whose team is 33-24 in the mvp race. By that standard the best player on the pacers should be mvp, joel embiid should be mvp, jayson tatum should be mvp, kyle lowry should be mvp, and damian lillard should be mvp. Realistic rockets fans knows deep down we are not going anywhere this year.

  15. James Harden is all about stat padding. This is NOTHING new. Rockets WILL NEVER win a championship with Harden in the lineup. NEVER.

    Plus, you think the refs gonna give this bum 30+ free throws in the playoffs like they do in the Regular Season? LMFAO NOPE!

    • He averages 11 a game . Kobe averaged 10 a game.

    • Victor Chavez

      C Dai Kobe got 5 rings Harden has 0…

    • You called the league MVP a bum…… your opinion is a waste of characters 🤦‍♂️

    • +Dani A lol fake MVP who depends on the refs giving him a free ride to the free throw line.

      See the new Nike Commercial featuring Kawhi mocking James Harden? lmfao

    • royalbangal101

      Dani A I used to think be was MVP material until all the flops and of course you’re gonna score 30 plus points if you’re taking like 22-25 shots. He shoots like 30 percent somedays.

  16. Breon Mitchell

    HARDEN SELFISH player taking to many shots Losing games💀😂

  17. Yang Song

    We are not closing out games, letting other teams come back with 3 minutes left up ten(raptors game, nets game and knicks game), not getting any rebounds, the coach is about to put 5 guys under 6’5 on the court at the same time, and daryl morey does nothing but save money. and offense is 1 v 5 nobody really runs plays. you never see any set plays leading to open shots. I don’t think mike d’antoni really have a play sheet other than give the ball to james harden. like for real, I think they are just playing pickup basketball with a really good player. like when you play at your local park with a guy who plays for your high school varsity team, and you know he is so much better you just give the ball to him and you don’t know what you need to do. D’antoni is a dumbass coach and daryl morey is obsessed with moreyball. he shoots threes just to shoot threes instead of use threes to create open shots. eric gordon just runs up the floor and chuck a three 30 foot behind the line and bricks it. for rockets fans it is extremely frustrating to watch rockets games. they chuck bad shots when they lead and blow games against teams that has no business winning the game. rockets don’t even deserve to make the playoffs right now.

    • Marko Todorović

      Behold, people. A person who watches the games. Actually watches the games
      Not just comments based on memes and stats

      Agreed with everyting, bro. It’s frustrating as hell. That Nets game tore me up as much as any regular season loss
      And I was pissed against the Knicks and the Raptors(eve though we had great energy in that one)
      Gordon and Gerald chucking up 3s as soon as they cross half court is my pet peeve

    • RajinDwee _

      Thank u bro, its really hard out here lol. Dribbling till late in the shot clock, stagnant offense, only 3s, no ball movement. Its so annoying watchin us play like this just so harden can get his 30 then we lose…

    • Marko Todorović

      +RajinDwee _ I hat when he comes up out of the PnR and the big man doesn’t come up and pick him up, so he has like 2 secs time and space to pull up for a midgrange, but instead he goes right at the big man and takes a tough contested shot at the rim or steps back behind the arc as the shot clock’s whining down, so the defender knows he has to shoot it because he doesn’t have the time to blow by him, just because Mike D’Antoni says “3s or paint points only, either 3s or layups/dunks”

  18. MboySwag04

    He’s gonna disappear in the playoffs.

    • Modern Soccer

      how many playoffs has he played with a decent team? and how many times have they lost to the Warriors in the final? y’all make it seems like something that happens every year. lets see what happens this year if the whole team is healthy.

    • LeThanos James

      +Modern Soccer how many times he got to the finals?

    • +LeThanos James when has russ(without harden), gianiss, or pg ever make it to the finals lmaooo.

  19. Earl Rogers

    Harden is absurdly OVERRATED

    • +Don’t Fall well, don’t foul him if you don’t want him at the line.

    • Don't Fall

      +ATL 1 it’s kinda difficult, when the refs will call a foul for not touching him. And when his flops look real.

    • +Don’t Fall you have to give a player space to come down, if not, then it is a foul. That is the new rule, you don’t have to touch them.

    • Don't Fall

      +ATL 1 so the offensive player can lean into a defense player for a foul? James always has room. He just purposely leans in to make contact, and it’s pretty obvious.

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