James Harden extends 30-point scoring streak in final minutes | NBA Highlights

James Harden Extends 30-point Scoring Streak In Final Minutes | NBA Highlights

RSS - James Harden Extends 30-point Scoring Streak In Final Minutes | NBA Highlights Sport News Today

After scoring 20 points midway through the fourth quarter, James Harden turns it up late and scores the Houston Rockets’ final 11 points to finish with 31 in a 120-104 win vs. the Dallas Mavericks. Mavs rookie Luka Doncic records 21 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists in the loss.

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  1. Ruben Rivera


  2. 《STR8》 《SAVAGE》


  3. FreeCable &TV

    Im in here . Front row seats

  4. Boban Marjanovic Fan Club

    Faried’s 5+ rebound streak is so under appreciated

  5. Harden was praying the Mavs would make a comeback so he had a reason to go back in to get his 30. LOL

    • You’re just an idiot, spreading your hate for the man every chance you get. know this son, Harden dose not even know you exist, and you’re out here dedicating you time to hate on him, pick up something in your life and strive to extend it like how Harden is striving to extend his records, maybe if you did you wouldn’t be on here being negative. Fucking soy boy.

    • K O trust me bro. I got time to do this for a reason. I’m set.

    • Jacinto Garza

      Harden has you dancing puppet

  6. the NBA pushes so hard for Harden to break records to keep their viewership up….. while no fans voted Harden for the all-star game…. pathetic!

  7. If u ever played 2k season mode u know how u play just to make sure yo guy get what what numers u trying to get your player .. that’s how he plays., that’s why i cant give this the same credit .. seconds left up by more than 15 your star in there just to keep streak going.. lol to focus on reg season that why he b choking in playoffs

  8. ryanplays

    what’s his flop streak?

  9. TheUndefeatedOfTheEast

    With 2:30 left in the game harden had 20 points. I’m looking at the box score like there’s no way harden won’t get 30. The highlight of the season for them because they damn sure ain’t winning no chip

  10. Htown Lifer

    Harden I see alot of dudes crying because u keep hitting 30 pts and winning games

    ask them if their fav player can “stat pad” and win games at the same time??

    • Ask Harden if he can get a ring??

    • Htown Lifer

      +Chris Houston how many games they lost so far during this streak?

      you can have your 1

    • Preston Marks

      “ask them if their fav player can stat pad and win games at the same time?”

      No but my favorite player can win championships (LBJ) 😂

    • Htown Lifer

      +Preston Marks LBJ is my fav player….you got that “bandwagon” swag

  11. That One Guy

    Harden is a Free throw Legend he has mastered the art of Flop no jutsu and has Travel Mode

  12. Alan Martinez

    Woj reported that while Harden was going to his Car after the game, he tripped, dropped his keys and will start off next game with 2 Shots at the foul line, per reports

  13. Up by 14 with less than 1 min left and still in the game….OK🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Lerone McKenzie

      +Mada Vll You seem very sensitive about harden

    • Lerone McKenzie

      +Mr. Clutch_6 where was he biased? When they got up by 14 there was a minute left. Call a timeout and get him out.

    • Lerone McKenzie You seem to be very stupid.

    • A man who gets payed millions of dollars to play basketball to entertain paying fans was playing some basketball to entertain paying fans? Shock, horror, and fucking scandal!

    • Mr. Clutch_6

      +Lerone McKenzie Why tf are the Dallas starters playing then? Why is cp3,gordon,kenneth playing too? The fact that you’re only focusing on Harden staying in the game with 1 min left shows you’re a biased hater.

  14. Rod Stokes

    It’s very funny to me that some players take away from their teams to chase these stats and put up these numbers that came naturally to the legends before them

    • Grady McKinney

      Naturally a 7 foot athletic black man named wilt got those streaks against white men who were mechanics and gas station clerks when they weren’t playing in the NBA… Naturally

  15. Nehemiah Howard

    This shows the team just wants him to keep goig

  16. Freddy Johnson

    Ah yes, I see Lakers fans are still salty over Harden

  17. Tom Gaming

    comment-JAMES HARDEN

  18. TotallyWicked

    Cmon y’all won’t be hating of this was your favorite player doing this ( not a harden fan) 😂😂

  19. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    PG13 is better than Harden #ThunderUp

  20. The way you idiotic fans hate on Harden is ridiculous, this guy is doing great things, no matter how you look at it they are getting the wins they need at the same time he keeps on breaking and extending records. He even has one of the best defensive records in the league, and by far the best scorer this season. MVP, things fear the beard.

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