James Harden or Russell Westbrook, who has the more impressive streak? | First Take

James Harden Or Russell Westbrook, Who Has The More Impressive Streak? | First Take

RSS - James Harden Or Russell Westbrook, Who Has The More Impressive Streak? | First Take Sport News Today

Will Cain and Jalen Rose have been more impressed with Russell Westbrook’s triple-double streak because the Oklahoma City Thunder are winning games and his usage rate is lower than James Harden’s. Max Kellerman says James Harden’s streak of 30-point games is more impressive due to the lack of help the Houston Rockets have around him.

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  1. jaxxcapone

    Jalen be looking like he gon cry when people don’t agree with him lol

    • jaxxcapone

      +J P if u get 57 dropped on u U trash 25 extra points ain’t no diff

    • jaxxcapone

      +SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 he was known as soft thru his whole nba career it shows lol

    • jaxxcapone

      +J P he be looking like he just found out santa doesn’t exist lmfao

    • Vic Damone Junior

      Metod Miklič lmao chill on the Kobe part man 🤣

    • daniel harper

      +jaxxcapone it’s actually 18 of the 81 still the most he scored on one player that night but they all got shitted on as a team

  2. Jarrod Brown

    Molly, 2nd day in a row “Let Jalen finish”, “Let Jalen finish”.. STFU Molly and stop making it look obvious wanting to let your man talk.

  3. firpofutbol

    James Harden plays no D. Russ can and does do it all. Russ use to be James Harden before James Harden, then evolved his game to Mr. Triple double and into winning basketball. Give the man his respect!

    • Stephen Hackett

      Not to mention Russ always crashes the boards to pad rebound stats. Answer this if your point guard is always trying to get rebounds who’s getting back to stop fastbreaks? The reason Okc is good on D this year is because PG13 and Schroder get back on D. So Russy can pad his stats. Russ is 6’3″. 11.1 rebounds a game. PG13 is 6’9″. 8.0 a game. Learn basketball.

    • Danyaahla Messenger

      +Objective Baksetball Fan lol bro they didn’t forget, but man these people really really REALLY hate Harden, I’ve never seen anything quite like it🤔

    • Pravir Goosari

      Objective Baksetball Fan Is there a problem? I saw James Harden not even try to contest Westbrook’s game winning layup and he’s not even capable enough to guard the opposing team’s star guard. I suggest you should watch games as well.

    • Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini

      +Pravir Goosari both harden and westbrook are shitty defenders and westbrook has a slight edge in defense while harden is better in everything else.
      End of story.

    • nmessai215 how many more games did Harden play over Westbrook?

  4. Daniel Mcfadden

    Russell Westbrook is going out there putting his neck on the line

    • Richard Cheese

      +Julian Ware Adams boxes out the big men so his teammates can grab rebounds. It’s a lot easier, as his teammates are more athletic than their matchups 90% of the time. Russ now has the ball as everyone is transitioning, leading the most athletic team down the court. If Adams rebounded, he would hold the ball and pass it off while the defense sets on the other end of the court.

      It’s such a smart game plan that even intellectuals like you can’t recognize it.

    • Alpha Beta

      +Daniel Mcfadden They are winning because of the PG13, not RW’s 10 rebounds. LOL

    • hoodbourgeois.

      +Daniel Mcfadden his teammates not minding it doesn’t neglect the fact that he still stealing them rebounds.

    • Rod Stokes and winning

    • Turbogs11 Light

      Chirayu Desai your right there not the same… there better,,,,ones we get Capela back protecting the rim and now we got the “MANIMAL”with Shumpert defending..with all these injuries..and we still managed to be the 4-5th seed in d west,, while the rest of the league have there starters playing including OKC..come on dude!!! We never really a whole team since the season started..get a brain…

  5. I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

    Espn got the title wrong..
    Should be………
    Who’s better at padding their stats, Westbrook or Harden.??

    • Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini

      +810 land westbrook lost to a rookie just as good a choker as harden so dont talk

    • Rene Amado

      Daisuke that’s to get the ball up court faster as soon as he grabs that ball he looks up court to make a pass, a pass that a center or power forward would have no chance of making

    • Rene Amado

      Daisuke and that’s not true Russ is to willing to take the shot if the clock is running down, Westbrook’s stats prove he’s not a great shooter why would you bash him for giving that shot up

  6. Zuriel Cornwall

    Next debate who’s hairline is better Jalen Rose or Paul George?

    • Zuriel Cornwall niggas saying jalen bc he’s old but that don’t change the fact that Pgs is straighter and just overall more crisp 😂😂

    • yall forgetting devin booker, giannis, kyrie, anthony davis ,tobias harris

    • Jalen is getting the spray u can tell u can tell by the sides

    • Abbas Akbar

      Jalen Rose gets a haircut every 6 hours, can’t be convinced otherwise.

    • Jalen looks like he just came from the barbershop, which is funny since he was actually in one of the Barbershop movies. The goatee is lined up too.

  7. the1kamíkaze

    *Molly standing up for her man Jalen. Watch out Kellerman. She already put Stephen A Smith in check too.* LoL

    • Israel Rosario Jr.

      But does she have to do it with such a whiny, naggy voice? If I’m Kellerman, I’d be like “He’s your man, not me..!” Molly is so cringy. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

    • TehutiBrim 59

      +Justin R and he’s 1 to talk k’mon people what’s really the

    • Deep Rawat

      People commenting on molly are virgins fo sho

  8. Smash Boogie The ILLADELIC

    A little tension on the set!

    • Goank MAHDI

      I don’t see that.

    • Max and will been having tension, watch that other video when Max was in his feelings and didn’t let will talk. He was legit acting like a kid trying to interrupt him and saying petty arguments lol. Stephen A even noticed and was laughing with Molly, they both always go at it for some reason. It always feels like Max doesnt respects Will’s points and goes out of his way to win the argument over him.

  9. ThA MAN C MAcK

    Russ and he’s doing it so often the last 4 years that it’s being taken for granted.
    It’s never been done before and he’s doing it regularly. Trip.

  10. Big Virgil

    Westbrook. No flopping or travelling needed .

    • Big Virgil

      Wait isn’t harden averaging like 8 rebounds a game ? You Think other people aren’t boxing out for him ? Lol Houston fans stay dumb

    • Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini

      +Christian TookFlight why cant westbrook start up the floor and have adams pass it to him as he running
      Oh maybe cuz he wants those rebounds so bad
      Adams could easily get 15 rebounds if he wanted

    • Big Virgil

      +Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini Just type leo Messi like any normal person you cuck

    • Denny Wyley

      +PJ K Bullshit, how is gathering an excuse to get away with traveling? If the defender does not touch the ball and you move your pivot foot after you pick up your dribble its a travel. You obviously never played organized basketball before because refs call travel for way less than what Harden does on almost every play. I know the NBA has always been lenient on traveling but Harden is blatant af

  11. russ 8 less games and yet about 100 more assists than harden in a 30% less usage rate

    • cLoud unDerWeather

      +danilo jovanovicYah yah i read your facts. Who cares? I’m talking about when you said, “U clearly don’t know basketball”. You don’t say that about something you can literally google to find out. What he said is true. And your facts don’t change that.

      If he said something like “…and thats why westbrooks thing is more impressive” then i would not say anything. Cause that’s an opinion. What he said is not an opinion.

    • hoodbourgeois.

      +cLoud unDerWeather westbrook just has to pass to pg13 and adams. Harden had no-one.

    • apply this same logic to Westbrook’s MVP year, because Harden should’ve won it

    • Stephen Hackett

      Yeah Harden had 29 8 and 11 that year and wiped the floor with Okc 4-1 but, Russ was the mvp?

  12. FootSoulgerZ Krew

    any time you pass WILT!!!!!!! Your on another LEVEL!!!!! give the man some love. Russ.

  13. Mcoy Pinera

    i dont like both of em but id choose westbrook right now

  14. Goofy8907

    Max needs to discuss with adults who actually know how numbers work.
    All his arguments here are pretty much spot on. Jalen has no clue what he’s talking about, Will is just fake as usual.
    They make themselves look really bad.



  16. Why does Max always say Westbrook is his favorite player but always trash talks him 🤔

    • Nelson Mercado

      I love Russ but I know his flaws. Constructive criticism.

    • It might be foreign to u, but thats what he is supposed to do

    • daniel harper

      Cuz truth is he is a hater

    • Call Me J. R.

      B R i been a westbrook fan ever since middle school and i still never change up. Max left . He’s not a fan of Westbrook any more.

    • Call Me J. R.

      I think the last time max watch westbrook was like 5 years ago, Westbrook slow down a lot and wait for his teammates , he pick and choose now , i like Westbrook no matter what , his dunks and his Face expressions is what got me to like him in the first place. I’m so confident in okc now.

  17. TheLegendIke

    15 years from now kids will be wondering how tf These two and KD once upon a time were all on the same team

    • EyeLoveTheStars

      +Qyoungin Savage It was their 1st Finals together bruh. The Thunder would have won MULTIPLE titles together. If you think otherwise then please stop talking basketball.

    • Crunius Blade

      It could be that none of them know how to win. LBJ didn’t know how to win until DWade taught him. KD is just riding Steph’s coattails right now. On their own, they haven’t accomplished anything yet.

    • D!ck Harper

      Sam presti´s fault, dude gets to much credit for that roster when he also had a huge hand in destroying it

  18. Bryan Best

    Bruhh what is max is saying!!!

  19. theANSWER4MVP

    Westbrook’s streak is more impressive…he beat the all time NBA record… Harden still has a long way to go to do that…. Can’t compare Russ to anybody dude is doing historic things nobody has done before

  20. MarshallPo

    Paul George is more impressive than both of these numbnuts

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