James Harden’s 42 points tie Wilt Chamberlain, but Rockets fall vs. Timberwolves | NBA Highlights

James Harden's 42 Points Tie Wilt Chamberlain, But Rockets Fall Vs. Timberwolves | NBA Highlights

RSS - James Harden's 42 Points Tie Wilt Chamberlain, But Rockets Fall Vs. Timberwolves | NBA Highlights Sport News Today

James Harden runs his 30-point streak to 31 games, tying Wilt Chamberlain for the second-longest such streak in NBA history, but his 42 points are not enough as the Houston Rockets lose to the Minnesota Timberwolves 121-111. Josh Okogie plays excellent defense on Harden and adds 16 points on offense.

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  1. Raider Nation97

    Harden’s 30 point streak continues, But at what cost?

    • SwaggyPGames

      Take harden off of the rockets and they’re the 13 seed

    • Raider Nation97

      +Chris TcRRoR Surprised he didn’t get most of his points from the FT Line

    • Raider Nation97

      +SwaggyPGames They would be lucky to go 20-62 without him

    • Chris TcRRoR

      +Raider Nation97 True, but I’m not saying they should get rid of him. I’m saying he should pass more. He draws so much attention on the offensive end that all four other players on his team would be wide open. He can’t keep bricking 14 threes every game and expect to get anywhere in the playoffs.

    • Everything

  2. Stat padder

  3. This has turned into full blown stat whoring.

  4. Houston lost the game to a bad Timberwolves team. That doesn’t even get mentioned. Just the #s. U take 34 shots a night…

  5. SwaggyPGames

    Rockets role players have to step up.. with that being said, Harden has been taking a lot of bad shots at the end of games and who cares if he scores 40+ if they lose and I’m a huge fan 🤷‍♂️

    • Formal Ranger21

      They have to actually get the ball to step up

    • Charles Cotton

      +Formal Ranger21 I would literally switch to another team if I had to play with him in rec…it’s hard to watch and consider this ‘all-time great’ basketball

    • Milton Vargas

      SwaggyPGames fucking harden selfish.

    • Milton Vargas

      Formal Ranger21 your damn right but they cant get it cus mr.ballhogg trying to brake records.

    • You making it seem like Harden’s teammates have a choice. Harden don’t pass those boys the ball.


    Kawhi is better


    Harden is a Stat padding ballhog. What a Joke player. I don’t even know why he’s still in the MVP race.

    • De'ja Franks

      john wick honestly you dont know what you talkin bout tbh so 😴😴 he barley flops whatever you call “flopping” its what literally every player in the nba does 😂 and lately he barely been gettin to the line

    • Isthis TheKrustyKrabs

      De’ja Franks 44% and an L to go as well

    • Music Algorithm

      +De’ja Franks
      Whip his cum off your lip before you start defending

  8. It’s like a one man show out there. Wonder how far that’ll get ya.

    • joemann999

      He can get as many points as he wants. This game is proof it won’t last in the playoffs. He won’t be able to carry them.

    • ARREOLA86

      Regular season only he will do his disappearing act in the playoffs

  9. Wilt > harden anyday

  10. Eddie Suen

    42 points on 15 of 34. 34 shots!

  11. Stat padding as always, Giannis Antetokounmpo or Paul George for MVP.

    • De’ja Franks how? He leads the League in minutes played, has the ball in his hands the entire time, shoots whatever he wants whenever he wants, his turnovers, lack of defense and lack of wins, both Paul George & Antetokounmpo are having monster seasons & winning.

    • De'ja Franks

      38 Baby and he has some of the best defense in the league if you were to actually pay attention 😂and stop stairing at what people make you believe and the wins lmao 😂😂 he carried this team for about 20 games by hisself 😂

    • I agree. Harden is stat padding the mess outta these stats to tie Wilt

  12. Nehemiah Howard

    Rockets loss + james reaching 30 points = Okay

    • The Cute Shy Asian

      That makes sense


      I mean yeah James had 42 the rest of the team had 69 that’s basically a lottery team with out him

    • GAMINGWITHKELZ XGIREX that’s his fault and the coaches fault, they just run ISO’s

    • GAMINGWITHKELZ XGIREX lol boy the rest of the team don’t even get the ball in the first place

  13. joemann999

    Harden is honestly so overrated. Your points don’t matter if you are shooting mediocre. You can’t carry your team to a championship Harden.

  14. Prodigy Productions

    Harden for MVP

  15. Smooth Ballin White

    *Exactly why Giannis is the MVP. This is disgusting to watch.*

  16. SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0

    Chokets fans would rather Flop_en be regular season MVP than have a good team that can contend for a title lmao. 😆

  17. he shot 22 threes….15-34 shots.its a circus. he is playing a solo game in a team sport. i would never want a player like Harden in my team. every single player in the top 20 could average the same as Harden or maybe more if they shot 34 shots a night. he doesn’t understand the concept of the word “TEAM”. OH and he lost…again.

    • Jakob Hartley

      Chris C. Lol, salty?😂

    • +Jakob Hartley why would i be salty? Do u even know what salty means? My team actually beat Rockets at their home. Not salty at all, but maybe u are?? Ur team just lost. Ur Hardenflop just messed up. So its all good Hardenboy, its all good

    • Jakob Hartley

      Chris C. Nah man, thunder fan right here. I figured u were upset. Or maybe had some issues u wanted to solve by voicing ur sad opinion on this innocent comment section. Since u took the time out of ur day to right a pointless comment taking a shot a harden for being “bad” I guess, which HE will never read, and no one else cares about🤷‍♂️ so obviously ur mad about something otherwise u wouldn’t feel the need write ur comment. Thanks kid

    • Jakob Hartley

      Chris C. As if u called me a “hardenboy” lmao first I’ve heard that

    • +Jakob Hartley lol… i thought u were a Harden fan 😂

  18. ryanplays

    id like to see how harden would hold up in 1990’s nba 🤣

  19. Larry Song

    Rockets still playing iso.
    Players like Harden can score huge but there whole team would never win big and champion.

  20. jc jordan

    Thank about this for a moment Jordan 86-87 season put up 37ppg on 48% while also becoming the first player in nba history to record a 100 blocks and 200 steals on a season…..james Harden could never have that type of defensive performance

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