Jayson Tatum charges Celtics with no Kyrie Irving in thrilling win vs. Sixers | NBA Highlights

Jayson Tatum Charges Celtics With No Kyrie Irving In Thrilling Win Vs. Sixers | NBA Highlights

RSS - Jayson Tatum Charges Celtics With No Kyrie Irving In Thrilling Win Vs. Sixers | NBA Highlights Sport News Today

Nevin Steiner [12:16 AM]
Sidelined with a knee injury, the Boston Celtics are without their star player Kyrie Irving in a visit to Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center. Led by Jayson Tatum and co., the C's prevail with a thrilling road victory 112-109 against a well-equipped 76ers team. Tatum's double-double of 20 points and 10 rebounds paces Boston, including his highlight reel slam vs. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons (1:38). Gordon Hayward collects a key 26 points on 8-of-11 shooting off the bench, as the Celtics earn their fourth straight road victory.

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  1. Herb Dean

    Sixers will make the finals if they don’t gotta play Boston in the playoffs 😂😂

  2. Double Cheeseburger

    Kyrie was busy doing brons laundry

  3. Ruffian970

    Kyrie resting for the allstar game.

  4. Jordan Davis

    Hayward and Horford were better than Tatum, but Tatum boomed on Simmons

  5. LA Clippers

    Throughout history, Celtics have usually beaten the Sixers. The Celtics to the Sixers is like the Celtics to the Lakers. They’re Boston’s whipping boys.

    • Refund HD

      Im actually starting to wonder if Brett Browns trying to help the Celtics win because of his upbringing as a Celtics fan in New England

    • swag newton

      LA Clippers ayeeeeeee facts ☝😂🍀

  6. Banks the halo great

    Damn Simmons got yammed on🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Shoutout to Gordan Hayward for being the best player tonight. I feel like Boston fans don’t recognize that he rushed back from probably the worst injury in NBA history for them. He should be more appreciated.
    But why does it seem Boston plays better without Kyrie? 🤔

    • swag newton

      +ermocrate I wouldn’t trade anybody for him tbh

    • RR Castillo

      Yah, Boston blew a 28point lead after Kyrie got injures against the clippers.

    • Saint Aubyn

      j0epark1 not that it really matters, but that wasn’t the worst injury in NBA history. Shaun Livingston has a gruesome knee injury

    • Dre Chillin

      Ask mj why the bulls went to ecf without him 🤔

  8. Donovan Howard

    Bill Russell gotta be happy after his team won on his birthday 🙂😏

  9. cthaxton1005

    Jayson Tatum? Think you meant *Gordon Hayward*

  10. Jumpman T

    Kyrie is a chemistry killer for this particular team

  11. Yeezy Dude

    Brett Brown stays getting outcoached 😂

  12. Citylifesteve

    why doesnt it say Gordon Hayward and co? He actually balled out tonight!

  13. I know this is just the regular season but the sixers can’t be losing to the Celtics with no Kyire and the squad they have now

    • Bisayan_Tek

      celtics made it to ecf last year without kyrie so….

    • Bisayan_Tek yea but this is a different 76ers they added a lot of depth and they added Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris which makes them a lot better than last year so…..

    • Slime Ball MK

      Bisayan_Tek and they would have went to the finals wit him stop that narrative

    • It can happen

    • Slime Ball MK are the Celtics going to the finals this year ?? NO

  14. sangawashere

    I think Jauson Tatom has more upside than Larry Bird. I don’t remember Larry Bird ever beating Jommy Butler, Simmons, or Embiid

  15. Drummer Boy

    The title should be about Horford and Hayward 🤔🤔🤔

  16. Tonio5100

    Tomorrow media headlines….. Should the Celtics let Kyrie walk because the Celtics play better without him to draw a wedge into the team so Kyrie can go play with LeBron in LA LoL

    • They do play better without him tho

    • Tonio5100

      +Germ 23 do they??? I bet you can’t tell me their record with Kyrie vs without Kyrie because the media don’t release that information because it won’t support their narrative…. Remember the media was QUICK to show proof of Kyrie record in Cleveland with LeBron vs without LeBron because it supported their argument

    • Its isnt about that its the fact that they play with more fun and more ball movement and chemistry no one knows they role with kyrie on the floor when hes not there everyone steps up i promise you if they miss kyrie in the playoffs again this year they going to the finals they may still anyway because kyrie a surreal talent but it aint about talent its about what fits

    • Tonio5100

      +G is it about having fun or is it about winning??? Also tell me WHO role drastically changes when Kyrie plays because last I checked NOBODY role changes when Kyrie plays just the minutes change….. Also isn’t that Brad Stevens job anyway because I could have swore he was one of the best coaches in the NBA UNTIL the team plays bad then somehow that’s Kyrie fault tho??? I really hope Kyrie leave & this team gonna turn into a 6 or 7 seed team next year watch

    • Wonder Woman

      You need a closer for the playoffs. But the East will be very happy if you “let him” walk. Didn’t know you owned him? But ok.

  17. Jesse James

    “But the 6ers can beat the warriors tho” lol stfu they can’t even beat the Cz without Kyrie

    • Bisayan_Tek

      they beat the warriors weeks ago though…

    • Jesse James

      Bisayan_Tek try beating them when it really matters tho! Can’t even beat the Cz in the East lol

    • Bisayan_Tek

      +Jesse James you’re the one who brought up the warriors, I’m just stating the facts

    • Jesse James

      Bisayan_Tek only brought them up cause all the media trying to say they can compete with the warriors but how if they can’t even get past the Cz even without Kyrie

  18. Edwin Ramirez

    How are the Sixers still losing to boston after they gotten better lol they ain’t making the finals

  19. Daisan Smith

    Don’t like title . Gordon Hayward charged us

  20. Chief Rebel Angel

    Horford owns property in Joels head ;D

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